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Friday, March 13, 2015


I am that kind who always cautious when it come to maintaining my car.
Not washing...k!
I hate waiting for my car to be washed.
So, can expect my car will full cover with dust and dirt.
Yes! I feel embarrassed to this but the laziness is over that. kekekeke...**face palm**

When I said maintaining my car..I mean to take extra precaution I don't stranded in the highway or by the roadside clueless if car breakdown or Tyre explode.

I experience a punctured Tyre on the highway before and seriously panic to the max. I don't even think of calling AAM for help. I end up standing there scratching my not itchy head staring at that flat Tyre until the highway patrol came to the rescue.

Last CNY, when I was getting ready to visit meet Jamie to Dom's house, I noticed my front driver seat tyre was almost flat. First thing , I did was to call Jamie and asked whether she know how to put air to car tyre. Yeah yeah...I ignorant of me. I never in my life did that. I usually visit the tyre shop  and the foreman will happily attend to it with no charge. WTH!
By the way, luckily, Jamie reply she know how to do it. I drove 40km to Jamie who was waiting for me at petrol station. Sorry Chingu ya...that foreman got CNY celebration. Nobody can attend to my car. Thank you ! Jamie the Savior of Rina.

I was having a bad vibes while driving my car since last month. I still stubborn, not to bring it to workshop for check up.
Yesterday, I felt really uneasy while driving my car.

I admitted my car to the workshop for check up and service.


Foreman : Aiya!!! Amoi, lucky you come today. This tyre is ready to burst anytime wor!

Me : Why ? Why like that one?? Thought I change Tyre last year?

Foreman : This front Tyre swollen ledi. Try touch...

I  touched the swollen tyre....huh!

Me : Why the tyre swollen? Weather too hot is it???

The foreman laugh at me.

Foreman : Adoi!!! not weather ran onto the hole on the road leh...thats why it swollen.

Me : Huh? like that also can ar...thought tyre swollen because of much?

Foreman : GoodYear RM228 one.

Me : Aiyo!!!! expensive (try luck)

Seriously , I am a bad bargainer...really really bad one.**face palm**

Foreman : Aiya...that one cheap ledi normal price RM238 one

Me : should told me that price just now then I ask for best price you tell la that lower price. At least I feel better ma...

Foreman : Aiyo ! like that also can ar...kakakakaka... you so funny eh...


Me : You check my spare tyre and change with this one la...(trying my best to be a scrooge) WTH!

Foreman : Amoi!!! I don't dare to change with this one...for your safety. This spare tyre is very very old one. You should throw away ledi. If I change for you..then you drive and the tyre will burst anytime.

Me : Haishhhhh!!!!. change lo..what to do.

Foreman : Change 2 tyres. I put both in front. The other one I put as your spare.This old one ar....really really you need to throw. No use ledi le...

Me : Serious...I feel like crying...why like this one!!!

Foreman : Aiyo Amoi! for your safety le.

Me : OK lorrrrr....

Damage for the day for this high maintenance car is RM538/-.

Can Richard Branson donate me his USD1million???? isk isk isk...

Have a good weekend ahead all!


  1. also like ran onto the hole on the road. Might cause me some one day.
    For your safety, u have to changelah.

  2. hahah i also kena before, you have to be driving high speed to kena swollen like that ! yes you lucky because it can burst.

  3. Guess safety is of utmost importance! Happy weekend, dear! xoxo

  4. On a brighter note, all is well ..kakaka ^.^


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