Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Many of us wish we can turn back time. 
Everyone knows this is bloody impossible!
What different can you make anyway if you can turn back time?

I was asked this question last 2 weeks...WTH!
The question was totally unexpected.
It left me scratching and cracking my head hard.
Thinking hard how to answer this question make me frowned hard!
Must be an ugly sight for that woman to see me that way.

Anyway, the first response blurted out from my mouth without even thinking carefully....

"Can we really turn back time?"
"Is it possible?"
"I don't want to go back to old time!"
"I don't want to change anything!"
"Pass is pass!!"
"Let us move forward!"
"why want to think about something impossible??"
"Why?" Why?"

That woman who asked me the question...frowning uglier than mine...kekekekeke

"I never met somebody response me in such a way before!"
"What make you so optimistic and positive?"

I look at her and blurt out a small chuckle.... then smile at her.

"Life must go on"
"There is no such thing as 'if this or if that"....
"Done is done....we leave for our future"
"If you want to worry...spend your time worry about present and future rather than the past...its past anyway!"

She is damn speechless with my response...hehehehehe

Deep down in my heart.....The truth if that chance really comes....
Really...I can't even think about changing anything...huhuhuh never think about this!

I am thankful to God for who I am right,where I am and my life now!

What you want to change if you can turn back time???

Saturday, July 26, 2014


I am typing this entry while watching 'Sailor Moon'. Yeah! my favourite heroic Serina the Sailor Moon and I adore her since I small kid. Guess what ???? My previous dreams is to be Sailor Moon. WTH??? Before I get excited and carried away with my Sailor Moon story....

Let me just pour out why I just missed my chance to be Super Famous for the wrong reason like KIKI THE STEERING LOCK ROAD WARRIOR from Kuantan.

Yesterday afternoon went back home early.
Cindyrina the Sailormoon happily drive home.....shalalalalalalala... my heart singing and the radio is playing Sudirman the 'Balik Kampung' song. I sang along happily the happy festive song.
I was queuing up at the toll plaza cash lane since the smart tag lane seems not working and long queue.
Then while humming away to Bruno Mars song....ok don't laugh. I was humming away for the Will You Marry Me song. kekekeke

My eyes glance at the rear mirror and saw this one Kancil drove fast like he is not braking at all.
I knew it! I knew it!
Loud thump sound and my car jerking to the front.WTH!
My phone drop down from the dashboard.Omma!

Thank God!
Cindyrina the Sailormoon is one careful driver. Always park your car distance away from front car.
Lucky I don't end up kiss the car in front of me.

All I know I have been hit!!!

It happened too fast!
Like blink of eyes.
I know that car going to 'kiss the ass' but hey....what can this helpless Sailormoon do????
Like I can fly now....duh!!!!
I am one of those earthling now.
I just wait to get hit since I was on the queue and can't even sway my car to the side to let that car hit the car in front of me instead. (so bad of me huh?)

I was contemplating.....shall I get down from my car to check it out???
Shall I drive away and straight to police station.
But that car was behind me to see the plate number?
What to tell police then???
But if get down...then so many horror story...people hit the car back and rob you or kidnap you or harm you in any way.
God give me some courage to get away from this accident.

My evil heart want to be famous???
Bring out your steering lock and bang hard his car. Just like KIKI did! WTH!!!

My white force are strong enough...I am not meant to be famous for the wrong reason and I don't want to be famous. I just want to live normal peaceful life.

I glance behind and saw that man was alone and see surrounding there are many others queuing at toll plaza.
Give signal pull over my car to the side.
Cindyrina the Sailormoon going to face this megaforce!!!!
With the power of moon....I build up my courage! I can handle this.... I can handle this !
Don't panic! Heartbeat please don't try to win the race la...its hurting if you beat too fast!
Calm down! My temper please stay down. Don't you ever try to take over the situation!

Grab my mobile phone.
WTH!!!! out of many phone battery at only 39% left. Damn!
Oh! Shall I grab my steering lock too??? Just in case????
Shall I prepare to shoot my pepper spray too????
Oh! what ever....just with mobile phone.
That guy in 20's ...I guess look very young. He get down from his car too.
Bet this is not even his car.
He was busy to open the front hood and his car burst into smoke and water dripping.
Oh! his situation totally worst than mine!

