Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Last Sunday, I was busy packing for my GIVEAWAY winners!
Whoaaaa!!! all TEN Winners, your winnings is on the way via POS LAJU since 23 Dec 2014.
I emails each of your tracking number to track your item whereabout.
If there is some delays , is due to festive holidays. So please be patient and let our Mr Post Laju do their job.

 This is the packaging of your winnings look like....hope you happy because most of you will receive mystery items in your package.
Don't complain on the horrible packaging...k?
I have horrible skills when it come to wrapping!
So please expect for the imperfection.

HO HO HO.....HA HA HA...All of these items are on the way to respective owners and also most of them will find 'Santarina' is giving away more than shown in the photo.
hahahaha.. I am in good mood because I am thankful for your support to my first ever giveaway and show that I am not talking to myself all these years! WTH!
'Face palm'
Seriously, I thought there will be no entry at all....but horrrrrr...some of you who didn't get chosen don't feel disappointed. Please reach out to this Santarina soon. Next year 'ada lagi' kan???? 

Evening IMA busy 'dolling' myself for tonight biggest Butterflies gathering dinner at 'The Curve'. At bit nervous to the max. I wish I live nearer and can use that 'My Taxi' or ' UBER' But where I stay is not workable to use all these services. I live at 'outskirt' area. Please pray , IMA don't get lost because this is the first time driving there at night and going through that horrible traffic jam. Please  wish me can find car park and find my car back tonight. isk isk isk ...IMA damn nervous!!!! This is totally like 'biggest challenge' for me.

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