Thursday, April 30, 2015


Last 2 weeks I am so craving for herbal tea egg.
I used to like the one from purple cane but nowadays the smells is so nice but the taste don't have that kick!! 
I always have that 'thick' palate. 

Long time ago , I boiled one but it taste bitter because end up put to much of 'angelica' powder.
My version have that 'angelica' powder, red dates, onion, and goji berries in it. Add in thick soy sauce and boil.

This time ,my braised egg turn out so well and deserve a round applause!!!

Clap your hand everybody!!!! 'perasan' huh?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


L - Lifestyle
O - Of
H - Healthy
A -And
S - Sustainability

I was invited for Parent's Day food review at Be Lohas Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine Restaurant by BMS Organics last two weekends. Be Lohas is nothing new to me. I am their fan even way before they invited me for review. I am a frequent to their outlet at One Utama.My favourite always the vegetarian curry served with brown rice and soy milk curry laksa.

The only different this outlet, the one I was invited to review is at Sunway Mentari Plaza which more like a Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant and totally family style restaurant.So the menu is slightly comprehensive and elaborate suit to family meal then the one at One Utama.

Mother's and Father's day is coming up soon!
You are still cracking head on where to treat them with a healthy feast?

I make you job easier...bring them to  :

Be Lohas Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine (Sunway Mentari)
32A-1 , Jalan PJS 8/6, Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Telephone : 03 5613 6313
Business hours : Mon - Sun : 11am - 10:00pm

Their Parent's Day menu was created with great nutrition, healthy and without forgo the deliciousness to please your Parent and family.

Price wise?
You don't have to burn your wallet just to eat organics and healthy food. Its affordable to every one.

Organic Food? Vegetarian Food?
The first think come through your mind the food is an unpalatable meal?

Try Be Lohas Healthy Cuisine Restaurant by BMS Organics and you will never regret with unforgettable delicious meal and yet healthy.

We were greeted by Miss Linge Lim who is also known as Teache Linge by BeLohas staff. She is the Recipe Planner and PR for BeLohas. She explained to us about the ingredients use for each meal served and the nutrients comes with it.

We was served with Set B1 which is meant for 4 pax. IMA brought Chingu and as usual only two of us digging out the food which was told served in reduce portion meant for two. Thank you! If not both of us here will be bloated like leeches can't move our butt from that comfy chair due to overeat.

Like any other outlet, its a complimentary for Be Lohas to serve their customer with 2 tablets of spirulina, which in dark green color thingy. I know... you may say ...eeewwww??? spirulina??? Hey!!! healthy thing always make you go ewwwwww!!! at first and go whoaaaa!!! after effect. 

Do you want me to describe how will normal re act when they eat bad things?

You go whoaaaaa!!!! at first.... and ouchhhhh!!! later. get what I mean???

So??? Close you eyes and swallow that spirulina! 

That dark color tea is hot ginger tea. I enjoy their ginger tea so much. Thats the only drink I ordered when I visited them.

What is the in the menu for Set B1 for 4 pax??
Disclaimer :  in the photo the food portion reduces to suit to two person .The original for 4 pax quantity will be more than this.

* Top Right - Mushroom and Vegetables ( the cook with goji berries which good for your eyes)
* Top Left - Ladies finger with Sesame Sauce
* Bottom Right - Special Recipe Curry Mixed Vegetables
* Bottom Left - Mongolian Soy Fish
* Middle - Seaweed Veggie Ball Soup

The meal was served with brown rice. For 2 weekend during mother's and father's day all set ordered will come with complimentary cut fruits and carrot cakes.

If you visit Be Lohas Vegetarian Cuisine (Sunway Mentari), don't forget to try out the Platter which consist Braised Mushroom, Salah Soy Chicken and Honey Mushroom. You can see in photo Top right above. Look delicious healthy, right?

This is not just a restaurant. After you eat , what you do Ladies and Gentlemen? You Shop!!! There are varieties of organics and healthy merchandise up for shop. From enzyme to grains and even organic gelato and ice cream bar.

IMA shop few items there too. Since day one visited Be Lohas, IMA is a big fan of the Oligo Raw Honey and frozen Shitake Mushroom Balls.