Check out my car first.

Erk!!! Thank God! not that serious. Lucky the bumper still intact. So damn worry cannot back home town for Raya because no car. God help me after all!!!!
Ahhhhh...calm down calm down ..yeah keep telling myself that.
Just treat like I am paying for my sins!

Look at his car??? worst than me right????
Too bad!

See this car got so many colors...I also don't know what to describe to the police.
When police asked I said colorful car.
White, silver ,black .blue and red.
I suspected this fella purposely bang my car to claim insurance to repair his car.
I don't know...really when I see from my rear mirror he drove too fast from behind.
Front number plate...according to him drop because of the impact.
I don't see anything drop on the road....really something fishy here...

Me : Hello Bro! if you want to collect debt...why you kiss my ass this hard. This is toll plaza don't know how to brake ar???

Kiss Hard Guy : Aiyooooo...sorry ar sorry ar...aiyoo my car!!! Aiyooo... sorry ar sorry I forgot to brake and when I realise its too near ledi liao!!!!

Too many sorry...and it sounded like he is singing 'Sorry Sorry' Super Junior Song to my ears! 
Cindyrina need to get out from this scene fast to minimise risk exposure.

Me : So how??? Settle or report????

Kiss Hard Guy : Aiyyooooo where got money to pay nothing also. Report la...I need to claim insurance for my car.

Me : Nothing your head la!!! So troublesome la you. Next week Raya you somemore don't know how to drive properly! You say sorry thousand time also doesn't make any different la. haissshhh!!!! I am so upset, you know????

Kiss Hard Guy : Sorry lor....I also don't know this will happen.....

Me : I am going to report you then and claim your insurance for my bumper!

Kiss Hard Guy : OK OK OK

I may sounded so easy hor...I dare not fight to settle.Alone there...if that fella turn into megaforce for real. This sailormoon in trouble liao! sian ar!

My mind was like ....mmmmm...did this guy just bang my car because he want to claim money for insurance and I just the victim??? His car already rotten junk to start with....
Huh! for benefit of doubt...I just snap his car plate number then took some photo.
Took down his number...he told me his phone no battery and his name is Cheah.
If he gave me false phone number and name...then he need to deal with God in after life then.

I called Chingu and he said if the fella want to do police report then it is advisable I do the same.
Afraid that fella twist the story and end up I am at wrong.
With heavy make 'U' turn to the police station.
OH! I have to go through that process. I hate this I hate this....
WTH!!! So bloody bad traffic jam liao!!!!!
I double hate this!!!!
Yeah yeah..this sailormoon swear hard in her heart but maintain peace and calm in the outside.
Chingu said he proud of me because I am cool to handle the situation this time.

hehehehe...Chingu you don't know ar???? Stormy in the inside know!!!! Only God knows!!!!

Since I know I need to face and settle this all by myself...isk isk isk ...I remain strong!

Reached police station then found out cannot park my car inside.
I have to park far away and walk far away too.
Gosh!!! scary walk because I use to drive out. So when walking outside on the road like this I practically feel so paranoid.
I use to walk in shopping mall and building then drive then park my car take the lift and go inside my house.
So not used to walk out like this.
I feel I expose myself to much of danger.
The motor bikers...pass and say hi and the other one hi too and the car driver who are stuck in jam outside the police station also say hi.
Gosh!!! are they too friendly ? or I am too attractive ?

Walk in saw the police who are at the gate there and he directed me to Traffic building which is way at the back. WTH!!!! During this fasting month...after so much of thinking really make me wanna drink apple juice and eat cherries.

While walking in...there are bunch of policeman sitting in group chatting away. 
Hi there
Hi ...hihihihi
This human are way too friendly.
I am so attractive or what???
Calm down and don't fall into that narcissism syndrome ok?

1. Go Traffic building then took number.
There are 6 others waiting ahead of me.
Oh! I have to wait.
Wait lor...gosh!!!!

2. After lodge the report, I was told to bring the report to 1st floor to see one of the in charge from Investigation Unit.
1st floor was old building and the space has too many cubicle which look so old and out dated.
Gosh!!!! my dear govt??? where are all the money spend????
Why is it the police space are so pathetic???
Most of the cubicle are empty.
I walked pass the many cubicle and see no people to attend to me. WTH!!!
Who should I approach???
Are all this Earthlink invisible to me now????

