Monday, June 30, 2014


This post dedicated to my sis who is trying to start own business.
If you are on diet but need to satisfy your snacking pang in healthy can try this full of fiber and nutritious snack.

Almond, Pumpkin and Sesame Seeds among ingredient use for this crunchy snacks.

It is easy to make this snack but for busy people like me, I rather buy and enjoy it without hassle.

You can order this direct from her at :
just email her with subject : Crunchy Caramel Order
She will be happy to reply you within 24 hours.
You try once...for sure you wants it more and more
Read further for nutritious and benefit facts on this delicious snacks.

9 Health Benefits of Almond

1. Reduce heart attack risk
2. Lower Bad Cholesterol
3. Protects artery walls from damage
4. Helps build strong bones and teeth
5. Provide Healthy fats and aid in weight loss
6. Lower the rise in blood sugar and insulin after meals
7. Helps provide good brain function
8. Nourish the nervous system
9. Alkalize the body

 9 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

1. Hearty Healthy Magnesium
2. Zinc for Immune Support
3. Plant-Based Omega 3 Fats
4. Prostate Health
5. Anti-Diabetic Effects
6. Benefits for post menopausal women
7. Heart and Liver Health
8. Tryptophan for restful sleep
9. Anti inflammatory benefits

9 Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

1.  Full of minerals such as manganese, copper, iron, phosphorus and calcium
2. The Zinc promotes bone health and prevents osteoporosis later in life
3. High phytosterols which are known to lower bad cholesterol
4. Helps to increase levels of vitamin E which vital role in fighting disease
5. Improve effectiveness of certain diabetes medication
 6. Reduce hypertension and ease stress
7. Anti oxidants which fight free radicals and helps to promote youthfulness and strengthen the immune systems
8. A substance in sesame seed has been found to inhibit the spread of many cancers
9. Promote health hair growth.

There you go all the good facts of snacking with Crunchy Caramel Almond snacks.

Try this today and you will never regret!

You can always make it yourself but why the hassle????
Just order la....

Thursday, June 26, 2014

PRINCESS'S EAT : Kyochon, One Utama,Malaysia


Everytime I ate at BMS - that vegetarian organic place next to Cold Storage ,One U, I can't help it but to notice this Yangnyeom Chikin (양념치킨) Kyochon Restaurant. They have one human sized mannequin whom I mistook him as Bruce Lee long time ago, welcoming the patron right in front of their restaurant. Damn! my bad...isk isk..

The human sized mannequin who surrender himself for heavy molester Ajumma and Agashi are none other than Choi Si Won - the handsome face of use to be super famous amos korean group Suju or Super Junior. 
This Restaurant really flew in SUJU to officiated this Restaurant, ok!

Poor SiWon!!!!
I think his nipple also got sunken in by all the pressing.Naughty!!!! Hamsap!!! MalaysianAjuma and Agashi! WTH! kekekekeke...good wild imagination huh? I don't know about smooching,though because I never witness that so far!
BMS Organic Vegetarian restaurant just opposite this place and its my favorite hang out place at One U though. So I know what those people did to Si Won,OK!
Si Won ya!!!! Rina Noona can be your witness if you want to sue them all....hmmmppphhh!!! (with full of spirit face!)

Now they have Lee Min Ho as ambassador too!
Min Ho, ya!!!! Rina Noona don't want you to get molested like SiWon.
Don't stand in front of this restaurant,ya?
Kyochon is a famous franchise restaurant from South Korea.

mmmm...who is this Malaysian Chaebol responsible to bring this KyoChon to Malaysia?
Malaysian Master Franchise holder for Kyochon in Malaysia is Datuk Steven Chin, The Chairman of Double Fry and Managing Director,of Gammerlite, a road design,construction and management entity in Kota Kinabalu.  

Ladies!!!! do some research on whether these two has any HEIR, please!!!! then start strategize like in that Cheongdamdeong Alice ,Drama. Maybe you can marry the Chaebol...muahahahah..

KyoChon, Malaysia is the first Halal outlet in world! So Muslim Chingu please enjoy your South Korean Fried Chicken at Kyochon!

