Friday, July 4, 2014



It was a long day for me yesterday.
Totally in mental tired state.
By the time I reached home I almost passed out!
Yeah! I have not been eating well these days.
My body just reject everything I ate.
I sure slim one this month...but worry me if suddenly die because of malnutrition...such a waste of life huh?
At least wanna die also need to die with least that what I wish for.
If I said this to Chingu ...sure he ask me to join army.Oh well Chingu who should I fight then to die with pride??? huh? huh?
So I end up just drink soy bean...well this is not what I want to write anyway.
I side track from my subject.WTH!  Very the 'Chong Hei'!

Traffic jam are everywhere..... most of the times we trapped in worst stand still traffic jam.
Yesterday was the worst ever for me plus my health and mental I wish I could just abandoned my car and walk back. WTH!
 It will take me few tiring days to reach home...what an idiot thought!
I wish I could just bang the car in front of me.
ohhhh....second thought, I would be in big trouble then.

If you says the worsen traffic are due to fasting month...gosh!!! seriously I have been through that 365 days without failed. I think the ruler need to re vamp the whole procedures and law for one to own a driving license. The should add in 'the right attitude' to be a driver.
Many without brain and bad attitude drivers out there.
Mainly the selfish idiot roaming the street and cause trouble for example this poor lady...isk isk isk

Biggest example.....

 Look!!! that champion grey car and white big van in front of me...guess what he drove his car slanting to the side instead of straight.His selfishness cause me trapped there and can't move anywhere....he was blocking my car because the place he eager to go...not moving.WTH..shall I use the 'F' word now.
I wish I could horn him...but hey...I am not a fool because this will not solve the problems.
We don't know who is that person holding that steering!
I end up still at that same position for an hour...WTH just because the lane this fool going is still not moving and I and the rest of my followers behind me can't move either.
Congratulation you fool GREY car driver in front of me yesterday!!!
You are one so bloody selfish driver.
If this fella is a leader he work up his people to the max.
If this fella is the 'machai' he will just stab people around him to get to the top.
God!!! may you find inner peace in you.

What can this damsel in distress do???
Like everyone...patiently wait and go through the jam.

When things are unavoidable.....we just go through it calmly and endure the pain.
Such a pain to my ass and leg and my mental and this and that....
Thank you for letting me through this without getting into any trouble!
I am blessed!

Have a good weekend netizen!

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