I saw one police was sleeping at the corner.
Oh! he must be hungry that much due to fasting. So tired until need to sleep with mouth wide open.
Should snap photo!

I walk to the end and then walk to other end and then to other end and then to other end until one officer came up. He still don't ask me anything.
I also don't want to approach him.
I walk this end and other end and to this end and to other end while holding that piece of police report and my eyes keep wondering to the name on each cubicle.

I guess that man cannot take it anymore.

Man : Who are you looking for?

Me : Sergeant K. He suppose to be my investigator in charge.

Man : He not around.

Me : Then who can attend to me?

Man : Wait at his table here.

Me : Just wait? How long do I need to wait?

Man : I also don't know.

Me let out a big SIGH!!!! and put up my disappointment and worry face.

That man then talk to one of the lady in one of the room and ask her to handle me.

Lady : He not around. Why don't you come after breaking fast?

Me : I am came here alone. After breakfast will be very dark for me. I will expose to many risk and danger. This police station made me walk so far and I have to park car at dangerous area too. I am scared!!! Very scared to walk outside at night. If you can help me please let us settle now. I made this police report because the other party will make his. If I have choice I don't want to go through this hassle. Can you please help me with this?

Lady : Why you scared????
With her snobbish tone. 
Yeah right you are the police woman ..... sure you can talk this way to me. Me the normal woman...I am so expose to many danger if I wondering alone at night time ...I am not use to all this.
Of course...this is in my heart. For goodness sake.

Me : Can't you assign another officer if he is not around?

That lady was about to answer me when my in charge officer walk in.

Answer few questions...bla bla bla bla ....
Then asked me is this my husband car????
If want to know whether I am single or married just ask me direct.
So hurt you know...think this is my husband car.
I worked my butt off to pay for this car, you know!
Then give me piece of advice... why you drive this car.
This car for seven people and you are alone. This car too big and fuel consuming.

Sailormoon....please don't change....calm down calm down calm down

After all the mental exercise...I was told to go down to drive my car in for photo session.

OMMMAAAAA!!!! have to walk far away out. Then need to make one big round and go through the jam to get back to police station again.

Keep telling myself ...this is final stage. So calm down...

After 15 minutes I am back to the police station.

Parked my car..then look for photographer.
I have to wait again.
After 10 minutes the photographer come and he took the photograph while asking me some questions.

The last question make me blow calmly...

Photographer : Your husband know about this?

Me : No. If you want to know I am single or married just ask me direct. Don't assume one woman is a married woman.

Photographer : Can get to know you???

Me : You know where to get my number. Are we done here????

Photographer : Don't so angry! Selamat Hari Raya!!! Yes you can go now.

Me : Thank you and same to you!

Lucky I am not KIKI!

Very long post because I really need to release out my anger!
I keep it for so long!!!!
Controlling my anger is way to tired than running on the treadmill.

That Cheah  fella really bad....his careless and reckless...make me gone through all this!

Whatever it is..I am glad nothing serious!
I am proud that I handle all this all by myself!!!!
I am so cool and dramatic right????

Friday, July 25, 2014


Today long weekend for some of Festive goers!
Me still working and only start my holiday tomorrow.

My portable steam sauna safely arrived from after 5 working days.

Reason I bought this?
I have body water retention problem. I work out but very difficult to get sweating.
I drank plenty of water with the exception during fasting month.
I only manage to gulp at least 3 glasses of water a day during fasting month.
Big problem for my body!

I think it is worth it to spend some for health reason so I bought this new equipment from

I am a bit dissapointed with my order handling :

1. Item came only after I check with their customer service. No order status update after 3 working days.

2. The invoice in the box is meant for somebody else. I believe mine has gone to other people box. So annoying when my personal details such as full name. address, contact number gone to total stranger. Lazada need to be more careful in handling such P&C information. Not sure whether I am protected under PDA or not for this.

3. The sauna box was very dusty and stained. 

4. The wooden reflexology came with lots of dust. Achhooooooo!!!! IMA sneezed!

5. The portable sauna cover with some yellowish stain. WTH!!!! IMA praying hard the portable steam sauna can work well!

Seriously, IMA really don't want to go through the hassle to return this gadget due to item not working. IMA forgo all the stain and dust IMA went through while opening the box.