I give you 9 reasons to treat your Parent at Be Lohas Vegetarian Cuisine :

1. Food is prepared with love, patience and care
2. Food is prepared in low-salt, low sugar and less-oil cooking methods
3. High energy , organics and natural ingredients
4. They used only natural seasoning and vegetarian food with non -GMO, no artificial colorings, no preservatives and not MSG added.
5. The food is easy for your body to digest.
6. Healthy
7. Delicious
8. Affordable
9. You will see SMILES on your Parent's face.

You can check out more of BE LOHAS Vegetarian Cuisine Outlet at their official :

Website :
Facebook :
Facebook :

Friday, April 24, 2015


Last month I bought L'OREAL Paris Youth Code Rejuvenating Eye Essence with ambitious thought to lighten up my 'dark circle' and improve my 'eye bag' which is coming to look like that creature from Lord of The Rings...well..Gollum!

I paid this essence for more than RM70 after reading the box said inspired by 10 years of skin gene research. It says "break the code to younger looking eyes" and " instant efficacy dramatic results".

That box has this written on it :

* Smooth Fine Lines around Eye Contour
* Lighten Dark Circles
* Reduce Eyelid Puffiness
* Firm Eye Contour
* Hydrate Eye Contour

One drop
 * Fine line are smoothed out.
* Eye contour is more luminous.
* Skin moisturised

One Week :

* Dark Circles & eye bags are visibly reduced
* Eye features look rested

One Month :

* Eye contours look younger

Do you think this thing works on IMA?

Eye bag??? Did you see that double under eye???
Dark Circle???? That circle still there and IMA have to tap more coverage for it.
Fine lines??? Gosh!!! IMA dare not laugh too much...its too obvious ugly to show !

Only thing I love about this L'OREAL YouthCode Rejuvenating Essence is IMA's eyes feel healthy and moist.

The Power of Copywriting gotten me to buy this....**face palm**

Monday, April 20, 2015


I was invited to grand launching of Malaysian based Horien Optic (M) Sdn Bhd for soft lens and lens care product called Eye Secret on 11th April 2015, Saturday. The product mainly manufactured by a certified and renowned manufacturer in Taiwan called Yung Sheng Optical Co. Ltd.

There are many good and quality products under Horien Eye Secret brand, such  Color Lens , Eye Wears and Solutions.

It was an exciting grand launching at One Utama, Oval Court attended by many VVIPs, Media and Bloggers. The event also to introduce to their newly signed brand ambassador, Yumi Wong. Gorgeous , Yumi Wong is a Malaysian who is also renowned Artist in Taiwan as an Actress.

Yes! Cindyrina was there signed like a Superstar but don't pose or act like one. Oh! how I wish I have that drop dead gorgeous body like hers. Damn! she's hot! Oh! thats not Yumi. IMA don't know her. IMA saw she signed and then all those photographer swamped to shoot her photo. 

***Face palm*** nobody even notice or even know....IMA ever signed there! Nobody care to even take IMA's photo. No bees no crickets!!! WTH!!!!

Here goes the so called not so gorgeous not drop and still alive human like , IMA! WTH!

Hihihihihih.....not so gorgeous person still get some door gifts from Horien Eye Secret. Thank you.

In less than a week, Horien Eye Secret sent me another gift of appreciation. WTH! Thank you!

You never regret to get your hands on this Contact Lens.IMA is a contact lenses user for more than 20 years now. IMA stick for only one particular brand because it was so 'bloody difficult' to find the comfortable one in the market.

IMA personally tried their Eye Secret Daily Color Lenses last Sunday for another event. Seriously I was wearing it like more than 12 hours. It was comfortable, moisture aka not dry feel. It feels like not wearing any lenses at all. So natural feel. Another plus point,after wearing it for long hours....the lens was easily removed from eyes.So hook with Horien Eye Secret now. Definitely ditching my existing and shift my eye wear brand totally to Horien Eye Secret.

look like that cat from shrek or not???? kekekeke... first time ever wear this kind of lenses.

If you wish to get your own Horien Eye can too!

You can fill up your details at their website for some samples and also try your luck to win one year supply of contact lens by joining contest which is still ongoing. Wanna know where to get Horien Eye Secret??? Visit ...

Official website :
Facebook :

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

When I want to travel...

Lately, many people asked me on my next traveling trip.
Good question?
Sorry! I have no answer for this too.
To me traveling abroad is not a habit or a hobby that I have privilege to do it whenever I like.

I would rather do it based on my economy level and affordability.

I notice these days, many younger generation tend to travel just because other friends are traveling and they want to be in trend. Many of them are traveling at deficit.