How on earth , I end up eat chicken when I keep saying I don't want to eat one?
When I told Chingu , I wanna try KyoChon...the first question...

Chingu : "I thought you don't eat chicken?"
Me : "But Korean Chicken is an exception!" (winking my eyes...trying to act cute!) Aigooooo!!!!
Chingu : "Your head! (knocking my head hard) Always broke your own rules!!!"
Me : "Oucchhhhh!!!! Serious! if you are not going with me you can eat elsewhere...whatever it takes I need to try this South Korean Fried Chicken badly!"

No choice but to follow the adamant Agashi...who always broke her own rules! WTH!!!!
Not strong heart at all la this woman!

Aigoooo...I watched Korean Dramas everyday and some of the scene watch them eating fried chicken really make me drooling....WTH!

Chingu still full and I am the small eater woman.
So both of us stingily ordered 1 set (the cheapest in the menu,WTH!) which consist of.... 

Love this South Korean Chicks!
I went to Seoul but can't find Halal Chicks! So end up seafood seafood all the way...
Now that we have this Halal Kyochon....I can enjoy Halal South Korean Fried Chicken without doubt!

10 pieces drummet (Spicy and Soy Original flavour) and salad
I love the soy original flavour because its salty...yeah me love salty food and the spicy one is good too.
The only let down is we waited quite long for the food to be served with expectation the chicken will come steaming hot and dripping our disappointment and the long waiting is so not worth...the chicken is far from warm. WTH! KyoChon???? 

How I wish the fried chicken reached me steaming hot and juicier....Wae???? Wae?????

My Si Won Oppa, sacrifice his body to be molested to attract the customer.....please make my Oppa sacrifice paid off.

Bowl of korean rice which is stickier than our local rice and the taste is no big deal just rice. Oh by the way you can upgrade to Butter rice though! Which I didn't don't know how it taste. I think the butter one will taste like butter....DUH!!!!! hahahahaha 
This set came with glass of soft drink.

Chingu add in rice cake soup which came in one 'cute'bowl...yeah RM4.90 for just this small bowl and the taste sucks! Sorry Kyochon...this soup really need to improve.
I think the recipe is alright but the execution part totally failed!!!!
They need to really taste the soup first before serve it to customer. 
Please improve your execution part and QC the taste please!

Anyway, Chingu and me have a good fun reading the name tag of their waiter and waitress...we have a waiter name again ...KIKI for a guy..ok!
Then we have SUKI, but that normal for Waitress....then I told Chingu let see whether they have KAKA!
Oh KAKA but they have RITA though!

I saw KIKI serving the 2 tables away from our seating...with my cheeky naughty voice...I called his name...KIKI!!!!! give me the bill please?????
KIKI look at me..can't help smile at me and nodded his head.
Chingu was laughing away half disbelief!!!! I really did it!
yeah! who can stop my boldness when I am in the mood.
Did anybody look at me??? Hell...I am loud enough for others to glance at KIKI nametag and start bitching away. I presume that...WTH!
Sorry KIKI!!!! can't help it....anyway you are a good waiter,though!

Anyway it is worth to try KyoChon,One Utama, Malaysia!!!
It can be addictive if it is served hot!
Better than KFC or any others fried chicken least the flavor suit my taste well.
They can do better in food quality and service!
Too long...for just one set and it came with not hot chicks! 

After this , no more drooling watching korean drama.

KyoChon Malaysia, DAEBAK!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


How is your DASH going???
How to answer this type of question?
What does it mean by Dash ?
Well...not like dashboard or anything like that.

It is about dash of life.
Everyone born with two dates.
The date of birth and the date of death.

All of us know the date we were born and do not know the date of death.
It is a reality and confirmed fact that one day we will be no longer exist in this planet.
This also same goes with the business began and the business cease to exist.

The day of your birth or the inception of your business or the day that you die or the death of your business is meaningless compared to the dash that lies between the dates.
THE HYPHEN between those two dates - THE DASH OF LIFE!

The dash of your life is yours alone!
It is direct reflection of the choices you have made and the decisions you have chosen and act upon.