Not that heavy box. Can carry home like hugging big teddy bear.

Inside the box!
* Manual
* Steamer
* 2 connecting hose
* Wooden Reflexology
* Portable Sauna Room

 The manual (sorry for the upside down image. don't want to trouble myself rotate this. You can rotate your ipad or neck to look at this ....kekekeke) also got this kind of stain...ewwwwwww!!!! What is this????

My own sauna room place next to my treadmill....huhuhuhu

 I am showing off the inside of my brand new sauna room.

 The steamer completed with connecting hose and remote.

Let me tell you about my first experience using this sauna room.
IMA so like 'monkey' can't wait to try out.
Reached home, instead of preparing my own food for breaking fast after starving for a day...IMA start to assemble and prepare to jump into this sauna room.
Like I said.....'Monkey'....
I want to make my sauna experience more effective the whole story and you roll to my 'monkey business'!

 IMA applied chilli slimming cream then suppose to wrap my body tight with those plastic for better body contouring. But IMA out of plastic so just applied the cream. Then IMA applied Virgin coconut oil to hair and wear the shower cap.

Prepare my Sauna and waited for 10 minutes for it fully steam up.

Then IMA jumped into the Sauna which IMA suppose to stay for 30 minutes.Oh! of course jumped in with my Bikini (olalalalalala....not a good sight for you to imagine though...well you can start imagine one flabby middle age old lady with

IMA jumped out after less than 5 minutes.

Cannot stand the chilli cream really make my body so spicy!
That is why I said my 'monkey business'!
Who asked me to apply that chilli cream when I know I am jumping into this hot steaming room????
So smart of me????...duhhhh!!!!

First attempt sauna experience failed.

Second attempt was a very rejuvenating moment for me.

After that I have a really good sleep!!!!!

You see the woman in the photo can read while enjoying the sauna????

In sad...

1. IMA don't have long neck like hers.
2. IMA not bless with long torso.
3. IMA don't have long arms.

The reality sight are not that beautiful and comfortable like in the photo.

IMA basically got swallow by that steam room.
You can probably see my top of head and IMA have a hard time peeping through the sauna room to watch IMA favourite shows 'Running Man' while enjoying the sauna. IMA also have difficulties due to IMA glasses are covered with steam and make IMA vision blurry.

The imagination is too ugly for short people like IMA.
Oh by the way my height is consider average height for woman. I am 159cm!
Maybe it could be better to get new taller chair!

For now , I could only enjoying my sauna and got bury inside it...maybe on and of peeping my favourite shows through the middle zipper which suppose for hand to reach out.

I am glad my sauna room work well after all those minor ugly impression while opening the box.

Selamat Hari Raya for those who are celebrating.
Safe journey back home!
IMA travelling north this Sunday morning....and thinking about 4 hours driving or maybe more than that due to traffic jam....haissshhhh!!!!! I wish my parent live nearby!
For those have parent live nearby wish their parent live far away so they can enjoy the 'going back hometown' mood!
Duhhhh!!! Human!!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014


No doubt the Hallyu Waves is HOT around the world and Malaysia can feel the heat too ever since Winter Sonata, Full House, Boys Over Flower, My Love from the Star and many others to list down. 
IMA one of those crazy Ajumma (head down, I am one old woman Hallyu Waves Fan) ...joining all those Gen-Y fans jumping up and down to Hallyu Waves.
CN Blue, Big Bang, FT Island, B1A4, Beast, EXO, MBlaq are among this Ajumma long list favourites. 
Korean Cultures totally influence my lifestyle too!
Gosh! this Ajumma....isk isk isk

I am happy to give this shout out!!!! 

Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) will be organising an exciting event called K-Festival @ Pavillion KL ,Malaysia dedicated for local fans of the Hallyu or Korean Wave this 8th - 10th August 2014. It is during weekend everybody!!!!
Golden Triangle will be damn pack and congested with all those Hallyu fans!!!!

For those who are not into the waves....AVOID this place during these period and for fans.....let us crash K-Festival and join the crowd!

