Friday, May 2, 2014


Today is our 4th day in Saigon and tomorrow will be flying out to KUL and my sis will be taking flight back to Penang. We decided to go leisure today. Since yesterday we done with City tour and recognize the surrounding around city. So we decided to go on our own.

From hotel we walk to Saigon Square which is another place for you to shop. Again...we both reached there walk round and round and 'OOOOOOOO!!!!' Thats it!
we just don't feel like buying because we have to bargain. This place sell korean style fashion, accessories and bags.To be exact this place suit for young and fashionable people to shop! Totally different from Ben Thanh market which is totally a mixture for both young and old.

 See that coffee seller....that fella look very smart selling coffee from his motorbike. Look clean too!
hahahaha...see I found Kim Tan's shop in Saigon. For those who are not Korean Drama freak like me won't know what am I talking about. Kim Tan is Lee Min Ho character in his drama called The Heir.

Enough of eye shopping...we both now sit down at the nearest cafe near Saigon Square and both have nice Americano and 'cuci mata' again sis are busy taking selfie.WTH!

We sat at cafe and is nice to enjoy morning coffee while  looking at other busy with daily life...hehehehe...serious feeling rich just by doing this.WTH!

These uncles...busy playing local chess.
We then bought the crunchy waffle from this Ajumma on the street on the way out to get taxi to our next destination Diamond Plaza. hehehehe...Diamond Plaza is a shopping complex and totally our style to shop! kekekekeke...even their toilet also Coway Style with electric bidet and feel like wanna sleep clean! WTH!

We both then bought some souvenir for friends and other sisters there!
Well...both is totally shopping center and fixed price type of girl rather than put us at Market with hard bargain style! gosh!!! we just wanna peacefully buy stuff not to fight and argue...duh!

This Diamond plaza just opposite yesterday place the Notre Dame Catheral. We were out from Diamond Plaza with loaded shopping bag on both called not so shopping type...kkekekekeke...yesterday just not the right place!!!
Whoa!!!! that Viet Ajussi! so good!!! Look like modern Tarzan in the City! 

Then we walked to Vincom Centre and nearby there is Parkson.....Oh! my!!!!
Time is short for us today!
kekekeke (evil laugh)

Tired widow shopping...we walk around the nearby place...found the beautiful Opera House! beautiful heh?
Totally French style! Love the stone carving! So classical!

After long is time for lunch and we found this Saigon Halal Restaurant near big Mosque here.
We ordered :
* Garlic Clams
* Fried Soy Noodles
* Lotus seed seafood fried rice
Love our final lunch in Saigon!

Yup! stomach totally time to walk and walk and walk...
My sis was very happy to get her Vietnam Starbuck tumbler! This is for collection... I got mine from Seoul, Korea!

Love our 4th day in Saigon...totally our style of traveling.
Then back hotel around late afternoon.
Rest our sore feet and at night we off to Ben Thanh Market again to get some fridge magnet and key chain for her friend.

We don't feel like having dinner but we spent our night enjoying delicious Ice Cream at Fanny Ice Cream. Serious this place is nice and the ice cream is good. The 'Crownies' is yummy!!! you can't get enough of their ice cream.

The end of my Saigon trip!!!! Bye Bye Vietnam!

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