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15th October 2014, Wednesday

After a good Train ride at Ecoland, my next visit place is this Natural Monument No. 263, Sagumburi Crater.

What is Sagumburi Crater?
Sagumburi is a parasite volcano with a unique shape of having a large crater compared to its body. This unusual crater has a large pit caving in the middle of a plain.

A fabulous explosive crater surrounded by low hills called Maar which shaped like ring. It is formed when there is only a weak explosion in a short amount of time and comes to a halt during the initial volcanic activities.

There are many rare plants leading a life surrounding this area.

Before I start my walking tour again...let me have some coffee and taste this fresh Jeju do Traditional cake called bingtteok. Bingtteok is Buckwheat pancake wrap with radish filling. This is my lunch for today. Super delicious Bingtteok and fresh taste.

The wind rises from the wind pipe of ancient times and following its breath, the sunny field is rolled up with wild flowers. This is how I describe Sagumburi Crater during the autumn.
The magnificent view of autumn with silver grass dancing gracefully with the wind...OMG!!!
Thank you for letting me witness this beautiful and magical view.

I love the cloud, the weather and the fantastic view at this Silver Grass Island.

If you travel by car just enter this phone number +064 783 9900 to your GPS.
For more information on this beautiful place...visit

Next post will be on me posing like mad woman at Alive Museum!

Have a good weekend all!!

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