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I travel back home town in Taiping on last long weekend of Labour Day.
It was a difficult journey until I felt that it is not even weekend to enjoy.
Well, my definition of long weekend is 'waking up' late and eat and do nothing. WTH! So lazy ar this 'fat ass'...kakakaka...

Friday morning, I woke up at 3am and then out from my place to fetch my sis at 3:30am. I reached her place around 4:30am. We started our journey immediately. Both of us was very nervous when we notice the numbers of car on the road grow tremendously when we was approaching Rawang. WTH! with this people??? Can't you guys stay home or go a little later. Goodness sake! the rooster not Cookoo yet la!!!! The sun not even reach to Malaysia yet and the moon is still on shift.

The traffic standstill at Rawang and all those stupid idiotic reckless driver was on the lose. The emergency lane is the race track for them. My sis check the waze apps and the color was red and orange all the way ahead. WTH!

We made a good choice to make a 'U turn ' back to KL. We saw 3 accidents on the opposite direction. We both!!! tomorrow only la horrrrr...both daughters will brave back tomorrow for the sake of your 67th birthday.

This picture from the next morning when we both head back to Taiping with an ease. Traffic was a lot lesser and the journey was very smooth.

We both was jaw drop to see how greedy human 'raped' this hill.
I wonder whether this hill will ever last and eventually disappear for the next 10 years or even sooner. Poor 'mother nature'!

I was in Taiping during part of Primary and Secondary School. I think my number of years in Taiping is lesser than 15 years. hahahaha..I live in KL longer than. I failed to explore Taiping during my stay in Taiping. No joke! when I confessed that I never even step into the famous Zoo Taiping and Night Safari.

Since got no where else to go and to prevent my old sick mother to be in the kitchen busy cooking for the daughters who visited her like once in 'red moon'....I brought my parent to the Zoo. WTH!!!!

My mum...was like 'mehhhh' bring me to the zoo???
I can ask your dad to drive me here like everyday!!!! 

Unlike me...'super excited' face to meet another form of living creatures who share this air with human kind.

Don't care! don't care! I wanna visit zoo this time. Follow or stay at home alone and be a boring old woman!

ish ish...the daughter nowadays always abuse the power of being young and energetic and bully this poor sick old woman. isk isk isk... no choice old woman and old man tag along with half heart was like....'mehhhhhh' zoo???

For a small town like Taiping..I gives Zoo Taiping is worth to visit and have fun to check out if you happen to be here. The place is well maintain and you need to try out the train ride because the driver will explain to you in a very fun way.

Then check out the gigantic newly open AEON. Then treat mum's birthday lunch at Nando's. Awesome lunch with family there.

I bought the oldest coffee in Taiping, Anton Cafe back KL. I likeeee!!!

It just a one night stay in Taiping because I don't want to brave another super long crowded traffic if I stay here 2 nights. Tempted to stay longer but.... I am not brave enough to face the heavy traffic with my 'angry bird' temper! I don't know how am I going to re act to face that situation.

The next morning, woke up at 4am and start the easy breezy smooth journey back KL. Just a one night a Taiping...I will remember this forever. I am not sure whether I will be back there again if my parent no longer there waiting for me. I am glad both are still living well and knowing they are still breathing waiting for me to come back...make me feel wanted!

Live well healthily and happily mum and dad! I will pay a visit once in a while.

The next day, I totally pass out...WTH! imagine waking up at wee hours for 3 days in a row!!!!!If not because of my work , I will not be in Malaysia during this kind of long weekend. I will be somewhere like exploring Laos or something?


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