Saturday, August 2, 2014


I am one person who always trying my best to avoid send my car to car wash.

Reason... yeah yeah there are always reason for something right???

1. I hate the waiting game
2. The waiting room...oh! do they have proper waiting room at car wash? Hell NO!!! You either walk to the nearest 'teh tarik' place or just stand there like a fool. At this time it would be great to have a companion.
3. I try my best to minimise risk exposure. Risk exposure? lol...nobody will understand me. I have this problem feeling insecure to be at this kind of place. That is why I try my best to avoid it.

Result for all above???

My car is always dirty. My car color is chrome silver but yet many mistaken it as grey. I can't blame them. Recent trip to home town my dad insist me to send my car to car wash since it is too dirty due to dirt water from construction works.

I told him I am lazy to wait.
My dad said, he will wait for me.
hahahaha...very funny dad.
You can't drive my auto you expect me to drive you to car wash and then I walk back home and then walk back to drive you back????
Good arrangement hor???
My dad failed to coax me on getting my car to wash.

He insist on climbing onto a chair just to wipe my front screen because of too dirty when I was preparing to leave home back to KL.
He is not that tall and my car is consider at tall range for his height.
He insist and I can't reject him.
He keeps telling me it is dangerous to let front screen to be this dirty.
OK whatever you want.
Thank you Dad!!!!!
I drove back KL with clear screen despite the haze weather condition!

I did told dirty car could save me too.
Car thief will not interested to my car.hehehehehe...hopefully!

Yesterday evening after work...I determined to admit my car to car wash.
Drove around and round and round ....rejected few car wash after assessed the surrounding.
Finally found one which I assess as less risk exposure for me to wait.

Today I will be driving sparkling chrome silver car to beauty workshop at Jaya One,PJ.

Beautiful and clean car and happy beautiful spoil for a weekend joy ride!

Have a good weekend all!!!!

Oh! I reported to my Dad ,I finally sent my car for washing....his replied...

Dad : Got fish dead or not???

Haiyoooohhh!!! as if I sent my car wash by the sea or river????

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