Monday, May 25, 2015


I started my last week with some drama at Pudu Sentral.
I was in need to go to Pudu Sentral desperately but my limitation to drive there make me installed the 'MY TEKSI' apps to my phone desperately.
I heard about them but never thought I would need them.
Downloaded this apps within a minutes and get it in running immediately.
So easy breezy!

I think for first timer you will get some promotion or something but since I was in hurry...I care less about all those promotional thingy.

Even the TEKSI driver told me I should have grabbed the promotional code. Aisshhh!! No need lerrrr..

I gotten 'MY TEKSI' like  less than 5 minutes. 

So easy!

But the drama started when I call 'MY TEKSI' from 'PUDU'.

Being the 'oldies' , I still thought the 'PUDU SENTRAL' is 'PUDU RAYA'.
I tried to find 'PUDU RAYA' but couldn't find in the list. At last I selected 'PUDU PLAZA' since to me this is the closest one..
Yup yup...called me ignorance...for not even look at the sign of 'PUDU SENTRAL' .

One 'TEKSI' driver responded and received his call to my mobile phone.

TEKSI : Hello, I am 'MY TEKSI driver. Where are you?

Me : I am near this Police Kiosk here.

TEKSI : Police Kiosk? Why are you there? 'Pudu Plaza' got 'Police Kiosk?

Me : Got Got down here. Here! here! did you see me? I am the one waving at you.

TEKSI : Where ? Where? I can't see anybody waving.

Me : Your 'TEKSI' WHC 7535 right?

TEKSI : No la...WHC 3573!

Me : Ooooppsss! wrong number is it? Let me check the number again. Ya lor ya lor..I wrong. Thought this is your 'TEKSI' I wave at wrong driver.

TEKSI : Where are you Miss?

Me : Here la at Pudu. You know 'Pudu Raya'. 

TEKSI : Aiyaaaaaa!!! Miss that one now 'PUDU SENTRAL' la. You enter 'PUDU PLAZA'. That one different place ar!!! 

Me : Aiyooohhh! is it!!! Then how??? Who want to drive me back office????

TEKSI : You wait there. I come. Give me 5 minutes!

Me : OK OK Thank you. I wait for you.

After less than 5 minutes...

TEKSI : Hello Miss! Where are you?

Me : Here! Here!

TEKSI : Where?

Me : Police Kiosk near Ancasa Express.

TEKSI : Ok ok ok I know where ledi. Coming....

After less than 2 minutes...

Me : Thank you Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you so much!

TEKSI : Miss ar!!! you enter know 'PUDU PLAZA' is not here and this place call 'PUDU SENTRAL'.

Me : How do I know that!!!! I only know 'PUDU RAYA' . Cannot find 'PUDU RAYA' in the list and I thought 'PUDU PLAZA' is also same ma...

TEKSI : Aiyoooo...where you from???

Me : KL la... don't ask why I don't know this...isk isk isk

So embarrassing!!!!

TEKSI : No problem... you long never come here is it? 

Me : Ya lor!

Luckily, I found good driver that day.

If you ask me whether I recommend to use 'MY TEKSI' again????

I will...because it soooooooo super convenient!

No need 'MAFAN' My Teksi jeeee!!!

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