We may no longer exist later without even we expected this to happen. So I conclude this with this quotes from John Wooden.

Things turn out the best for those who make the best of the ways things turn out!

This post dedicated to those who judge my life by sending me all those nasty and negative comments. Of course all goes to TRASH because that where you belong!

Get a life!!!!! This is my life and it is obvious you are not living in a happy life! Take your unhappiness elsewhere.

Monday, June 23, 2014

REVIEW : Beatiful Life Beauty Kit

Tadah!!! surprise Beauty Box arrived last week for my first attempt to write beauty review for Beaubox. Beaubox was launched as the world's 1st FULL-SIZED beauty subscription box. What you need to do is just to subscribe and Beaubox promises a minimum of 4 FULL SIZED beauty sets for you and ensuring that you will be the FIRST to try it before anyone else does!

My Beaubox for this review is Beautiful Life Beauty Kit....

My Beautiful Life Beauty Kit

The beauty box for the gorgeous!!!

Waiting to unwrap...WTH!!!! faster..

Left : Jelly Pong Pong Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo 10g.
Right : So Susan Intense Eye Shadow Palette with Coated Pigments 8g.

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Caribbean Sun Bronze Duo
So Susan Intense Eye Shadow Palette with Coated Pigments
* Coated Color Pigments
* Fragrance Free
* Suitable for oily Skins
* No mineral Oils
* No Phtalates 
* With Grapeseed oil
* Non Comedogenic
* Hypoallergenic
- Made in Italy and Cruelty Free

I applied natural make up and added in tear drop liner underneath my eyes to have that glowing effect.
I applied blue eye shadow with purple highlight on my eyes.
Then use both blusher mixed colors to my cheek.
You may see the bronze duo color is dark color but when you applied to your cheek it look natural.
My desktop blow up when I halfway updating this post.
My photo are so blurry here and you can't see the real effect due to bad photography.

I am not sure whether the SAMSUNG GALAXY LIFE app redemption still available but you can try to check it out. You can get this both worth RM238/- with only RM49/-.
Oh wow!!!! so fabulous!

Saturday, June 21, 2014


I really craving for simple fried mackerel with turmeric. Co incidentally, we were at Sg Wang Plaza at that time. It was late...due to this Chingu got carried away with his sport shoes shopping.Yeay! suddenly this fella taking up hiking. So need pair of shoes suit for that. 

People so free horrrr...go hiking every morning. 
No need to work ar Chingu??? 
Apparently this is work too...because accompanying the Boss!

It was almost 9:00pm when we decided to have our dinner at Kopi Club just because the menu have this Indo rice...I guess the name is something like that in the menu. It says the turmeric mackerel will be freshly fried and will take around 25 minutes. huhuhuh..IMA go slurp! I need to order this.
Chingu ordered rice with spicy squid and chicken rendang.

Both normally never eat dinner this late!
But seems I am craving like that....we ate for my sake...muahahaha

Chingu's dinner came first.
Damn...cold rice with squid which taste like paper. Yeay yeay I had eaten paper before that is why I know how it taste...
Don't talk about the was like died veggies...yeahhh...chingu eaten while telling me..he will blacklist this Kopi Club.
Me said not yet...wait for my freshly fried turmeric mackerel first.
Seriously, I am that kind of person who never waited for this long ...and for this I waited more than half and hour.

Food came...
I go...WTH! Where is that freshly fried?????
The fish like a dead wood and cold.
Called back the waiter...guess what is his excuses????

When that time I ordered...the fish at their restaurant finished.
He  can't cancelled my order because the so called Boss has done the closing and left the restaurant.
When Chingu asked him why took them so long????
They went out to buy that fried dead wood fish from other restaurant.
By the way it was not even re was cold!
Of course the excuses are not acceptable at all.
We don't have energy to even argue for food!
Anyway, we are facing Bangla the mere worker...not even the Boss!
This poor Bangla worker not even get wage worth to receive such 'right' that I am going to fight over...

At first we felt like not paying a single dime for this....but then Chingu being him...don't want to owe people. He said let them owe us.
We paid and left with such a miserable dinner experience.
At that moment ...both of us just thought that it is not our fate to have such a good dinner as expected!

