Friday, May 29, 2015


Be a Korean at 'heart' and live in Malaysia make me miss so much of Korean Food. 
kakakaka...this statement really made me  'kacang lupa kulit' and one of those who forgotten the origin. 
I am one confused lady so forgive me for my 'brainless' statement'. As long as I am happy and don't hurt others...I am fine to live my life the way I like.

Recently , so craving for authentic Korean food.
Since I left Busan and Jeju end of last year...the thing I miss the most is the food.

Found this Korean Restaurant at Solaris called 'CRAZY FISH'. Damn! forgot which 'jalan' is this place and I am lazy to google about this too. huhuhuhuh...'lazy mode'.
The name crazy fish because the serve fresh sashimi and other seafood dish. 

Chinggu is one person who can't take raw fish and spicy food. 
The opposite of him...this woman eat almost anything and more daring and adventurous to try out new dish too.

Raw fish is a big NO! No choice lorrrrr...spicy small octopus and grilled mackerel is our dinner that day.

 'Banchan' aka side dishes always serve in Korean Restaurant. This one look very simple but the taste??? I smells the authentic of Jeju style.

Spicy small octopus is super delicious here!!!! Of course I can't compare to the one I ate in Busan and Seoul.
Grilled Mackerel
The taste??? mmmmmm...edible to eat.
Since I ate the most delicious grilled mackerel in Jeju so the expectation was a bit to high to compare with this one.

If you are looking out for Korean Restaurant near can drop by to Crazy Fish located at 

You don't have to fly all the way to South Korea to try live octopus. I saw the next couple ordered the live octopus for their dinner. eeeeeeeeeeee.......I still have that 'horror memory' when I was served with one on my trip to Seoul. The sea-cucumber and abalone also was serve raw same goes to other fish in this aquarium. 

You can try out their awesome seafood stew too. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Like it or not Blogger is the new outreach concept for advertiser.
There are many of them just a bunch of freebies grabber which I could say they are the one who tarnish the blogger sphere. Many of them really take blogging seriously and totally into it out of passion to writing and discovering new things.

Real blogger does not write the untrue story because the blogger are suppose to be the real consumer testimonial. The sweetening stories on product only come if it really works. 

The truth is many bloggers gives a fake review just to please the advertiser or PR firm to gain more future invites and  sponsorship. Shame on them.

I took blogging as my passion since last year and my inbox are pouring with opportunities to cover the latest and the greatest things. These opportunities comes equally with trash inquiries too.


How do I comment this? 
Well...if you think blogger is not that important to even included in your guest list, why bother to include them in your publisher list?

Shame on you!


I am not sure about others, but to me this is not a right way to do promotion. You can approach all those dying for 'free publicity' bloggers and save your talent fees.


Duh! what do I owe you to publish your write up? I will not publish something that not even suit to my writing style. To me if someone ask me to publish the finish article without even taking my ideas to suit my writing style....BIG NO WAY!

Blogger are not a press-release publishers!


The request comes with all sort of good words on product which is a must to include in the writing even the product does not even works as what they claimed. to comment this?

You want me lie for your sake? Who are you?


Sometimes when I was invited to an event, I notice some PR staff or even the advertiser will give some of the blogger ...."cheapskate look!"

So for all PR firm or even Advertiser, Bloggers is not a bunch of ' CHEAP FREE SERVICE' just because of this is our passion. Passion is not about a FREE SERVICE! We put our effort and time for this too. Don't treat blogger like third rate publisher! 

No doubt! many bloggers who goes around attending event and do the shout out constantly on 'this and that' which make them feels like a 'celebrity' kind of feeling. Normally , they are  housewife or even somebody who are so free and nothing to do at home. They may look like a bunch of 'cheap stuff grabber sometimes' but to me they are important people since you even acknowledge them by include them in your promotional activities. Appreciate them. They came to your event with full of efforts without even getting any appearance fees! If your event high class for these bloggers then don't bother to invite them. You pay peanut you get monkey! You pay nothing....imagine what kind of craps make the appearance to your event.

Nowadays , many bloggers are working people and professional who did it as passion and attending event to know more people and experience new things. This is totally a different class of bloggers.

