Friday, May 30, 2014


Last Sunday, I was craving for delicious walnut carrot cake.
Found this at Espresso Lab near One U. WTH!
So damn shiok wor!!!
Totally my taste.
I am one person who are very picky when it comes to cake tasting.
I only eat cream cheese with clean taste.
Hate the thick too creamy and greasy taste!
When it come to cake...mmmmmm...I don't like the fluffy and dry type.
I love solid and moisture type of cakes.
The cake need to be less sweet too!
 I don't eat sweet cakes!
So difficult huh???
This Walnut Carrot cake at Espresso Lab, seriously????
Give it a try!
Its expensive, they charge you RM14 for one slice but to me it really delicious!

 Lovely Sunday with delicious Walnut Carrot cake and pair with Latte

After enjoying, found out my best friend came. WTH!
I forgot to spare sanitary in my bag.
End up at watson looking for the smallest ultrathin kotex.
Lovely packaging from kotex and really convenient for emergency lady like me.
nice huh!

How can from carrot cake story change to sanitary pad????
I also don't know!!!
This is weird huh?

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