By the way...the have 2 outlets that I know at Sg Wang Plaza and the other one at Low Yat Plaza.

I am totally blacklisted Kopi Club!!!!

Mummy!!!1 I really miss the hot freshly fried turmeric mackerel!!!!
Why I don't fried this myself???
I don't want to look bad by just buying only one small fish....and the hassle to clean the fry it...such a messy scenario to imagine...Gosh!!! such a lazy woman...full with excuses...hahahahaha

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I recently stumble upon this terrific marketplace for individual or businesses who are looking for a landing page type website.  I immediately sign up and explore. Don't worry you can just sign up fro free at

If you are an individual or businesses looking for a landing page type website that can easily updated with content stream of fresh content....then PODIDOO.COM is perfect place for you.

Plus is extremely SEO friendly. You don't need to worry so much about paying for SEO consultant. You can make use of this marketplace to share you creativity by enabling users to consume , share and sell high quality content. Everything at one place!!!!

I wrote to the co founder of Mr Christian Bertolini, on how podidoo gotten its name?
He wrote back to me and share ....pods as containers of content, podidoo can also be read as 'Pod I Do' and it sounds blend and nice, playful and French if you pronounce it as podidoo....make sense!

I have created my pod recently and it look like this...

I know I know..image too small...
If you wanna see bigger picture...why don't you create your own pod?
You can visit my page and like it...
It has every link in one pod...from instagram, twitter, blog,youtube. slideshare and many more. You can create more and more folder here.
Then you can link other users' pods to your page too.
I need more time to explore podidoo and make use of this great platform.
Even somebody like me can use this podidoo easily...because it is super user friendly!

Get yourself a pod today...and let us link to each other pod.
My pod address

Friday, June 13, 2014


I never missed to bring along my favourite Mamee Monster Barbeque flavour  and Mamee Cup Noodles Curry and Tom Yam flavour  every time ,I travel abroad. Reason, we are Malaysian taste bud so after few days abroad we still miss the local flavour, right??? Then the Mamee Snack always saves me from ‘Hunger Pang’ while enjoying my sightseeing.

I received an invitation from Nuffnang to visit Mamee Chef Factory at Ayer Keroh,Malacca on 31 May 2014.I confirmed my attendance immediately! I visited Malacca like every Quarter once and pass by that factory like many many times. Can anybody just stop by and walk in to have a sneak in to Mamee Factory? Hohohohohoh….try your chance!!! I guarantee you won’t pass that gate easily.
If you were me…will you pass on this opportunity?
Guess what? I am among 80 bloggers selected by Nuffnang to visit Mamee Chef Factory! IMA so damn happy!
Trip Itinerary
-          meet up point at Mamee Double Decker (M) Berhad, Lot 793, Persiaran Subang Indah,Off Persiaran Subang 47500 Subang Jaya,Selangor.

9:00 – 4:00pm
-          event duration which includes
·         Traveling from KL by bus
·         Reach Mamee Double Decker Factory at Ayer Keroh
·         Group Photo session
·         Introduction speech by Marketing Manager of Mamee Double Decker
·         La Mian Show by La Mian Sifu from China
·         Curry Laksa gravy cooking demo
·         Visit to Mamee Chef Factory plant
·         Lunch and goodies bag presentation
·         Make a trip to Jonker Walk to visit Mamee ,Jonker House
·         Shopping at Mamee Jonker House
·         Noodle Doodle session
·         Mingle around with other bloggers while waiting for bus back to Mamee Subang Office
·         The end of Mamee Factory Visit

This is the token of appreciation received from Mamee Chef Factory visit (except for that lil Mamee Monster soft toy…hehehehe IMA so can’t resist and bought this to bring back home from Mamee Jonker House at Jonker Walk ,Malacca)

Let me walk through my experience during this exciting visit…serious!!! After all this while been longing for a school field trip…and I received this opportunity…IMA so excited until can’t sleep the night before.Butterflies in my stomach, nervous due to my public phobia! WTH!

