Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I was invited to have some doodling fun with 50 other Bloggers at Kare Cafe , One Utama last week.

Have you heard about the new cute lip balm called Chu Lipbalm by Mentholatum? Serious this thing is too cute until you feel like you just wanna to adore it!

Most of us ladies love to apply lip balm where ever we goes. Chu Lipbalm is now becoming a trend for ladies in Japan. Since it came with unique design with funky colors, one can help it to hold this Chu Lipbalm and it become part of fashion accessories.

For a creative brain, personalizing Chu Lipbalm is like bringing it to another fashion level. One can decorate their Chu Lipbalm as much as they want and how you want it to be. From a belly dancer to Mr Moustache man or a bling-bling Chu Lip.

 Have you tried Chu LipBalm before?

Don't give this a miss!!!!

This Chu Lipbalm is not just a funky and unique design but it also has ultra-moisturising properties and best of all it really glides easily onto your lip. All Chu Lip is formulated with delicious blend recipes and enhanced with good ingredients like Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Rose Hip Oil for happy and healthy lips.

Chu Lipbalm comes in four colors and scents to suit your mood.

* PINK - Paris, Perfect Memories - this to make you feel the eternal love of sweet berry scent with its unique mix rasberry and peach flavour.

* APPLE RED - NY, Brilliant My Way - one can sense the powerful fruity scent of Apple, Ginger and Tea Rose.

* PURPLE - Arabian, Floral Shower - you can experience the magic spell of elegant flower scent of Rose, Germanium and Clove.

* GREEN - Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia - for those who love the fairytale. This Chu Lip makes you feel like entering the world of fairytale surrounded with the refreshing scent of Orange, Lime and Mango.

Bloggers were given time to doodle the Chu Lip creatively with all those ornaments given. hahahaha...yours truly are very nervous since not so good with hand.

We were given some samples too!

One unique idea is to turn your Chu Lip into decorative items once you finish using it. It really nice cute adorable thing to be on your working desk or even on your home display shelf. Look at all those samples given to us. Nice thing! 

Look at all those excited ladies swamps onto the ornaments table to pick their best things to create cute little Chu Lip!

Seriously, IMA tries to use the super glue to stick the eyes onto the Chu Lip but IMA's fingers got stuck onto it instead.
Give up due to the painful sticky situation...IMA decided to use just a sticker. The easiest is this bling-bling thing.
If you ask what is my concept.....eerrrrrrr....

Well...since it is purple and have that Arabian scent, can I call my Chu Lip the Arabian Princess????

People proud with your own creation!!!!

IMA??? Feel like digging my head down like ostrich! 
Anyway, at least I tried to be creative. kekekeke.

Those Ladies, they are seriously DAEBAK!!!!
Look at all those beautiful and cute Chu Lip turned lovely to place it on your desk. 

Chu Lip workshop happened at Kare Cafe, One Utama. Totally love with their vintage decoration.

This is the food I missed the other day!
IMA on 500 calories diet with no oil and sugar or starch for a month. Can't take random food!
Aishhhh!!!! luckily IMA have strong determination to face all these evil temptation.

One excitement announcement for all of you...I know you are all creative and outstanding people. Mentholatum is currently organising the contest to search for most outstanding creative Chu Lip designs. Participants just need to decorate their Chu Lip in their own style and creativity. Then take photo of your finished creative artwork and upload it onto Chu Lip website.

Who knows you can win yourself an iPad Mini 3 or a set of Chu Lip with 5 sets to be won.

Contest will be from 5th March until 31st March 2015 , a collaboration by Mentholatum with Watsons.

So what are you creative people still hanging on there????
Head to your nearest Watsons to get Chu Lip with only RM25.90 and join the 'PIMP MY CHU LIP' contest. 

Who knows.... you may be the lucky one to walk away with iPad Mini 3?

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