Attention Advertiser and PR firm, there are many bloggers out there who goes around to spoil the industry but many take this blogging passion to a different level too. So...we are not all the same! Its your choice on which type of blogger you are looking for and treat them with respect rather than craps! You won't choose them if they are not even important to you!


Monday, May 25, 2015


I started my last week with some drama at Pudu Sentral.
I was in need to go to Pudu Sentral desperately but my limitation to drive there make me installed the 'MY TEKSI' apps to my phone desperately.
I heard about them but never thought I would need them.
Downloaded this apps within a minutes and get it in running immediately.
So easy breezy!

I think for first timer you will get some promotion or something but since I was in hurry...I care less about all those promotional thingy.

Even the TEKSI driver told me I should have grabbed the promotional code. Aisshhh!! No need lerrrr..

I gotten 'MY TEKSI' like  less than 5 minutes. 

So easy!

But the drama started when I call 'MY TEKSI' from 'PUDU'.

Being the 'oldies' , I still thought the 'PUDU SENTRAL' is 'PUDU RAYA'.
I tried to find 'PUDU RAYA' but couldn't find in the list. At last I selected 'PUDU PLAZA' since to me this is the closest one..
Yup yup...called me ignorance...for not even look at the sign of 'PUDU SENTRAL' .

One 'TEKSI' driver responded and received his call to my mobile phone.

TEKSI : Hello, I am 'MY TEKSI driver. Where are you?

Me : I am near this Police Kiosk here.

TEKSI : Police Kiosk? Why are you there? 'Pudu Plaza' got 'Police Kiosk?

Me : Got Got down here. Here! here! did you see me? I am the one waving at you.

TEKSI : Where ? Where? I can't see anybody waving.

Me : Your 'TEKSI' WHC 7535 right?

TEKSI : No la...WHC 3573!

Me : Ooooppsss! wrong number is it? Let me check the number again. Ya lor ya lor..I wrong. Thought this is your 'TEKSI' I wave at wrong driver.

TEKSI : Where are you Miss?

Me : Here la at Pudu. You know 'Pudu Raya'. 

TEKSI : Aiyaaaaaa!!! Miss that one now 'PUDU SENTRAL' la. You enter 'PUDU PLAZA'. That one different place ar!!! 

Me : Aiyooohhh! is it!!! Then how??? Who want to drive me back office????

TEKSI : You wait there. I come. Give me 5 minutes!

Me : OK OK Thank you. I wait for you.

After less than 5 minutes...

TEKSI : Hello Miss! Where are you?

Me : Here! Here!

TEKSI : Where?

Me : Police Kiosk near Ancasa Express.

TEKSI : Ok ok ok I know where ledi. Coming....

After less than 2 minutes...

Me : Thank you Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you so much!

TEKSI : Miss ar!!! you enter know 'PUDU PLAZA' is not here and this place call 'PUDU SENTRAL'.

Me : How do I know that!!!! I only know 'PUDU RAYA' . Cannot find 'PUDU RAYA' in the list and I thought 'PUDU PLAZA' is also same ma...

TEKSI : Aiyoooo...where you from???

Me : KL la... don't ask why I don't know this...isk isk isk

So embarrassing!!!!

TEKSI : No problem... you long never come here is it? 

Me : Ya lor!

Luckily, I found good driver that day.

If you ask me whether I recommend to use 'MY TEKSI' again????

I will...because it soooooooo super convenient!

No need 'MAFAN' My Teksi jeeee!!!

Friday, May 22, 2015


I travel back home town in Taiping on last long weekend of Labour Day.
It was a difficult journey until I felt that it is not even weekend to enjoy.
Well, my definition of long weekend is 'waking up' late and eat and do nothing. WTH! So lazy ar this 'fat ass'...kakakaka...

Friday morning, I woke up at 3am and then out from my place to fetch my sis at 3:30am. I reached her place around 4:30am. We started our journey immediately. Both of us was very nervous when we notice the numbers of car on the road grow tremendously when we was approaching Rawang. WTH! with this people??? Can't you guys stay home or go a little later. Goodness sake! the rooster not Cookoo yet la!!!! The sun not even reach to Malaysia yet and the moon is still on shift.

The traffic standstill at Rawang and all those stupid idiotic reckless driver was on the lose. The emergency lane is the race track for them. My sis check the waze apps and the color was red and orange all the way ahead. WTH!