Don't live your life just because you need to be in that group. Others can fly you wanna fly too!

But only fly when you have surplus in your bank accounts not for the sake of this is in trend. The after effect may kill you softly!

Seriously, going for a vacation using credit cards and come back from trip cracking your head or starving yourself to pay off the bill in installment is not the way to enjoy your vacation or so called "break"!

Well this is applicable to those students who goes places with student loan or allowances by parent unless you really born with 'silver spoon' , then this will be you privilege.If you are not....then forget about spending future money!
Its just a temporary happiness. Traveling abroad and experience new things and learn other cultures are suppose to give you good and sweet memory to last forever!

Your choice! You can enjoy your life while still young and struggling later or you choose to do the opposite. 

If you just started working like 2 - 3 years , all you need to do is to focus in work and build up your career. You can do that traveling later. If your job requires traveling, then it become sweet advantage for you!

I have been working my ass off for more than 18 years before I see myself going places. Things are sort of ease for me right now. I will travel when I feel I want to! Not because I have to.

I don't mind people call me 'stingy' as long I know I live off with my own affordability.

At least  I have a 'peace of mind'.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dance and be FREE

Just wanna share on how I normally release my stress or when I feel totally down or lost.
I am a human after all. I unable to stay positive all the time since I was born with full of emotion and feeling. Goodness sake...I verified with my Mum. I did cried when I was born. Duh!!!
Positive born with emotion and feeling.

For me, I will dance to my favorite music when I am feeling lost. Dancing can free my mind.

Am I a good dancer???
Are you kidding me?

You don't need to be a dancer or learn dancing! Just to dance.....
Pick you favourite song and just move your body .
Free your mind and let it drown to the song.
And then????
Let you body move it..move it..(read this like that madagascar cartoon song..kakaka)

I may be not a good dancer but I could say ...I do have some flexibility to move along with the song.

That video is my favorite song to do lyrical dance when I am feeling so down and lost. isk isk isk..
The rhythm and the song is so meaningful too.
So love Park Jun Min unique deep voice.
I am his big fan ever since listen to his single  'Do You Know' and 'Not Alone'.
This is my 'medicine' for more than 3 years now after 'Beyond'.WTH! *** hand cover my face*** 

Don't know what is lyrical dance???

Lyrical dance is a mixture of ballet, jazz, contemporary and modern dance. This dance is full with emotion, freedom and expressive in movement.

Don't you think this is totally my style????

Have a good weekend all!!!!


This treadmill was with me since 3 years ago.
I bought it because I want to run at least twice a week.
I can't jog around my house area because it will be dark by the time I reach home. Too risky for 'pretty girl' like me. WTH! *face palm* ...please don't vomit blood! kakakaka
Joining a fitness center is a BIG NO for me.
I feel too self conscious to be around many people.
Hate  stranger!
I tried but at the end wasted my membership money.
I am too shy to even run on treadmill together with other people. isk isk isk...
No wonder live in KL for more than 18 years still no friend. So anti social!!! Yup! yup! that's me...

End up bought my own machine....after 1 year plus running and that running belt became like that. Holy Molly!!!! Did I ran on it or break dancing???? ish ish brutally abuse!!!

See? See? ish ish ish..
yup ! yup! that zebra feet is mine...

I called for maintenance and after painful waiting period and IMA patiently make few phone calls and wrote few complaint emails...finally that technician came.

The verdict for this idiot (finger pointing at me! me! me!)...
I sprayed the oil at wrong direction and this cause the belt slippery and the alignment ran which also result for the thread to tear out.
Damn! it cost me RM560/ net for the running belt change.

This time IMA learned faithfully from that technician on how to maintain that machine.
He even gave me the alignment key to tighten the screw for running belt alligning.
IMA wrote a note on which way to turn and so on. Very details note but mostly scribble and if I read it again it almost cause my eyes twisted. WTH!

Not a good student myself and very bad in dictation because I hardly read what am I scribble on that day. Over smart huh???

Then recently, IMA running belt ran out of alignment again.
Damn it!!! this is hard job.
End up refer to a youtube.
Due to lack of 'motor-skills,it took me 2 hours just to figure out which way to turn the alignment key.
After watch the 3 minutes tutorial again and again and again...Well... think I watch that for at least 20 times and still cannot figure out where is anti clockwise direction. WTH!!!

I feel wanna to pass out for my stupidity and lack of common sense in direction.