 KTO aims to ignite hallyu fans' K-imagination with a thrilling showcase of Korean Food, Culture Art, Performance, Technology and Shopping from 8 - 10th August 12014 at Pavillion KL, Centre Court.

The opening ceremony will be attended by participating brand and media partners, the K-Festival @ Malaysia event conceived to set the imagination alight through stimulating Korean-Centric experiences such as special K-Tour packages, K-Pop performances, K-Culture, K Food, K Beauty and K Fasion.

There will be many events waiting for all Hallyu Waves Fan.

Fan can expect special appearance by 'Haroro' aka Haha, one of famous Korean Reality show Running Man cast , K-Pop band MBLAQ and participants from the K-Pop cover dance competition : MyKTQ2014 Finale - Malaysia Dance Competition will also thrill crowds with their well-choreographed moves.

For those interested to meet HAHA aka Haroro in person, special registration required to join the Haha-Meet the Fans session (limited to 100 persons only)

If you are planning to visit Korea soon....this is good chance for you to get more information before head to Korea and make your trip more memorable and exciting!

K-Festival 2014 Malaysia Event Schedule :

If you require more details, please contact KTO:

Telephone : 03 2072 2515
Email :
Address : Korea Plaza, Ground Floor, Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
Website :
Facebook :

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Late June this year, I met up with this old man who I look up the most.
He text me for coffee.
Its not like I look up at him because of everything positive about him.
I look up at him because I learn a lot from him to compare with other people I had met!

Among of his words makes me remember until now,

" If you want to be stand out, always swim against the current "
" Other problems are our opportunity "
" If you are expecting different result, try other method to solve you problems "
" Its all about system"

This is just part of what I am believing....
Yeah! I once met this psychologist and when I told her about him , she said I was 'brain washed'!
Hahahaha...yeah! I could say that I am 80% agreed with her!

Back to old man, he told me in our recent meet up that he think he is in the wrong business.

My response to him, was like....

"Hello!!!!! you made millions of ringgit out of this business and look what you are having now compare to when we just started.....duh????"
"How could it be you in the wrong business?"
"Don't all business is all about earning money???"

In my heart....
People like me worries mad about earn for living and yet people like him earns and complaint???
Is this fair???
Ya least my heart screaming for some senses.

Then he told me his problems....
He told me how hard it is to train people and nobody want to be his successor!

ahhhhh!!! I am not surprise....he is still having the same problem ever since I left him?
He is successful in earning money but he is still a failure in building up his own team.
I could say, during my time with him is the glorious time for him since I was there to like a "Sponge Bob" absorbing his long winded repeat lecture session.  After I left his team collapse and was all over the place.

A leader with no follower???
Can you call yourself a leader then?

I told him, life is not about just working.
It is important to earn and live !
We don't live to just earn!
We also need to live our life too!
Be happy too!
Does this make sense???

If you are expecting to train people to be just another YOU....then forget it we are not in cloning business!
We are training people!
People with feeling.
People with different character, different needs, different background,different ambition!

Life is not just about working and being a perfectionist!
Life is about living the life happily.

Yes we need money to be happy but money isn't everything!

Look at you, you are with money but do you have people around you???
Are you happy???

So balance up!

Do you think he is in the wrong business like what he thinks he is???
To me, he is not in the wrong business.
He just need to ease himself and live a balance life.
When people around him sees this, I believe he don't need to try hard to train others.

This business is perfect for him!
He just need to learn how to work and play !

He told me he changed!
To me....he is still the same old man I met in year 2006.

Since he earns enough....if I were him, I will just retire and live my life the way I wants it to be. my case I will travel around the world and blog about my experience and share it to the world!

At least that is how I dreams my life to be.

But in his case...I guess all he wants to do in his life is work and work and solve problems and be in tough situations all the time???? Perhaps???
At least that is how I remember him when I was working with him. 

He is still the same every time meet up with him the preaching from him last for more than 4 hours.
Oh myyyyyyyy...he still the same old man who I used to know.
Seriously my tail bone hurt for sitting too long and my bladder harden due to holding up from toilet excuse.
Yeah yeah...I am so polite to interrupt the preach.
Give the old man a break.
Maybe no other people will lend ears like I did.

Here I am bitching a lil bit about him behind his back.
So called polite of me huh?
I am not an angel...I am just a human like you people out there!

