Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I was feeling unhealthy ever since early this year.
Hard to breathe and body feel heavier than usual.
7th March 2015 , I was told to weight myself finally....all this while I have been in denial and thought my weight is normal. I mean not increase....Gosh!!!! should have trust my guts earlier...

SHOCKING!!!! 59.6kg....holy @#XX!!!!!
Super hippo in the making..no wonder all my pants button exploded when I try to button up!

For a month went through strict diet.
Many good food to let go. Strong determination and bla bla bla...conclusion is eat less , exercise more.

No more nasi lemak or even instant noodles. No sugar or milk or oil. I make black coffee every morning but I don't drink. I just smells it for 5 minutes. Damn! So psychotic act.

My heart gave a strong protest for a month of my behavior!

Some of my salad and grilled food for a month.

I took multi vit and B complex without failed. Forgo my EPO and omega because its oil base supplement.

There was days I just ate apples...and plain water. isk isk isk..not easy to lose weight.

so sien....prawn salad with just pepper and lemon juice

 yummy tumeric prawn with asparagus with lemon juice

 grilled cod fish...damn pathetic portion weiiii!!!! with apple salad

I am now a happy woman with 54.5kg and still avoid by all mean... carbs ,starch and sugar. I started to take oil recently and will only add the carbs, sugar and starch in a month time.

I run like a hamster on my treadmill for an hour + 15 minutes yoga + dancing for 2 kpop song.
Let it out!!!
Forgo whatever energy in me and burn all that evil fat!!!
I really hope to stay healthy from now on and that 59.6kg will banished from my life and will not come back again.

This TIM TAM bought from Boss who came back from NZ really tempt me badly. My evil side always wanna bite this just once.
Goshhh!!! its too near but yet too far.
I always pray hard my office mate work hard to finish it soonest possible and may this TIM TAM disappear from office fridge. isk isk isk ...but if next month this thing still in the fridge, I wanna bite it for sure...woof !woof ! woof! gggrrrrrrr....suddenly turn into poodles craving for Tim Tam...WTH!

As strong determination woman....Cindyrina!!! JiaYor!!! jiayor!!! Hwaiting!!! or you turn into BROWN HIPPO!!!! Remember that!!!

You know what food I miss the most????

My favourite Nasi Lemak and Laksa Sarawak!!! WTH!!!! 

1 more month to go.....I CAN DO IT!!!

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