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Clinelle Caviar Gold Review

My dark circle and eye bag is there since then and now... 
When many go for injection options to reduce it...IMA always in searching for eye gel or eye cream or eye serum to at least make IMA's eyes look better.

Many product claim this and that.... but when IMA tried it the dark circle , crow feet and eye bag seems to be there and there and there .... like so forever  and eternity without any sign of improvement.

Recently, IMA found Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum.
IMA tried this serum because its says can get FIRMER and LIFTED EYES in JUST 5 DAYS!!!!
Say what???

Are you kidding me? You wanna proof its another over rated advertisement and over claimed products.

IMA did tried this for 5 days....and the result???

The left photo was before using the Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum and the Right photo is after 5 days...TADAHHHHH!!!!!

If you see the Right photo it really reduce the eye bag and dark circle. Totally beyond IMA expectation and feel so sorry for under estimate this product too early!

Guess....using too many and don't get the expected result...face palm!

Gosh!!! with this Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum, even the fine lines on forehead and the wrinkles on side of eye lid reduce drastically.


IMA follow 1,2,3 Eyerobic- Inspired by Ella Chen, for younger looking eyes which is IMA's learned from Clinelle website.
This photo is on my first time applying the Clinelle Firming Eye Serum. Look at that puffy and ugly looking eyes...ish ish ish and that eye bag look like going to fall to my knee. isk isk isk
Step 1
* Pump 1 drop of Clinelle Firming Eye Serum onto middle and ring finger.
* Pat gently with light pressure rhythmically around eyes area with middle and ring finger
* Repeat 3 times....huhuhuhuh IMA so extreme to do this 6 times every morning and night

uwaaaaa!!!! people misunderstood. IMA said 6 times means 6 times in circling motion not 6 times in a day. isk isk isk...IMA so busy to do it 6 times la...and that so excessive, right? IMA apply this only twice a day....
My explanation damn sucks, huh?

* Smoothen using circular motion from inner corner of eyes. Repeat 3 times
* IMA did it 6 times

* Gently press six points along the edge of eye socket ( the bony bits around eye ball)
* This routine helps to relax tension of orbital muscle and promote circulation
*  Repeat 3 times.... again IMA did it 6 times every morning and night

This lightweight and transforming eye serum helps :

* Firm and lift Eyelids
* Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
* Banish dark circle
* Nourish and hydrate eye contours

Special ingredients which helps your eye zone to smooth , hydrate and reawaken...

* Caviar Extract - slows down aging process
* 24k Nano Gold - reduce wrinkles and firm up eye contours
* Phyto Gold Extract - helps whiten and promotes skin regeneration for younger skin.

* You going to love this...non greasy and easy absorption to your skin.

Price ?
IMA got it from Clinelle online store at RM91.53.
Retail price around RM101.70.
I think this bottle can last me for 2 months at least. Oh! for those who ever wanna know more details please visit Clinelle website and I believe the also have the Question and Answer section. Asked the expert if you are hunger for curiosity.

Clinelle Caviar Gold Review

IMA really happy with the result especially the eye bag part and wrinkles has reduce a lot. If you can spend more than 30 minutes dolling up your face with all those make up to look pretty...why not spend at least less than 5 minutes to care for your eyes.

I review based on my experience. I don't believe on any product which works like magic because to me magical???? is totally impossible.
However, I believe in product which able to reduce and minimise my problems and this one! It helps to reduce my eye bag and minimise my fine lines too.

Love love love this Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum. This is the first eye serum give me positive result in just 5 days! Just look at my I need to say more???

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