I am no Saint  and not Evil too!

Forgive me God!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hello Gorgeous Ladies!!!

Festive season coming next week!!!
'Open House' visiting tradition awaiting for all of you to dig in with all those good food and 'raya goodies'.
For Muslim friends who has been fasting for 30 days you find yourself losing some weight. 
Your happiness won't last that long.....SIGH!
IMA talking about IMA!!!! 'big sigh'!!!

All those good food during Raya, the 'ketupat' with awesome 'rendang' cook by Mummy and fabulous raya cookies baked by beloved sisters......totally hard to resist!!!!
I am talking about lost 2kg during 30 days fasting month could easily double up that amount right after 'raya'! WTH!!!!! I am facing this situation right now!!!! Slimming is not just about looking good but also to live life healthily! Let us consult the expert for this!

So for those who feel so helpless like me and wish to lose some weight after digging in too much food during this coming festive season can book your appointment with Mayfair. Mayfair Bodyline is giving away FREE SLIMMING / FACIAL TREATMENT from July - September 2014.

You can redeem your FREE TREATMENT by liking  and register details in their facebook.

Mayfair Bodyline have been in the slimming and beauty industry for over 29 years. This is popular brand by our homegrown Malaysia. 

As leading slimming, facial and spa center, the company Mayfair Bodyline is concern about your total well-being. Designed as one-stop center, our services come with advance technologies and set to meet your every comfort with a cozy ambiance of warm hues, subtle tones, improved facilities and amenities. Operated by a team of professionally-trained consultants and therapists, besides facials and body slimming treatments, a series of body pampering treatments also bring you through a sensory journey that comes with satisfy result which you will be proud to flaunt.

Register yourself today!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014


Let us start our Monday with supporting underprivileged children to live their dreams through better education!

Amante Nail Spa a superlative spa for women housing popular beauty and wellness needs will be hosting a one-day Amante Charity Fair on 7th September 2014 from 10am to 6pm. In conjunction with this fair, customers can purchase the Amante Cha...rity Coupon booklet for RM35. Inside the booklet has 7 X RM5 cash vouchers where you can purchase treatments, activities, food and games at Amante Charity Fair and BONUS thank you RM88 Hot Stone Massage treatment!.

Proceeds from the Amante Charity Fair will be donated to GOOD SAMARITAN HOME – Home for Children in Malaysia for their education. Friends!!!!!  helping to raise funds for this home would make learning possible for students of all ages, from pre-school to graduate school, providing basic education to those who need it most. Princess Cindyrina would like to invite you to come Amante on the 7th September, 2014 at Amante Kota Damansara to show your support for these amazing young children and to Good Samaritan Home.

How Can You Help?

1. Purchase the Amante Charity Voucher booklet from the nearest Amante outlet. Visit for a list of locations near you.

2. Don’t have time? You can transfer/bank in to Amante Beauty Care Sdn Bhd (MAYBANK ACC NO. 512491131743). Send transfer note/bank-in slip to with name, e-mail address & mobile number. You can collect your Amante Charity Coupon Booklet on 7th September, 2014 at Amante Charity Fair.

Show your support to Amante Charity Fair which will happen :

Date : 7th September 2014, (Its on Sunday everybody!!!!)

Time : 10am to 6pm (head to Amante @ Kota Damansara after your Sunday brunch)

Venue : Amante Nail Spa & body Care, Kota Damansara @ Sunway
Level L3, Central Park - Car Park (Multiparking ) No. 3-03, Jalan PJU 5/13, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

In case you lose your way, here the telephone number : 03 6141 7613 / 018 285 5244

Mission to accomplish on that day : To raise RM80,000 to help the children achieve a better future and 25% sales proceed will go to Good Samaritan Home.

Good Samaritan Home is a non profit charitable children's home committed to serve the poor and needy children in our society. It aims is to provide physical , spiritual and educational well-being of the children. The home started in Jan 1999 with just one child and currently has 32 resident children and another 30 children in the Extension Program.

Princess Cindyrina, invites you to come and support Amante's Charity Fair for Good Samaritan Home!
Bring your family to this awesome Sunday for good deed while pampering yourself.

Block your 7th September 2014, Sunday!!!!

Don't forget to like Amante at

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Wanna visit South Korea for free this October and November?