We made a good choice to make a 'U turn ' back to KL. We saw 3 accidents on the opposite direction. We both!!! tomorrow only la horrrrr...both daughters will brave back tomorrow for the sake of your 67th birthday.

This picture from the next morning when we both head back to Taiping with an ease. Traffic was a lot lesser and the journey was very smooth.

We both was jaw drop to see how greedy human 'raped' this hill.
I wonder whether this hill will ever last and eventually disappear for the next 10 years or even sooner. Poor 'mother nature'!

I was in Taiping during part of Primary and Secondary School. I think my number of years in Taiping is lesser than 15 years. hahahaha..I live in KL longer than. I failed to explore Taiping during my stay in Taiping. No joke! when I confessed that I never even step into the famous Zoo Taiping and Night Safari.

Since got no where else to go and to prevent my old sick mother to be in the kitchen busy cooking for the daughters who visited her like once in 'red moon'....I brought my parent to the Zoo. WTH!!!!

My mum...was like 'mehhhh' bring me to the zoo???
I can ask your dad to drive me here like everyday!!!! 

Unlike me...'super excited' face to meet another form of living creatures who share this air with human kind.

Don't care! don't care! I wanna visit zoo this time. Follow or stay at home alone and be a boring old woman!

ish ish...the daughter nowadays always abuse the power of being young and energetic and bully this poor sick old woman. isk isk isk... no choice old woman and old man tag along with half heart was like....'mehhhhhh' zoo???

For a small town like Taiping..I gives Zoo Taiping is worth to visit and have fun to check out if you happen to be here. The place is well maintain and you need to try out the train ride because the driver will explain to you in a very fun way.

Then check out the gigantic newly open AEON. Then treat mum's birthday lunch at Nando's. Awesome lunch with family there.

I bought the oldest coffee in Taiping, Anton Cafe back KL. I likeeee!!!

It just a one night stay in Taiping because I don't want to brave another super long crowded traffic if I stay here 2 nights. Tempted to stay longer but.... I am not brave enough to face the heavy traffic with my 'angry bird' temper! I don't know how am I going to re act to face that situation.

The next morning, woke up at 4am and start the easy breezy smooth journey back KL. Just a one night a Taiping...I will remember this forever. I am not sure whether I will be back there again if my parent no longer there waiting for me. I am glad both are still living well and knowing they are still breathing waiting for me to come back...make me feel wanted!

Live well healthily and happily mum and dad! I will pay a visit once in a while.

The next day, I totally pass out...WTH! imagine waking up at wee hours for 3 days in a row!!!!!If not because of my work , I will not be in Malaysia during this kind of long weekend. I will be somewhere like exploring Laos or something?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I was invited to try out  food at place called Wanderlust @ Solaris. This place is a total revamp from the same owner who formed Solaris  Mont Kiara's Departure Lounge.

Just like its simple and cheeky interior, the food here is worth to give it a try. The effort crafted into the food serve to you shows the skilfully thought of creation by the team.

See all these crafty paper planes and even the luggage ???

I love it...when I was told that Wanderlust concept is for people who have passion in traveling and enjoy great coffee.They have award winning BARISTA in the house!!! O yeah!

Just by looking at the minimalist and casual interior, one might be thinking they don't give attention much of food served.

Surprise!!!! Wanderlust team are bunch of creative and playful people when it come to food served. Playing around with the restaurant theme which is travel, the menu was cleverly created without taking out the taste for granted.
Chicken Chicharron with Sriracha Aioli aka Fried Chicken Skin - Price : RM15

I kind of love this one since they beautifully eliminate that oily taste and the texture was light and crunchy just like eating snack. Every munch of this crispy chicken skin is enjoyable, especially if you are with great chit chatting companion.

Flaming Chicken Wings with Hot Sauce served with Watermelon cube and White Sesame - Price RM22

No kidding by its name...damn this flaming really make me on fire. The hot sauce really spicy kick and I like it when the food taste just like its name and look. One of my favorite and 2 thumbs up for that real flaming hot! So thoughtful of them to serve it with water melon to cool down that flame with it. For spicy food lover, you won't be disappointed.

