Thursday, September 25, 2014


Pei Ling Chingu suggested this place Wondermama@Avenue K for our dinner.

Both of us surf online to find out about menu and details about this restaurant.
Apparently they started this restaurant at Bangsar Village and it was a hit back then.

Avenue K branch is pretty much the new outlet.

I totally love the deco. Its a mixture of culture incorporate together.

Pei Ling Chingu who waited patiently for her dinner. 
Try to act cute yeeeeeeee????

My selfie....trying to act cute too..WTH!

Chingu's choice - Nasi Lemak with Fried Salmon cube.

I was contemplating between Nasi Lemak or Spagetti Aglia Olio...but horrrr...for me ...if you serve nasi lemak...then that will be my first choice crazy over nasi lemak!!!!
My choice is Nasi Lemak with Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab.
The rice could be more softer and the sweet and spicy sambal with petai is delicious!

Most of food is combination of Malaysian with Japanese or Korea or Indonesia.

Even the Spagetti Aglia Olio cook with Malaysian taste and serve with Deep Fried Chicken.

Overall...I love the food combination.

Chingu and me struggle to finish each plate of those nasi lemak. Expensive weiiiii!!!!
RM23.90 each but worth it lor with very nice environment and so on!

Chingu cool down herself with Mango Smoothie.

As usual me don't order drink because I know I am not able to swallow any drink after food.
Just my habit!

Chingu finishing her Nasi Lemak with full of happiness and sadness...


Today is our final meal and dinner together and we promise each other to meet and contact again next year.


Me wanna start new leaf with new environment and people said life start at 40 years old right???
So I am leaving behind everything in the 30s.

Chingu gave me this goodies bag full of love!!!!

We will meet again next year dear!!!

I wish you all the best and happiness!!!

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