As usual since IMA so excited until cannot sleep…so end up reached Mamee Subang Office as early as 7:15am. Serious…nobody reached there yet!
I don’t know anybody here…but manage to make some friends.If you see the lady in blue pant..her name is Rona and she is our team leader.Yeeehaaahh! I am in pink team and bus no. 2. There are 2 buses leaving from Mamee Subang office.
In the real fact….instead of leaving from Subang Office 8:00am sharp as mentioned…we end up leaving at 9:00am.Reason? Many hasn’t arrive on time due to unable to find the way to meet up point. IMA! Survey the place one week ahead ,duh!!!!

Since it is a school holiday, we caught in really bad jam…serious!!! Terrible jam all the way!


Anyway, we finally reached Mamee Double Decker , factory around 11:30am and we were welcome by Mamee,Marketing Manager,Ms Soong Sham Mee and Mamee Fun Squad team.
Before we proceed to Mamee Factory plant visit, we have a group photo session and many blogggers don’t miss chance to take selfie around the area.Apparently, all is competing for most creative selfie for #Mameechefday to win Hamper from Mamee Chef.


After the group photo session, we were ushered to another area for introduction speech about Mamee history, achievement and the famous product Mamee Chef. Then we were presented with La Mian show and that ‘Heong’ Curry Laksa gravy created by Chef Ismail for Mamee.

Summary about Mamee Double Decker :

Mamee History
Mamee was founded in Malacca in the year of 1971 as a partnership between father (Current, Mr Chairman-Yg Berbhg Datuk Pang Chin Hin)  and son, Yg Berbhg Datuk Wira Pang Tee Chew. Their first product was Instant Rice Vercemilli under brand name ‘Lucky’. Subsequently , launched a product under the brand name Mamee which is from the word, ‘Mommy’ since this is the first word most of us learned to say. What a great brand name creation…who can forget this name? This has been registered to our mind ever since we learnt how to talk. Mamee,instant noodle did moderately well.

One day, Yg Berbhg Datuk Pang Chin Hin who was out making deliveries noticed some kids eating raw instant noodles right out of the packet. What he saw that day really change the future of Mamee. He created a noodle snack just for the kids.
Thank you Datuk Pang for creating such a great snack! of those kids…lol

Mamee Market Position
Mamee offers about 50 food and beverage products, which includes snacks,instant noodles,dairy products,beverages and confectionery. It exports variety products which include yougurt,fruit juices,cultured milk,instant noodles, snacks and other beverages. Mamee has a presence in more than 80 countries where most of the markets are concentrated in the region of Asia, Africa, Americas,Europe,Oceania and Middle Easts. At current Mamee hold 30% in our domestic market share.
Among the Company’s products are named such as Mamee Monster,Mamee Instant,Mamee Classic and Slurp!Noodles,Mister Potato Chips,Cheers Beverage,Nutrigen Cultured Milk Drink and latest Mamee Chef.

Awards and Certification held by Mamee
·         ISO 9001
·         ISO 9002
·         HACCP
·         Halal Certified
·   Mamee Chef placed among the top 10 best instant noodles in the world 2014 by
·   Putra Brand Awards Bronze Recipient 2014 under food stuff category organized by Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As)
·        Frost & Sullivan’s Home Grown Packaged Food Company awards for 2 consecutive years

Mamee Chef
Mamee is going through the 3rd generation pass on and I guess that is way this inspiring innovations was created.Mamee Chef was a very differentiated products. Mamee invested RM80million on new machine which able to create better texture and a premium quality feel to its noodle. Mamee Chef with its “Mi Tarik” or La Mian technology presented to consumer noodles with more springy , tender and quality feel. This machine use the same La Mian technique which is pulling and folding process.The best thing about Mamee Chef is they gone through every details making consumer feel that this wasn’t just a normal instant noodles but make one feel like they are eating a proper meal. Why I said that?
Each Mamee Chef contained dehydrated condiments such as prawns,cabbage,spring onion,tofu,chilli flakes,shitake mushrooms, sweet corn and carrot.
For flavor, Mamee collobration with renowned celebrity chef , Dato Chef Ismail to create outstanding flavor such as Spicy Chicken Shitake, Creamy Tom Yam and my all time favorite Laksa Curry from fresh ingredients of herbs and spices!