I thought my confusion just right and left direction. I don't mind people condemn me for not being able to differentiate right and left . I still need to refer to my hand for that since my left hand is with mole on back of hand.

But who knows I can't even imagine what is anti clockwise. I even refer to my watch but still turn that alignment key in wrong direction many times. Its like banging my head on the same wall and expect it to break through.

At this age , it is really hard for me to accept I am this lacking. The mistake which I realize clearly but yet I repeat it again and again in a broad day light. I am this bad???

Oh my God!!!! This is totally handicap???

My running belt work well and from time to time I still need to watch that youtube tutorial and my watch just to align it back.

**** bury my head down to the ground like an 'ostrichrina' **** isk isk isk

Damn it!!! This is totally gone case.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I was feeling unhealthy ever since early this year.
Hard to breathe and body feel heavier than usual.
7th March 2015 , I was told to weight myself finally....all this while I have been in denial and thought my weight is normal. I mean not increase....Gosh!!!! should have trust my guts earlier...

SHOCKING!!!! 59.6kg....holy @#XX!!!!!
Super hippo in the wonder all my pants button exploded when I try to button up!

For a month went through strict diet.
Many good food to let go. Strong determination and bla bla bla...conclusion is eat less , exercise more.

No more nasi lemak or even instant noodles. No sugar or milk or oil. I make black coffee every morning but I don't drink. I just smells it for 5 minutes. Damn! So psychotic act.

My heart gave a strong protest for a month of my behavior!

Some of my salad and grilled food for a month.

I took multi vit and B complex without failed. Forgo my EPO and omega because its oil base supplement.

There was days I just ate apples...and plain water. isk isk isk..not easy to lose weight.

so sien....prawn salad with just pepper and lemon juice

 yummy tumeric prawn with asparagus with lemon juice

 grilled cod fish...damn pathetic portion weiiii!!!! with apple salad

I am now a happy woman with 54.5kg and still avoid by all mean... carbs ,starch and sugar. I started to take oil recently and will only add the carbs, sugar and starch in a month time.

I run like a hamster on my treadmill for an hour + 15 minutes yoga + dancing for 2 kpop song.
Let it out!!!
Forgo whatever energy in me and burn all that evil fat!!!
I really hope to stay healthy from now on and that 59.6kg will banished from my life and will not come back again.

This TIM TAM bought from Boss who came back from NZ really tempt me badly. My evil side always wanna bite this just once.
Goshhh!!! its too near but yet too far.
I always pray hard my office mate work hard to finish it soonest possible and may this TIM TAM disappear from office fridge. isk isk isk ...but if next month this thing still in the fridge, I wanna bite it for sure...woof !woof ! woof! gggrrrrrrr....suddenly turn into poodles craving for Tim Tam...WTH!

As strong determination woman....Cindyrina!!! JiaYor!!! jiayor!!! Hwaiting!!! or you turn into BROWN HIPPO!!!! Remember that!!!

You know what food I miss the most????

My favourite Nasi Lemak and Laksa Sarawak!!! WTH!!!! 

1 more month to go.....I CAN DO IT!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


I always have problem with uneven and dull skin tone which really make me not stepping out from my door without applying any BB or CC cream on.  

Guess, I am that woman who the man beside will wake up screaming because they just saw one ugly ghost sleeping beside him. WTH! *palm cover my dull face* isk isk isk

So 'sien' ar!!!!!!

I was given the opportunity to try out NEESYA skin care products to revive back my dull and uneven skin.

I tested : 

* NEESYA Eye & Lip Makeup Remover 100ml - RP : RM49/-
* NEESYA Illuminating Essence 65ml - RP : RM129/-
* NEESYA Brightening Enzymatic Refiner 75ml - RP : RM69/-
* NEESYA Brightening Overnight Mask 75ml - RP : RM99/-

Product Origin : Malaysia
Paraben FREE Colorant
Certified by Ministry of Health
GMP Certified

Since NEESYA promise "skin that shines from within in just 14 days", I tried this product as soon as it reached me. Now it has been 14 weeks and it helps to revive my dull skin and I could see skin tone more even up than before. Not bad, for a local , huh ????

Never heard about this product before? Me too...before the came to approach me to review. I was hesitate at first but then after doing some research and found out they even have a " 30 days money return guarantee with no question ask' for those who are not satisfied. I feel rest assured and agreed to try out and do the review for them.

