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Last month , I received inquiry from one of my blog reader on micro current bunion treatment.
I did it somewhere on Sept last year with Dr Milly Ng at Central Building, HK.

"Hi Cindy,

How are you ?
I'm Anne, from Indonesia. I have been doing some research on bunion treatment and decided that I want to avoid surgery as much as possible. Then I found out about dr Milly Ng and the microcurrent for bunion and came upon your blog :)
So please tell me, was the pain worth it ? Did the bunion come back ? I'm so worried that after spending so much money, the bunion comes back anyway.
I love shoes, and my bunion is preventing me from wearing many pretty shoes :(
Would love to hear from you.

Thanks and best regards,
Anne "

Here I share my reply to her  and for those who are still contemplating about micro current bunion treatment.

Dear Anne,

I spent 5 working days for treatment with 2 session everyday.
1st session at 11am
2nd session at 6pm
Yeah yeah a bit rush because I can't afford to stay in HK for 10 days.
Due to this, I was in too much pain since the treatment was on top the bruises which not even have chance to heal. Torturous 5 days! But hey... No pain No gain!
I endure all the pain with determination to at least have 60% normal foot like others.
It is a must to complete the 10 sessions.
I have to pay upfront USD4,500 for 10 sessions.

It took me 2 years to decide to go for this treatment and of course the cost is high too.

1st session , seriously the pain was like being tortured and this going on until the 10 session.
You can expect bruises and blue black mark. Don't worry, I explored HK with that right after every session.
You need to drink plenty of 'pocari sweat' aka alkaline drink.

To me before I went to Milly, my right foot was very severe bunion and left was mild one.
I wore bunion splinter every night and the pain was ridiculous.
My big toe potrute out badly and ugly.
My big toe underneath was full of thick callus and for a lady this is really bad sight.
I can't wear pointed shoes and to me high heel is big NO.

After the treatment
I still have the big toe potrute out but not as big as before.
No more dirty and ugly callus.
No more pain at night.
I don't have to wear bunion splinter anymore.
I avoid wedges shoes like Milly advice.
I still wear stilleto but try to avoid not to wear it too long .
I wear more of flex bottom shoes with at least 1 - 2 inches heels as milly advice.
I also did the walking as she advice which is start with heels, outer foot then push with front foot. Sounded a bit weird but this help me and no more pain now.

Maintenence exercise
Milly taught me after treatment exercise which I need to stand straight with both feet big toe press together (relax position) and make both feet gap disappear.
Apparently to straighten up the foot alignment.
I still doing this exercise every night and if i did too much walking on the day time or wear high heel too long , I will compensate with more times for this exercise to ensure my foot alignment at flex position.

According to Milly
This micro current treatment is to stimulate and wake up our sleeping muscles.
Our walking style also play the factor to this bunio.

To me this treatment will take times because it is natural way to heal.
At least I don't have to go through the surgery cut open my foot , cut the bone and place the screw. Which will take times to cure after the surgery and have to go through the physio therapy sessions too. I am working people and depend to myself to ear for living. Don't think I can afford to lie down or walk use crouch for long.
I feel I make the good decision to go to see her last year since her treatment ease the pain.

But seriously, it is all our own hard work and determination because we need to keep practicing of the maintenance exercise I mentioned to you.
I did it every day without fail...and during the treatment was like hell because we have to press both feet hard with all those bruises.
Yes! sound so horror but if you decide to do it...don't put high hope to cure 100%.
I really spend my money for this to ease my pain and to slow down the process rather than I go for surgery which there is no way turning back if something goes wrong.
Like I said the big toe potrute out still there but the pain gone.

Hope this help you with your decision.



For all who are still want to try this treatment, go there with open mind and don't hope for 100% immediate cure. I can assure you, you can see the different at least...

Good Luck!

My foot is much better now!
I am glad I don't opt for surgery!

You can visit Dr Milly Ng website for more details and email to get more details explanation.
They are friendly and informative people!
I asked lots of questions before I made my decision!

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