I am one person who are very fussy when it come to instant noodles. I love Curry and Tom Yam flavor the most. I would never eat instant noodle with just their flavored soup without adding my own recipe to make it more ‘kick taste’! I would add in chilli paste,curry powder,lemon juice to make it more tangy taste and then add in tofu,some veggies to make it more feel like a complete meal.
Try Mamee Chef, you will give this thumb ups! I tried Mamee Chef for the first time and seriously, you don’t have to add all those ingredients I mentioned. You can just cook and eat it as it is. The taste are to remember and make you want another bowls.

Enough with the long history…let us continue my fun trip story visit to Mamee Factory at Ayer Keroh , Malacca.

 While listening to outstanding presentation from the Marketing Manager of Mamee, Ms Soong Sham Mee  , we were served with refreshing and delicious Yogurt drink. TADA!!!!

  The Sifu from China,demonstrated the La Mian aka Mi Tarik.
How the La Mian were made???
They use the push and pull technique. Don’t try this at home if you are not the expert. IMA! Don’t guarantee you be able to eat your noodles in time.Why the hassle when you can just buy Mamee Chef and eat your La Mian in just 3 minutes. So convenient!

Forgot to tell, Yg BerBhg Datuk Pang Chin Hin aka Mr Chairman and The Founder, made his presence during our visit. So cool! Did you see the Gentleman in White Shirt standing Second right.

Then we were presented with this Curry Laksa paste cooking demo. That Amoy…ar!!!! Seriously want to kidnap her out. She cook that gravy until so ‘heong ’.

The ingredients for Curry Laksa paste :

·         Dried Chillies
·         Shallots
·         Garlics
·         Ginger
·         Turmeric
·         Lemon Grass
·         Curry Leaves
·         Dried prawns
·         ‘Buah keras’aka Candle Nut

Blend all the ingredients and stir fried it until it fragrance and add in the tamarind juice….then blend it. After blend slowly add in paprika juice.
IMA does not guarantee this Curry Laksa paste recepi….hehehehe it just my theory from what I was presented that day. I never try to cook the gravy myself. Kekekeke…don’t scold me ar…if you follow this recipe and your curry laksa paste turn out disappointment.


After the cooking demo, we are divided into 2 groups to visit the mamee chef factory plant. The moment of truth! The one I am waiting for….yeahhhhh!!! I continue waiting….because I am in the last group. While waiting, I took my time browsing through the history of Mamee product since day one they started the brand.

 Gosh!!!! Still remember that ad when I was little girl…’Mamee!!

Many bloggers took this waiting time to do their most creative pose at Mamee Fun Squad booth. IMA! Feel so out of place and not use to this environment. Busy munching my delicious ‘Onde-Onde’ and smile away to these wacky and crazy bloggers act.

Yeayyyyy!!! My turn to go in!!!!!!

See? That cylo on top left?
That’s where the flour drop to the dough mixture machine.
Why the texture of Mamee instant noodles are so different from others?
They added in palm oil.

The process to manufacture instant noodles through my understanding can be summarized …

That worker called ‘piano man’ because their action is like playing the piano. Their job is to make sure the noodles are solid down to the mold before it goes into the deep frying process.


There you go…the noodle cup ready fresh from fryer!
Todays flavour is curry!

The plant on the opposite side is producing the famous Mamee Snack!
Oh my Mamee……
The process is almost the same like instant noodle, it just that Mamee Snack noodles need to go through the bathing process. The bathing process will be either Chicken broth or Barbeque Flavour broth. Now you know why our snack taste so good!!!!!!

My favourite Barbeque mamee flavour ready for me to eat!!!! Yeah!!
See that man in Mamee Monster blue shirt posing with me?
He is Danish Tan, Production Planning Manager at Mamee Factory,Ayer Keroh Malacca. He walked us through the Mamee Chef production process. Yes! We went through the detailed like the Safety and precaution take by Mamee to ensure all their products are safe to consume by consumer.
According to him Mamee production process , 7 lines and able to produce at least 100,000 Mamee product in a day.
Thank you Danish Tan for detailed explaination to us.

