Friday, November 28, 2014


Few people I met along the 21 years in this big city who are I appreciate so much....

This sweet Cili aka Jamie whom I met during my worked days in advertising agency. She is sweet and blunt. Thats what I like about my friend. I love honest people and not the fake one. This picture during my recent birthday meal with her at Wondermama@BV. Look at the photo, she was struggling to my worst present wrapping for her.kekekekekeke...which she commented, 'Rina! you never improve on your wrapping skills over this year? ' Adooooiiii!!!!

Her present for me this year is this H&M pre reload card for me to go for a shopping spree on whatever I want with one message from Cili, 'Rina! you can buy whatever you want but if not enough please reload it yourself hor!' Adooooi!!!!

Another friend who I treasure so much gave me this Purtier 'Deer Placenta' which according to him will make me a lot younger. According to him this whole box cost him RM650/-! You say what????
Can you just give me the cash instead of spending on this supplement? It was annoying when he keeps calling me daily and asking me did I feel any different after taking this supplement? To be honest for something you spent RM650/-....nope! I don't feel any different except for I have trouble sleeping which is not much help for me to preserve my youth!

My other friend who happily full sponsored my Jeju do trip, I feel thankful to him too. Thank you for being there for me all these years. I feel honored you make my 40th birthday the most memorable one!

Another friends , Jack and Julie whom I met during my days with one of property management company and they still in touch with me and occasionally meet up for brunch. Thank you for growing old with me! I appreciate your friendship so much.

Last but not least, my Pei Ling Chingu whom I met 4 years ago and with her, we both share the hardship and happiness together working in the same place. Now that both of us separated to find our own path and destination, I wish both of us happiness and stay strong on whatever obstacle comes. Be positive and stay humble!

All of you a blessing from above for me and Thank you all for your friendship all these year!

Have a good weekend all!

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