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has launched a new event called “To:ur Imagination.” This special promotion was created to encourage foreign tourists to have more interest in visiting Korea and has already been endorsed by stars from across the globe including Big Bang (Korea), Mario Maurer (Thailand), Xin Jiang (China), Ebina Kenichi (Japan) and Michelle Phan (U.S.A.). Some of these celebrities even visited Korea and videos of their trip are shared on the To:ur Imagination website.

To participate in the event, simply visit the To:ur Imagination website and describe what you want to do when you visit Korea. KTO will then select 8 grand prize winners who can take a guest of their choice on a 4-day trip to Korea in October or November. In addition to the grand prize, other prizes such as an iPad mini, signed Big Bang CDs and more will be given away!

To be eligible for the event, participants must post their story between July 15 and August 31, 2014. The winners’ announcement will be made on September 15, 2014.

KTO, in correlation with this event, has launched a new slogan “Imagine Your Korea,” which was created to reflect the changing needs of international visitors to Korea, and a related brand campaign starting July 15, 2014, featuring TV commercials with Big Bang.

More Info :

Application period: July 15 – August 31, 2014
Winner announcement: August 15, 2014
Website: (English, Japanese, Chinese)
1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

What are you waiting for????
Realize your imagination today!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Its fasting month, very tempting for me to post the food photo.
Focus for those who are fasting.
You see no evil and hear no evil! kekekekeke (wicked laugh)

A simple recipe which I created for my breaking fast,single woman like me need this quick and simple dinner:

* Cut potatoes into wedge and boil it for a while to half cook then strain the water.
* lay out aluminum foil to your baking tray.
* Lay potatoes onto aluminum  foil
* Add in cut zucchini and cherries tomatoes
* sprinkle in onion powder,black pepper, Italian herbs and salt to taste.
* shred Kraft cheddar cheese
* add in some olive oil
* baked for 15 minutes

Go and take shower and when you done.
Walahhhh!!!! dinner is served!

Oh!!! I can't believe I can be this creative!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I have been using the same brand for the last 20 years and recently decide to go for a change.
mmmm....this is all because that hard sell sales person la.
Yeah yeah my blame game has started!
Anyway , it is a the same price.
Why not just to give it a try?
No harm since this one apparently better spec.

Introduce to you ProVision55 from Cooper Vision, US.
RM60/3 pairs/Box
Can last for 3 months since this is monthly disposable soft lenses.
I think can get lower than RM60 if purchase for a year stock.

overall packaging just same as my previous favourite brand.

I have been wearing this lenses for almost 2 weeks now.
I could say there are some difference between the previous one.
ProVision55 make my eyes more moisture and best of all easy to put it into eyes and take it out later on.
This is important to me.
Clumsy person like me need all this convenient.
There was many times....I spent almost one hour tying to put in my lenses.
Serious! when I was nervous and worried , somehow the lenses won't stick to my eyes and made me more frustrated.
I feel weird to step out from home with my glass.
If ask me drive with glasses on.... ahhhh! I just not use to this.

Another nightmare , when work late and the lenses not coming out from your eyes like glue stick on to your eyes. WTH!!!!
Suffer!!! Frustrated!

I feel at ease with this ProVision55 because it soft and convenient to take out and also put into your eyes!
I able to wear long hours without drying my eyes too.

This is an alternative to you if you are looking out for a change.

Most of safe!

Saving hard earn money to replace my lenses.
Yup!I am working towards that eye lenses replacement procedure soon.
That procedure damn bloody rip off my golden treasure box you know!
So need to create special fund just for my eyes.

I am getting aging and my eye sight getting worst now.isk isk isk...Now wanna read book also have to put my book distant from my eyes then only can read clearly.
So SIAN,huh?
Oh my eyes....why you aging faster than my age!!!!

Wae???? Wae???
In Drama Queen mode now....

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Woot! woot! received my bag of love in early July.
I took quite sometimes to write since I need to try out the product.
Not like the effect from the product is like magic so it took sometimes.

They have everything travel size and samples of beauty product and vouchers in this beautiful eco friendly bag.
That is why it call bag of love!
Let me introduce one by one of this items.