Deep Fried Beet Root with Japanese Mayo - Price : RM15
Surprise! Surprise! It never occur to my mind to enjoy beet root deep fried. We will normally enjoy it juicing or with salad. The taste? Addicted to Beet Root.

Wanderlust Benedict Crispy Paratha top with Deep Fried Poached Egg serve with Baby Spinach and Mushroom salad.- Price : RM25

This is totally like east meet west. We enjoyed western breakfast poached egg with toast bread and satisfy our lusty paratha serve with creamy dhal . At Wanderlust the combination of crispy paratha and poached egg with yellow creamy egg yolk running down is really something need to try.

Dinner menu : Crispy Salmon Steak with Strawberry Basil Salsa - Price : RM32

I like the simplicity of this menu. The fact of gotten strawberry basil salsa to enjoy with juicy salmon steak is something I never imagine. Guess..I am use to tomato salsa. The combination is super delicious. I make my own strawberry salsa back home because I am hook to the clean taste.

Dinner Menu : Tiger Prawn with Handcrafted pumpkin tagliatelle, courgette and salted egg yolk sauce - Price : RM30

One of my favourite dish at Wanderlust and I don't mind eating this every week. The salted egg yolk sauce is the combination that never goes wrong with the specially handcrafted pumpkin pasta. The pasta texture just like 'pan mee' and I like it so much. Highly recommended to try out this one if you like creamy pasta.

Dessert : Sago with Double Ristretto top with Hazelnut Brittle and Hot Cream - Price : RM18

Traditional contemporary style of dessert... we normally enjoy sago with palm sugar and coconut milk. At Wanderlust, the team cleverly combined sago with the bitterness of espresso covered by the sweet hazelnut brittle and the hot cream give us the thickness after taste.

This is totally a cool place that worth to check out if you are around Solaris area. The price are worth it to spend in return with great food and lovely ambiance.

Wanderlust Address : 10 , Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara , Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours : Mon - Fri : 11:00am - 11:00pm and Sat - Sun : 9:00am - 11:00pm
More details on Wanderlust

Monday, May 18, 2015


Last Friday...I was walking around KLCC.
I was not in the right mind due to lots of think a tank going on since last night.
While walking around...feel like craving for a slice of authentic moist butter cake.WTH!
I found my favourite cafe sells butter cake to my liking.

At cashier.....

Back home...look myself in the mirror...OMG!!!

I look like 'mad woman' and my hair really go 'hair wire' just like my mind.isk isk isk...

I swearrrrrrrr!!!! I 'die die' hate that fella. At least tell la....huhuhuhuh...
I was proud walking around KLCC for hours feeling like so 'PRETTY WOMAN! WTH!

The truth is.... DAMN!!! thats why so many eyes looking at me today. I thought I was extra attractive. isk isk isk...DAMNNNN!!!!

Can't let go that embarrassing feeling for days...after the incident.

Lesson learn : Mirror will be my BEST FRIEND from now on.

That butter cake...I am not eating it more!

Over this....So DRAMA? memang pun....kakakaka

Friday, May 15, 2015


Last Saturday, for the first time I have time to explore Solaris. Whoaaaaa!!!
I feel like I am in Korea. I discover bigger version of Kim's Mart.
I go crazy to shop for my favourite 'Korean side dishes'.

Finally, that happy face emerge again after sobbing hard during that painful mammogram ordeal in the same day morning.

From top : Spicy cockles
Bottom left : sweet ground peanuts
Bottom right : spicy anchovies with peanut

From top : Vinegar laver
Bottom right : Perilla leaves kimchi
Bottom left : spicy cabbage kimchi

How I eat this Korean side dishes?
I will cook brown rice , add all those dishes in the bowl and mixed it with fried egg just like a bibimbap. Sometimes I just boiled noodles,then add in sesame oil and mixed it with sauteed side dishes.

Some coffee and 2 types of korean herbal tonic to energize myself.

Next time, I am going to explore G-Market at Solaris which I think its bigger and better choices of 'banchan '.

My food fix is well taken care off fridge is officially well stock up with food. Happy!!!!

Last Saturday was like sorrow and joyful day for me. I am glad that day ends with joy.I am not going to live my day worrying for something that never happen yet!

Not worth to do that!