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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Korean celebrity
i am dreaming to have this hot gorgeous body.WTH!

Year 2015 is coming to end in another 4 weeks.
I am sure many will start their 'so called ' new year resolution...hehehe including yours truly.

How many of you achieve your Year 2015 resolution?
Not achieve yet?

If you ask 10 women on their New Year Resolution, out of that number at least 99% will include LOSE WEIGHT in the list. ngehehehe...yours truly is one of that woman.

Gosh! our land here is totally bless with good food. WTH!
The level of temptation to enjoy good food .....haihhhh! Do I need to explain further?

I remember early year 2015, I lose 3kg using the 500 calories per day diet. I can tell you...the experience is like becoming Half corpse!
After almost a month surviving with 500 calories...I manage to lose 3kg. HORRAYYYYYY!!! I am HAPPY.

Damn it! the happiness doesn't stay for long. WHY ? WHY?

I gain back another 6kg after 4 month! WTH!

I exercise, went on diet...and bla bla bla...whatever other woman try to lose weight will do...I did it!

Still??? I became the BROWNIE HYPPO OVERNIGHT!
I unable to fit in to most of my pants. WTH! Do I need to spend money to change the whole wardrobe. Costly!!!

I blame to my aging...gosh!!!! I am 40s what do I expect??? hehehehe try to console myself with that aging reason. PATHETIC ME!

My biggest realisation of my fatness ugly look was when I went for a Aesthetic Clinic review recently. The Marketing personnel request me to shoot full body photo with the Doctor....the result from that photo...SHOCKED ME!

Is that ME? That BIG HYPPO is me?

So I went into full resolute to myself! I need to transform that BROWNIE HYPPO look fast! I need to undone my mistake for not taking care of my body well.

Like other woman do....I browse for Slim Drink and so on. Myself not a big fan of slimming pills and also any drinks which will cause me cramp to my stomach and force me overnight inside the toilet.

After long search, finally found Activa Slimme, product from famous brand Kinohmitsu.
slimming drink
[RM168][Kinohimitsu]♥ [Buy 1 Free 1] ♥ activa Slimme [30 days supply] GET READY FOR A BIKINI BODY THIS HOLIDAY - FLATTER TUMMY- ABS FITSPO!

I was very skeptical to try product since I didn't get many convincing online review for this. Well...what is online review anyway? The reviewer can be bought with free items giveaway or other form of payment. How genuine is the review....mmmmmm...WTH! I decided to try this myself.

Bought Activa Slimme ,click that image to know where I gotten my Activa Slimme. hehehe..I got good offer too. BUY ONE FREE ONE promotion and plus the coupon and other form of promo, I end up paid in total of RM138 and get 2 boxes.

I bought another batch early this week , still buy one free one promotion and this time after coupon and other promo, I end up paid RM115 for 2 boxes. Good buy.

Gosh!!!! in total bought 4 boxes. DAEBAK!!!!

I find this is suitable for me. No stomach cramp or overnight in the toilet experience. Its just make went to the toilet frequently to pee...really flush out until I can't even wait to open by house door after back from work. That 2 hours in the bladder feel like gonna explode. WTH!  Of course I drank plenty of water throughout the day.

Did I starve myself ?

My day is pretty much routine diet. Can you call this diet? Don't think I diet that much!


At 7:00am
* 1 sachet of Activa Slimme (taste wonderful refreshing drink)
At 7:30am
* Breakfast
 - My favourite Lontong with specific ratio. Only 3 lil rice cube add to it with lots of spicy sambal to it. (so called no rice and spicy diet...ish ish Malaysian taste bud is too strong.**face palm**)
(I don't condoned you all to eat lontong for breakfast. Its fattening! The correct way is to eat either cereal, toast or yogurt, then you can lose weight faster. I don't really cheat myself to lose weight this time. I just being honest to myself)
* One cup of black coffee without sugar


At 12noon
* One bowl of fried turmeric chicken with long beans and carrot.
Sometimes if I get bored with that I will take boiled broccoli with one fish and watermelon
NO RICE! This works for me.
* I tried to take salad with soba noodles added...isk isk isk ...I went into gastric mode through out the evening and night.


At 4:00pm
* 1 sachet of Activa Slimme
At 4:30pm
* Sandwich toast with Cheese or Butter with dash of cinnamon sugar

At 7pm
* 30 - 60 minutes cardio

* No eating after 8pm
* Drink plenty of warm water through out the day. I drank at least 2.5 liter but advisable to drink 3 liter.
* Strictly no rice.

No negative effect after drink this Activa Slimme Drink. I feel more energetic and happier. WTH!
I lost weight...thats happiness. No bad mood or grumpy feeling at all.


I was 10kg more than usual weight when I went for my my Sis Convo on 17th November 2015. Oh no!!!!And by 3 December 2015, my weight at 5kg lighter. WTH!!!! I forgot to mentioned I drank Activa Slimme Drink during those period.

Thats why I bought another 2 boxes. I am confident to achieve that  10kg reduction by end of this year. I just need to remain strong with all those good food temptation. I will just take this Activa Slimme on once a week basis for maintenance. huhuhuhu...maintaining this is the most difficult task.  We shall see how long this will last.

My New Year 2016 resolution is to start my New Year with 10kg lighter and maintain it through out the year and stay healthy.

What is your New Year Resolution? I reveal my secret on how I lose 5kg weight within 3 weeks. I now can fit back to my usual pants and feel lighter and healthier too. Thank God!

Lose Weight? Try Activa Slimme. It works for me though! I hope this post will helps those who struggle to lose weight like me.



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