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i am dreaming to have this hot gorgeous body.WTH! Year 2015 is coming to end in another 4 weeks. I am sure many will start their 'so called ' new year resolution...hehehe including yours truly. How many of you achieve your Year 2015 resolution? Not achieve yet? Haihhhh!!!! DARE YOU TO MAKE A NEW ONE? If you ask 10 women on their New Year Resolution, out of that number at least 99% will include LOSE WEIGHT in the list. ngehehehe...yours truly is one of that woman. Gosh! our land here is totally bless with good food. WTH! The level of temptation to enjoy good food .....haihhhh! Do I need to explain further? I remember early year 2015, I lose 3kg using the 500 calories per day diet. I can tell you...the experience is like becoming Half corpse! After almost a month surviving with 500 calories...I manage to lose 3kg. HORRAYYYYYY!!! I am HAPPY. Damn it! the happiness doesn't stay for long. WHY ? WHY? I gain back another 6kg after 4 mont


This is where people who wanna turn over a new leaf. Ahaaaaaa..... People are talking about eat healthy, eat clean and bla bla bla bla... Some people will while you can. Maybe no more tomorrow and die with regret. WTH! Well...eating healthy is not that easy if you live in the land of food paradise like Malaysia. Goodness sake! the temptation is horrendous! Anyway for those who don't know about eating healthy or clean or lean or whatever it is..does not mean bland food or little food. I tried before and I lose 5 kg with that and I still eat deliciously. To me, eat healthy is fresh food with moderate portion. Salad is one of option for you. I love salad so much. that I back up 5kg...(gosh!!!! I am like a hyppo now) Too many delicious food, so end up sweep everything to my belly. WTH! Time to eat fresh and clean. I back up on treadmill after retire for a month. WTH! Thats explained the pot belly and 5kg up. Just


Who love to eat Nasi Lemak???? Me! Me! Me! Who like Seafood Curry Laksa??? Me! Me! Me! Regret to inform all my like consist of high calories and fat! One plate of nasi lemak itself is 644 calories  which is also equivalent to three bowls of plain white rice. Then if added the fried chicken? Please add another 290 calories to that 644 calories. Please do your own math to it! isk isk isk isk ...and more sad story...if you add teh tarik to go along with your nasi lemak ayam? Please add another 83 calories to it. After eat, an OL aka Office Lady like me...will stick my big fat ass to the chair to do my work. Only lift it up when there is urge to go to the bathroom. When busy or rushing for something....just hold the urge because the work comes first! Imagine how long the time spend at work from 9:00am to at least 7:00pm. This is the minimum hours! The result to the calories and the constantly sitting..... There you go...the 3 - 6 tiers easily build in on that waist line


This is a very quick recipe and suitable for busy woman who wants nutritious and less calories snack or meal. Ingredients : * Grape tomatoes * Green Apple * Chilly oil sardines (you can replace with tuna chunks. I choose sardines because sardines has more benefits than tuna) * Lemon juice Benefit : Sardines  - energy, protein, lipid or fat, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium and zinc. - as for vitamin includes thiamin,riboflavin, niacin,vitamin B6,folate, vitamin B12, A, D, E ad vitamin K. Green Apple - lots of fiber which helps clean thew systems and increases metabolism. - contains mineral such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium - Rich in vitamins A,B,C Grape Tomatoes - Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium - Vitamin C and anti oxidants Lemon - strong antibacterial, antiviral, immune-boosting powers and mostly use as weight loss aid because lemon juice is a digestive and liver cleanser. - Contains citric acid, magnesium, V


This is my health it so secret??? WTH! I even taught my mum this secret. Good daughter huh? But mum being a housewife has more time to blend the fresh ginger and turmeric for this drink. But me just settle for this jar of organic one which I gotten from AEON , Organic section.   Now I share this to public! No more secret huh? Every morning before driving out to work...empty stomach. I will drink this turmeric and ginger concoction. Add in half cup of hot water : * One spoon of ginger tea powder * One spoon of turmeric tea powder * Half spoon of tamarind paste Stir it well....then add in half cup of cold water to make your tea warm instead of hot. Reason ? We are going to add one spoon of honey in it. You cannot add honey into hot water. After you add honey into your drink it and then you are ready to drive out to work. Benefit to this turmeric and ginger concoction : #Turmeric - powerful liver c

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