Friday, April 15, 2016


Second day in Saigon, we booked Mekong Delta Day tours from hotel.
Cheaper than booking online or whatsoever.Serious very cheap.
I paid USD10 each person. I saw internet rate charge around USD20 - 25 per person.
When we went to have dinner one night , we overheard the next table is looking for similar tour and asked the waitress...guess what???? They are going to be charged USD25 each. That will be group tour like us too. Not private tour!
My sis were asking me whether we should tell them. To me when we are at other country just mind our own business unless the person ask you personally. Then we will tell them honestly.
Anyway, we don't want to spoil others business dealings. Don't want trouble in foreign country!

We joined the group tour so we are the first in the bus and now round up around town to pick up more tourist like us.

To reach Mekong Delta , it will take around 2 hours journey.
So in between bus stop at this beautiful rest are.
I have delicious Vietnam coffee, then mingle around with Vietnam ducks,hamster and then took selfie with one black ninja aka my sis who tagged along together with me in this trip.Then one girl approach us and said she is Malaysian from Johor came with her jovial bubbly dad and shy boy brother. They took picture with both of us. Yup! for one second thought I am celebrity at Saigon  rest area. WTH!
All the way during the trip the Uncle from JB just love to tease and joke around with me. Yeay yeah...I am so adorable who can miss me just like that. WTH! ...mau muntah dengar kan??? can't blame you...while I am typing this entry, I vomited many times ledi le.WTH!

I love that marble statue....beautiful right?Elehhhh...see my sis try to smile cover her time better say 'kimchi' like me when take photo!

Then next stop at this budhist old temple.
Seriously the weather is freaking hot!

Even my black ninja have to half cover up her face...WTH!

Then reach the mekong delta, we took the big boat to one of the island for lunch.

On the way found a mermaid...WTH!

Then when the boat reached the Island we have to walk through other small orchard and along the way we found a graveyard....creepy!!!1
There you go our lunch!
We declare our self as vegetarian...then when that tour guide parade this Elephant ear fish set for USD10/-, my sis and I broke our so called vegetarian rules and end up this 'Elephant ear fish' set landed on our table.
What are we waiting for???/
Dig in time!!!!!

Oh ya! that Elephant ear fish need to eat it wrap.
Vietnam rice paper then add in various veggies, rice vercemilli,fish meat then roll it and dip it in hot sauce...nom nom nom nom...yummy!!!

After eat need go 'WC' aka the toilet.
Long journey weiiiiiii...don't know when I can find the next WC?
So better go when you have chance to go....

After eat back to boat and go to the next island.

We went to coconut toffee me this is normal but to westerner this is something new.

You can buy snake wine too....WTH! pity that snake in the bottle weeeeeiiii!!!
This is gooooooodddddd!!!!!! for man ..ehem ehem....kekekekeke

Sexy Vietnam dog...looking at me...Hello! SEXY!!!!
Then they give us honey tea...if you want to buy honey, toffee and sourvenier also buy nothing...ishhhhh...nothing outstanding for me to buy...wanna buy that snake wine...thinking about it already make me feel horror!
They also have this python photo session...WTH!
I don't even wanna look at that poor python...That JB uncle again ...told my sis to hold me then he wanna wrap the python around my neck...awwwwwww!!! WTH!
I ran as far as possible from the crowd to avoid the forcing python photo session...ya ya ..called me coward! But I am against animal which this includes reptile cruelty.WTH!

Then we off to take small boat to enjoy the small river.

kekekeke...I turn into Vietnam Lady!!!!I blend with the local huh?

Then walking to another local fruit farm.
They served us with local fruits...nothing special because we have all those in Malaysia.
One westener bought dragon fruits and he claimed he haven't seen that fruits before...make sense...and I proudly told him there are another type of that fruit...the Red Dragon...better taste...

Oh ya while eating the fruits we were entertained with live local traditional song

Time  to say good bye to Mekong Delta...good experience and sweet memory...Good Byeeeee!!!!

At night again, my sis and I walk to Ben Tanh...still have not decided what to buy for our parent.
We don't want to disappoint them...and yet we both clueless when it come to shopping in this type of area...WTH!
We both sat at Coffee Bean with drinks ...and think and think and think...WTH!!!!
Still no idea...we could buy them clothes...but both too lazy to open mouth to even ask for prices.

Walking back to our hotel...we went through that huge park...see see what I told you in my previous entry???
They make use of their park to the MAX!
Dancing class...disco class..martial arts, dating club...many activities!!!
So exciting to walk at this park looking at local activities!

Back to hotel room...drink my bird's nest...bird's nest la sangat kannnnnn...just a sweet jelly drink to me!

The end of Second day at Saigon, Mekong Delta Exploration ! 

Explore la sangat!

Vietnam Tourism quite well managed and if you that type who love more adventure can also take train to another beautiful place in Vietnam like Sapa and Hue. Me not enough time so just settle with Saigon after my Hanoi trip last year.


  1. Seronok bila dapat berjalan negara orangkan Cindy....Jauh perjalanan luas pengalaman. mcm seram jer naik sampan tu

    1. ye memang best berjalan...sampai tak nak balik huhuh..ok je naik sampan tu....asalkan buaya dalam sungai tu duduk diam diam kat dalam sungai tu..

  2. bestnya.. i never been there.. teringin rasa nak pergi

    1. Hi Nadia! memang best pegi jalan. AA ada cheap fair book la...kalau tak jalan masa sekarang bila lagi?

  3. Babe seriously envious of you! I think you have travelled so many parts of Thailand!

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  11. Went there before but din stay any longer. Missed out some interesting spot.
    Will suggest to my hubby and revisit this place. Thanks. :)

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