For lunch, we were served with Hainan Chicken Rice ball, Chicken Sate and delicious cakes for dessert. Since I don’t fancy Chicken meat…there you see me with that two chicken rice ball with tangy ginger and fresh garlic Chilli Sauce.Serious! yummy….wanna taste this delicious Chicken rice ball???
Hhehehehe…no worry!
Let us pay a visit to Mamee Jonker House, No. 45 and 48,Jalan Hang Jebat , 75200 Malacca.

While waiting for Mamee Fun Squad come over to lead us to Mamee Jonker House, there is this Dragon Boat race at Malacca Straits. Interesting huh?

Huhuhu….you can’t miss this Mamee Jonker house in painted in yellow colour like school bus, smack in the middle of busy jonker walk. We were greeted by Lil Mamee Monster and Mr Steven with his Mamee Fun Squad team That Lil Mamee Monster! so adorable especially its sticking out white tooth. 

On my right is Mr Steven the Manager in charge at Mamee Jonker house and next to him is Faiz the fun guy from the Mamee Fun Squad.

Mamee Jonker House not just a normal store selling Mamee product. This place is full of fun don’t want to miss out this place if you visit to Malacca. There are 5 sections in Mamee Jonker House.

  1. Ground Floor
-           Merchandise Jonker House where you can shop for Mamee Product and merchandise.

-           Mamee Café which according to Mr Steven, their famous specialty is Mamak Mee Goreng (there are many repeated customer come for this) , Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls a top secret recipe by Grandma ‘Mamee’ Pang, Creamy Tom Yum, Mamee Pasta.

  1. Top Floor
-          Mamee world- where you can go back to relive your childhood memories.You can have fun taking photowith Amazing Mamee World and this is free.

-          Noodle Doodle – you can doodle away with creativity your own personalised Mamee Chef Cup. Then mix abnd match your favourite seasoning and condiments. Don’t miss this because this will be your great souvenier to remember your trip to Malacca.

-          Lil monster Kitchen – you want to know how Mamee Monster Snacks are made? Take this opportunity and make sure you call before hand to particpate in Mamee Monster Snacks kitchen which be held on Saturday at 11:00am, 1:30pm and 3:00pm. Call +6 06 286 7666 for booking.

Mamee gave me to Doodle away my Mamee Chef Cup noodle.

IMA…not so artistic creative! :(
Tada!!!!!!! Present to you limited edition and first in the world Princess Cindyrina Mamee Cup Noodles.kekekeke…so simple and basic scribble by me under pressure due to time constraint.


I just pass by the Monster Kitchen…maybe next time I will book myself to make my own Mamee Snack. Then , I quickly snap photos at Mamee World. Serious, so amazing and this is a place you don’t want to give a miss when visit to Malacca.

 Before heading back to subang and knowing that we are not going to stop anywhere to relieve ourself….kekekeke even Mamee’s toilet also I want to recommend you to visit if you come to Malacca. See that top left pair of Lil monsters???? So adorable isnt it? That is where the Ladies and Gents at Mamee Jonker house. Hahahaha every corner of Mamee Jonker House you can’t give it a miss ok????

Gosh! If you want to go to toilet you need to pass through Mamee Café. Many people were having their meal there. WTH!
IMA! Really wants to try those food.
Definitely, wanna ask Chinggu to bring me here so I can try their famous Mamak Mee Goreng and Curry Laksa.

While waiting for our Bus, they are having that #Mameechefday most creative photo winner hampers presentation..
Haishhhhh!!! Don’t expect much from me le…IMA is beyond that kind of creativity!
Reached Subang around 7:30pm,straight jump into my car and heading home.
Back home …so damn hungry!!!
Open my goodies bag Mamee Chef Curry Laksa and dig in myself with bowl of it.
Love is in the air!!!!
Not that I falling in love with Chef Ismail…hehehehe…me in love with Mamme Chef Curry Laksa.

I totally have fun and Thank you nuffnang for inviting me and thank you Mamee for open up your factory door to us! At least we bloggers,  who represent the consumer has some inside information on how our favourite noodles being produced!