Derma Master Gold Eye Mask, Full-Sized
All you need to do to apply this on your eye area.Don't forget to clean your eye are first.
I applied it after using my eye make up remover then wash face with my normal daily cleanser and apply some toner.
Apply this eye mask and relax for 15 minutes while listening to my favourite band CN Blue.
After effect???
For inheritance 'panda eyes' like mine???
mmmmm..... no beauty product works like magic!
I could feel my eyes area feel more moisture and fresh!
'Panda eyes' ...of course it still there...its inheritance duh!

Novaexpert The Repulp Mask, 50ml
I give a thumb up for this mask.
Novaexpert is an award winning cosmeceutical skincare brand created by team of French doctor.
Best of all they won many awards in shortest time.
Just apply the repulp mask on to your clean face.
Then rinse with warm water and switch progressively to cold water. Pat dry your face and apply your favourite serum and moisturiser to your face.
Lovely baby face effect-smooth ,soft and bouncy skin feel.
You can get novaexpert product from :
sasa malaysia
for more information you can also refer to:

Guerline La Petite Robe Noire EDP Couture,50ml
Lovely travel size which you can squeeze into handbag or purse.
Tips to smells fresh all day with you favourite perfume is to spray it on pulse points such as wrists,inside of elbows and behind knees.
This range was launched in early 2014 and has that glamorous and fit for red carpet.
O wow!!! I feel like a DIVA!
It smells sweet fruity with a bit of raspberry , roses and best of all my favourite one bergamot..
 I kind of like this.

Givenchy Clean It All Make -Off Emulsion, 200ml
I normally clean off my make up excess with just water and Mizon snail repairing cleansing foam from Mizon Korea which I gotten from
I should have applied  this make up with remover or something but me so lazy and don't you think this will cost me more??? ahahaaha...a bit cheapo huh? I save cost ma!
Too many step then my routine will get more draggy!
Anyway, when I tried this givenchy Clean it all make-off emulsion, i feel it is a must to have this step to be added into my daily routine.
All of us thought cleansing foam is enough?
Oh! may be not all of us. May be just me! duh!
I will never step out from home without applying either CC Cream or BB Cream.
I sounded like Korean Celeb for a second huh?
Minus that seconds and I just this tan normal Asian from Malaysia.
Using just cleansing foam to wash away the CC Cream or BB Cream from your face is not enough.
Oh well even if you just use foundation...oh by the way...who still use foundation???
We are in CC Cream era...duh!!!!
My face feel clean clean clean clean and smooth smooth with this thing.
Totally need to add this on to my routine.

aissshhh! I don't know how to space out that 2 photos.
It almost stick out together so unable to write text after that first one.

Editorial need to go on isn't it???
In the precious bag of love,

Wella Professional Repair Shampoo, 250ml and Well Professional Repair Mask, 250ml.
This one is DAEBAK!
Oh well! at least to me.
After my Siem Reap , Cambodia trip early this year, I brought back my super duper coarse , dried , tangled and frizzy hair with me.
Seriously that tangle and dried hair make me afraid to visit salon.
You know, that hair dresser will start selling their product and said this that this that and the most 'beh tahan' they will talk down about your hair condition.
I am so fragile sensitive lil woman...isk isk isk afraid I lose my temper at them.WTH!

Thank God! Bag of Love came with :

Wella Professional Repair Shampoo & Mask at 250ml each tube.
Then when I tried this well professional repair series, now my hair more at eased.
At least my hair not so tension like before.
Its softer and less tangled.
Just apply the repair mask  to damp hair for 10 minutes then rinse it.
Then distribute wella repair shampoo evenly through wet and lather. Rinse it thoroughly.
Dry your hairs and the effect is ...nice and soft hair!

Other than sample and product, they are so lovely to include in some cash vouchers.
* Korean Bio Acqua Peel worth RM360 from Derma Master A Korean Aesthetic Dermatology
* Cash Voucher RM20 from

for a beauty (chewwwaaahh!!!) with lack of beauty knowledge skill who always apply eye shadow with merely my point finger...this definite eye blender brush is such a blessed!

Save the best for last.

Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Esssense,30ml

I applied it after toner on face and neck then follow with my normal moisturiser which is Anti Wrinkle Water Essential from Helen Park, Korea.
The effect, my face feel fresh the next morning.

Happy trying!