Friday, November 14, 2014

Blog Link Exchange Campaign

I just put up a new page on my website call 'LINK EXCHANGE CENTER'.
The page located on 'TOP RIGHT'.

Reason to set up this exchange link center ???

1. For my convenient to blog walking to your blog and 'kaypoh'.ngehehehe

2. I wanna make new friend in blogsphere

3. Exchange Traffic

How to leave your blog link to LINK EXCHANGE CENTER?

Fill up below details on the widget on my link exchange center page.

1. NAME.

Since I set up this page for all of use to exchange traffic, do me a favour to do 4 things for me :

1. 'LEAVE COMMENT' on my blog post.

2. 'LIKE' on my facebook page

3. 'FOLLOW ME' in my instagram @CINDYREENA

4. 'CLICK ON' my yellow birdie on your right hand side.

Thank you all!

Sharing is caring too. I will visit your site and 'kaypoh' too!