Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Recently, I have sometimes to spend for my blog.
Blogging is not just about writing.
There are certain technical things which you can along the way while you blogging and to improve your space.
I just learn how to increase traffic to blog.
You know those spam emails came in and said they can increase  traffic to your blog with certain fees. No need to pay anybody just spend 10 minutes of you time and start submit your blog link to below FREE sites. Link submission not only could improve your traffic but also to increase google page rank.

Tips :

* use your secondary email address during submission since this FREE Submission normally will use our email address for promotion and so on. Hey! people also want to earn right???
* Don't forget to confirm the email send to you after link submission.

So far the free listing and not so complicated sites is below...others all wanna me to fork out my wallet. mmmmmm...forget it le...I just did this for fun!

1. Exact Seek

2. So Much

3. All Free Things

4. Zepti.net

5. Bing.com

6. google.com

If you have done link submission before and want to share with me the link please add in the link to comment box. Sharing is caring! opppssss!!!! I mean FREE LINK and not so complicated one.

IMA fingers are too precious to type and scroll the mouse for long.

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