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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Everybody has their own rare hobby.
Mine is all about collecting antique books.WTH! 'Face Palm' isk isk isk ...

Many will refer my collections are junk! Some of my friend also offer their old books to me. WTH!
I don't just take any books.
I gotten my collections from rare and antique book store direct from London and mostly printed on 18th century.

Let me introduce you to my babies....which has been with me for 2 years now.


Inside with hand scribble

" Lennie Moore,

From Aunt Lizzie 

Xmas 1882 "

Publisher : New York : Thomas Nelson and Sons

Contents : Each pages contains variety of Children Short Stories with beautiful hand painting
  1. *Ada and The Rabbit
  2. * Climbing Upstairs
  3. * Herbert's Holiday
  4. * The Little Match Seller
  5. * Soot-Ho!
  6. * Wanted A Boy
  7. * The Young Shepherd
  8. * Queen Victoria and The Bible
  9. * Lazy Herbert
  10. * A Nice Ride
  11. * The Farm Labourer
  12. * The Crown Princess of Prussia
  13. * The Rabbit on The Wall
  14. * Elsie and Her Dog
  15. * The Looking -Glass
  16. * Lucy and The Negro Servant
  17. * The Drinking Fountain
  18. * Lucy's New Picture-Book
  19. * Feeding the Tame Hind
  20. * The Dunce
  21. * The Flower-Girl
  22. * The Strong BlackSmith
  23. * The Good Samaritan
  24. * The Sick Baby
  25. * Able to Draw
  26. * Saturday Evening
  27. * "Black Your Boots,Sir?"
  28. * The Torn Kite
  29. * Who Stole The Turnips?
  30. * Greedy Jane
  31. * Jane First Lesson
  32. * The Tame Canary
  33. * The Old Cobbler and The Clergyman
  34. * Gathering Flowers
  35. * The Young Robber
  36. * Naughty "Rover"
  37. * Learning to Sew
  38. * Dolly's New Dress
  39. * Tom and His Fife
  40. * Rebekah at the Well
  41. * The Blind FlutePlayer
  42. * Little Freddie's Morning Prayer
  43. * Dolly's Shoes
  44. * Breaking the Ice
  45. * The Swallows
Book condition :

- Very old condition with fragile pages.
- The printing and painting are all clear
- Old book smells.

2. THE EVERGREEN for MDCCXLVII. a present for all seasons embellished with TEN ELEGANT ENGRAVINGS, from designs by Eminent Artists. (Hardcover Book with a bit chip off on the side)

PHLADELPHIA : Carey and Hart, 1847

"Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1846 by Carey & Hart, in the Office of the District Court of the United States in and for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania."

Book Contents:

1. The Tragic Wedding
2. True-Man's Crag
3. The Rescue
4. Uncle Anthony's Blunder
5. Nydia
6. The SchoolMaster's Dream
7. The First Valentine
8. The Magic Draught : A Tale of The Restoration
9. The Proposal
10. Phebe's Window : A Romance of Crooked Lane
11. Zephyr and the Violet
12. Cave in the Rock on the Ohio
13. The Strange Student
14. Domestic Verses
15. The Vacant Chair
16. The Spanish Mother
17. Ensign Simonds , of the Tenth
18. The Murdered Tinman
19. The Ancestress or The Golden Dish
20. The Moonlight of the Heart
21. William Harrison, Answorth
22. The Chief's Daughter
23. The Evergreen of Our Feelings
24. Liberty
25. Charles J.Lever
26. The Death of An Angel
27. The Rich Goldsmith of Zurich
28. The Reprimand
29. Giulietta
30. The Reaper's Return
31. The Fallen Leaf
32. Midnight

Book condition :

- Very old condition with fragile and yellowish pages.
- The printing and painting are still clear (the painting are beautiful)
- Old book smells.
- The book pages was sown in the middle
- Totally antique books


Works of Charles Dickens, Household Edition
New York : W.A. Townsend and Company 46 Walker Street , 1861

It came with handwriting :

" To Martha Morris,

From Jas b. Mooluvont,

Set 5,1866 "

It also has three tickets stubs Nicholas Nickleby live performance at Plymorth Theatre 236,W. 45th Street, Thu, Nov 19, 1981 Show time : 7:00pm , Seat Row D, 22,23,24 with each play ticket cost $50.

Book condition :

- Very old condition with fragile and yellowish pages.
- The printing and painting are still clear
- Old book smells.
- The book pages was sown in the middle and some of pages torn away but still manageable since I keep it with extra care.
- Totally antique books since mine was printed in year 1861

What is you rare hobby?


  1. dun have rare hobby. isn't old books expensive?

  2. Hai Cindyrina Rina,

    I farhana dari Harian Metro..Boleh interview u pasal hobby rare ni? Thanks

    1. Hi Nana, nothing to shout out since my collection is at small scale. Thank you for your interest.

  3. Hi Cindy, Do u know any book or print appraisers in Malaysia or Singapore? .. I hv some 1800's pics too.. but would like to verify from someone if the paper used is from that era (19th century).. tq


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