Friday, June 10, 2016


Last week , I went down to get my self bottle of warm soy bean near my office.

Me : Uncle! one warm soy bean without sugar?

Uncle : No sugar ar....

Me : Yup! How much?

Uncle : Good Body! 
( replied without looking at me since he is busy preparing my order)

Me : huh!

Why so pervert one this Uncle...aissshhhh!!! I so sexy meh???

Me : Uncle! how much ar???

Uncle : Good Body !

Replied without looking at me. He still busy packing my order.

This uncle ??? Wanna flirt with me.... aishhhhh...I just gave him RM10/- note since this Uncle keep wanna flirt with me. People ask price properly...just give proper answer la...haisssshhh... Good Body! Good Body! I am so angry and embarrassed at that time.

What is this??? 

I still fat...what???? Don't think I have good body! You teasing me on purpose is it???

Uncle : Your change, Amoy. Thank you ar!

Me : oooo..welcome!  (still feel upset)

I took my change counted the balance which is amount to RM7.60. 
mmmm...wait a minute!!!
This meanssssssss????? That soy bean cost me RM2.40?

Two Forty???? Aikkkkkssss!!!! Did I just committed a sin with that Uncle just now???

Oh my God!!!

Ohhhhh nooooooo!!!! my ageing ears!!!!! Damn it! I misunderstood you Uncle aaaarrrrr!!!!

You've been telling me the price is Two Forty and I heard it as ' Good Body'! I am the pervert one!!!! Otteoke!!!
Wanna bang my head to the wall thousand times!!! WTH!!! I was really out of my mind????
At that time...when I realize my mistake...I feel wanna bury myself underground!!!!

I need to do ear candling to clean my ears then....haissshhhh!!!!
I swear it sound like that after few times I asked him to repeat.
How am I suppose to seek forgiveness???

Buy more soy bean from him, perhaps?

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