NEESYA means "butterfly" in Greek, symbolizes the transformation of today's modern individual, unleashing the inner beauty from within. NEESYA skin care use the the LumiScience Technology which a trademarked formulation that employs a systematic approach to attain healthy skin , resulting in beautiful glowing skin. With proven innovative science and the uncompromised use of premium natural extracts, NEESYA skincare is made affordable to everyone.

You can visit NEESYA :

Official website : further to check out my experience using NEESYA skincare for 14 weeks now....
1. Neesya Eye & Lip Make up remover. 

I tested it on to my back hand after covering with BB Cream and water proof eye liner.
Since it is specially formulated for 3 actions :
* whisks off stubborn, waterproof make-up without rubbing or aggravating the delicate eye contour and lip area
* Helps prevent anti-ageing with Sunflower Oil, Vit A, C , E and Pro vitamin B5
* Conditions and hydrates the skin

See??? how this thing work wonders to my skin??? So clean!

By the way no camera effect or whatsoever! This is the real tested photo.

I even tested it onto my face.
Unlike other makeup remover which you need to rub it again in again to remove all the make up, this one work gently and leaves the eyes area perfectly clean and soothed.

2. NEESYA Illuminating Essence

How to apply?

* Apply this after cleansing and toning
* I just apply 4 - 5 drops and spread it evenly over face and neck
* Apply NEESYA Illuminating Essence twice daily. One in the morning and one in the evening.

Natural ingredients:
Watermelon, apple and lentil extracts helps skin regain optimum hydration levels by restoring skin cellular fluidity and natural moisturising factors.

I applied twice daily for almost 2 weeks now and it really helps to revive back fatigued , dull, uneven toned and dehydrated skin.

3. NEESYA Brightening Enzymatic Refiner

How I include NEESYA Brightening Enzymatic Refiner into my beauty regime?

* I use this twice a week to get the optimum brightening effect.
* Smooth an even layer of  NEESYA Brightening Enzymatic Refiner over cleansed and dry skin.
* Make sure it cover face and neck too.
* I applied a thicker layer over my stubborn dark spots.
* Massage your face and neck in light circular motion for at least 30 seconds to ensure it absorb well onto your skin.
* Leave it for 3 minutes.
* Then wet your fingers and gently massage your skin to soften it
* Rinse it off thoroughly
Natural ingredients use for this products : Green Papaya Enzyme , Silver Vine Extracts,Alpha Melight, Aloe Leaf Extract Pro Vitamin B5, AcquaBiomin Gem Blend.

4. NEESYA Brightening Overnight Mask 

How I make use of NEESYA Brightening Overnight Mask to make my skin more radiant when wake up in the morning to work?

* I applied Brightening Overnight Mask 3 consecutive nights for 2 weeks now for intensive brightening. For normal you can just apply this twice a week.
* Apply thoroughly onto cleansed and toned skin
* Since I am doing intensive testing so I applied after applying illuminating essense
* Gently spread Brightening Overnight Mask onto face and neck and leave it overnight
* Rinse it off in the morning

It helps to diminish skin discoloration, revitalise complexion and restore skin hydration. Not to forget it recharges tired skin with essential moisture and anti oxidants to help skin regain it suppleness, vitality and youthful glow.

Natural ingredients which assist your skin health - silver Vine Extract, Alpha- Melight, Aqua Biomin Gem Blend, Aloe Leaf Extract.

I am satisfied with my skin result almost 2 weeks of trying NEESYA skincare.

If you interested to revive your dull and uneven skin tone, visit NEESYA online store which I think they offer FREE Delivery for purchase RM200 and above.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Last week, I got to know my mum was crying because she can't bear the pain from her hand and back. Then my dad who also getting weak and slower than before. It really hurt me very much!

As long as I am still living, I really wish not to see my parent to grow old in pain. It really hurt if we can't help them but to listen and watch from the sideline. I want them to be happy and leave peacefully without pain. Wish God grant my prayer!

The problem with old sick parent, they still thinking we are still kids and know nothing best for them. Their stubbornness is hurting people around them too.

I always told my parent they are lucky to have children to help them during the old age and can't they be a bit tolerant to listen to their children now?

My parent are inseparable couple. Especially my mum who is spoil by my dad. I always worried, what if one of them leave first? What happen to the other one? Can he or she take it for the lost?

Thinking about all this make me feeling sad and worried!