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Valued Voice
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Monday, May 11, 2015


Happy Monday Blues.....

Let me cheer up with good news...I am pregnant lady now.
Good news hor? I also don't know how to re act to this sudden news! WTH!

This happened last few weeks.

I was entering one way out door. 
The door open from the other side and of human passing through.

I have no choice but to wait patiently for this crowd to pass by.


Guy : Oiiii Oiiii... wait up !
(he put his hands up)

I heard the voice from behind him..."what? what?

Guy : Give way for this pregnant lady....

His eyes fixed on me... WTH! Me???

I look behind me...mmmm pregnant lady. He means

I am that pregnant lady??

Ahhhh....with one hand supporting my back. I started my act just like pregnant lady, pass through that doorway with others waiting patiently with pity look at this fake and heavy pregnant lady...WTH

Me : Thank you Thank you

Guy : No problem.. he just did a good deed to me. WTH! 

I am single and no way I can be pregnant la weiiiiiii (I am screaming angry inside)

I look at myself in the mirror while taking the lift up to my office space.

mmmm...can't blame him for misunderstood me as pregnant lady. 
I was wearing long flowy blue maxi just like a maternity dress. The wind blow my dress and make it big just like pregnant lady.

Shall I buy more of this dress and enjoy this privilege as pregnant lady???  hahahaha...


  1. Congratulations, on having pregnant. oops, not really a good news...


  2. Hahahaha...adakahhh! Funniest storry I have read for the day! ^.^

  3. Omggg hahahha you made my day man! xD
    I'm sure it's not that bad, just the dress you're wearing haha


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