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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


image credit to google search
Today we are celebrating the  'Let it Go' Day!!!
IMA was driving to work since 5:50am and the journey of one hour drive...IMA was overdosed with 'Let it Go' song by IMA listen to every version in the world of same song from different  language...Hindi, French, Germany, Italian....for the whole one hour.
Like a brain wash kind of 'mantra'.

One car give no signal suddenly jump the line.
On normal day, IMa will be cursing left right centre.
But today...IMA just 'Let it Go'! 'Let it Go'!

When IMA trying to change lane...and the motorbikers don't let IMA go....
On normal day,IMA will retreat and continue the journey.
But today...IMA was praying hard while trying all out while singing...'Let me Go'! 'Let me Go'!

This morning IMA's head got knock out with car door while struggling to get out from the car.The heavy ass and clumsy woman normally curse and seek revenge by hitting back at the door.
But today...IMA just AWWWWW!!!! and 'Let it Go'! Let it Go'!

Anyway...the 'Let it Go' day is about put all sad, ugly and bad things behind. Move forward to live your life with peace of mind and head up!



  1. hahahaha... yeah i want to let that song go tooo

  2. Really enjoy reading all your post, never fail to make me laugh xD

  3. Lol.....! I bet you had a great day after all this letting go ^.^

  4. Cheers for your high EQ we need more people like this in the world!!
    But what is IMA?


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