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I don't know about you...but I'm not much of a New Year's eve partier. I try my best possible to stay away from unruly crowd and ...why would I want to get caught in traffic at New Year Eve ? I either spend time at home alone at my own peaceful space or if I went traveling somewhere, I will just be in the hotel room. Gosh!!!! such a good girl! Well ...I just hate to be among all those unorganized crowds. Too many drunkards on the road too. Staying at your own space in New Year Eve does not make you a loser. Gosh!!!! give me a break. Following the crowd or trend does not make you cool either...duh! Anyway, its our own personal preference. Just chose what best and happier for you. Since I am a loner myself...Damn! sounds so pathetic huh? Here are some ideas who decide to spend the New Year Eve - all by yourself! 1. Tell yourself it's just like any regular night you have. Well, in reality it is like every other night. It just the next day you wake up

SANTARINA says : Christmas is in the Air and Magical with Sungei Wang and PARKROYAL

I have been absent minded to update my blog recently. So busy with work plus lazy to the max to join any event or even do a simple product recently. I rejected almost all of the invites including the Air Supply tour event review. WTH! Recently , I was invited as part of Media group to review a CSR program organised by Sungei Wang Plaza for Single Mom Charity Bazaar which is also a collaboration with Rotary Club of Pudu.  I was drawn to bring my big ass out for the sake of my support to single moms and appreciate their selflessness efforts towards their family. Being single myself....without children to my troll, but I still have old parent to support , I understand the difficulties to survive being the sole bread winner in the family. I am glad Sungei Wang Plaza is very kind to create this noble awareness for single parenthood. The Single Mom Charity Bazaar is held for 2 consecutive days starting 19th December to 20th December 2015. I wish they organised the media gro


Last Saturday night, came back from Malacca road trip late night. I took staircase up instead of lift since I wanna lose weight. WTH! Oh! by the way my unit is on 1st floor...hihihihihi. Opened the staircase door and .... Meowwww!!!! Meoww!!!! In the middle of the stairs...a sad looking cat and her four kittens making eye contact with me. WTH! Don't look at me...please!!! Don't look at me ...please!!! But we did!!! Otteoke!!! All of them look thin, sick and hungry. Aihhhh!!! I don't like cat. Can't stand the smell too. huhuhuhu..Otteoke! Otteoke! I went into my unit..put down my bag and my shopping haul from Malacca. But my mind keep thinking of that cat and kitten. Can I go through this night without thinking about them? huhuhuh... Knowing myself well...I can't! I know I am going to have a sleepless night, if I don't help them. They are not human. They are stranded at apartment area where people are very individual


i am dreaming to have this hot gorgeous body.WTH! Year 2015 is coming to end in another 4 weeks. I am sure many will start their 'so called ' new year resolution...hehehe including yours truly. How many of you achieve your Year 2015 resolution? Not achieve yet? Haihhhh!!!! DARE YOU TO MAKE A NEW ONE? If you ask 10 women on their New Year Resolution, out of that number at least 99% will include LOSE WEIGHT in the list. ngehehehe...yours truly is one of that woman. Gosh! our land here is totally bless with good food. WTH! The level of temptation to enjoy good food .....haihhhh! Do I need to explain further? I remember early year 2015, I lose 3kg using the 500 calories per day diet. I can tell you...the experience is like becoming Half corpse! After almost a month surviving with 500 calories...I manage to lose 3kg. HORRAYYYYYY!!! I am HAPPY. Damn it! the happiness doesn't stay for long. WHY ? WHY? I gain back another 6kg after 4 mont


Every single year, I always have this headache to find good gifts for my friends.  If you have been reading my blog...I am very bad in wrapping present too...well thats not big problem anymore. I can just go DAISO for nice boxes and dump everything in. hihihihihihi...problem solved! It is super easy to find beautiful and good gift for a female friends. Biggest problem is for male friends.  If you give them wrong gift it may send a wrong signal. WTH! and one may end up got tease for life. Double WTH! Recently, I got to know this new site call They deliver fresh baked cookies jar as gifts to your friends. Aiks? To your friends only? You also wanna to taste the cookies? Aiyaaaa!!!! if you want to eat yourself just order and deliver it to you address la. If you 'thick skin' ask you friend order from to deliver to your address la..hahahaha another problem solved! So far their specialty is Dark Angel cookies and Sunrise Butter


For those who congratulated me early this! I am not Dr Rina. I am not crazy enough to pursue that Doctorate. To me , earned Master Degree is enough. Don't want that 'Permanent Head Damage' title! I was in Penang attending my last Sis's convocation. She graduated with Doctorate in Geophysic. Gosh! what was she thinking when she study that thing??? Out of many courses she chose 'Geophysic' and  I still don't get it until now. I went as a Chauffeur to my parent and my sis. I was there sent her off 8 years ago when she first enrolled for matriculation, so I decided to bring her back as a closure. WTH! So sentimental, isn't? I even made the flower bouquet for her. WTH! Who ever knows me well ...will sure know my gift wrapping skills,sucks! I made it! Of course after one hour cracking head with mum and dad help. WTH! Mum help me wrapping while Dad busy searching online and compare our design with others onl


I was doing some cleaning up from my desktop and try my best to re arrange my travel photos. When it came to my Seoul Trip on Nov 2012, photos...ah...can't help share this fabulous photos at Secret Garden, Changdeokgung Palace, South Korea. How to go to Changdeokgung Palace? Subway Jongno 3(sam)-ga (Subway Line 1, 3 or 5), Exit 6 then you just walk straight along Donhwamun-ro Street for 10 minutes. I stayed near Jongno 3 (sam) ga just walk and walk and walk until my leg cramped...kekekeke. When you go traveling, all you need..... is the needs of curiosity and exploration attitude! This is the rear garden near Changdeokgung Palace and was constructed by King Taejong and this is the place for resting place of the royal family members. Damn! this remind me of that Drama, Faith and Rooftop Prince and many more Goryeo , historical dramas. This garden was formerly called 'Bukwon' and 'Geumwon but then was renamed as 'Biwo

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