Monday, May 18, 2015


Last Friday...I was walking around KLCC.
I was not in the right mind due to lots of think a tank going on since last night.
While walking around...feel like craving for a slice of authentic moist butter cake.WTH!
I found my favourite cafe sells butter cake to my liking.

At cashier.....

Back home...look myself in the mirror...OMG!!!

I look like 'mad woman' and my hair really go 'hair wire' just like my mind.isk isk isk...

I swearrrrrrrr!!!! I 'die die' hate that fella. At least tell la....huhuhuhuh...
I was proud walking around KLCC for hours feeling like so 'PRETTY WOMAN! WTH!

The truth is.... DAMN!!! thats why so many eyes looking at me today. I thought I was extra attractive. isk isk isk...DAMNNNN!!!!

Can't let go that embarrassing feeling for days...after the incident.

Lesson learn : Mirror will be my BEST FRIEND from now on.

That butter cake...I am not eating it more!

Over this....So DRAMA? memang pun....kakakaka

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