Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I always dream to wear this sexy red stiletto. I even bought one not sexy red but sexy black which cost me freaking RM400+ and that pair of stiletto remain sexy in the box untouched and never even get to see the sunlight. Damn!

I feel so confident when trying that on before buying but lack of confident when I want to wear that thing out. Oh!!!!

credit to google image

Those days when I was in 20s....where time for platform craze. Gosh! I am one of those crazy platform girls and I even own one 3 inches platform which elevated me tall and feeling slender. WTH!
Mum said I can even kill a cat with that platform! lol...

That was those days.... when I was in 20s.

credit to google image
 Then the wedges era came when I was 30s. Oh! I love them so much and never get enough of wedges. Its like a combination of stiletto and platform. PERFECT! for me.

credit to google image
My foot developing severe bunion aka big toe. Here we go...the stiletto dreams, platform or even wedges vanished out of sudden. I was advise not to wear all those anymore. Flat shoes become my official foot fashion. WTH! I feel like a loser suddenly.....isk isk isk.

My craze for shoes ended???? Abudeeeennnnn!!!! Why on earth I need to give up on shoes??? Whenever I see nice flat shoes I will buy. My ears almost bleeding to Chingu nagging for this. kekekekeke...Nag won't kill me. I just need to hypnotize myself this is just a lullaby. WTH!

If you are anything like me, you probably love shoes so much that can never walk pass a shoe store offering a shoe sale. And you might have enough pairs of black boots in your collection to dress an army fashion lovers. I remember bought 2 pair of boots while travelling in Seoul and that pair of boots remain in my shoe cabinet until my last wear it during the DMZ day trip in South Korea.

But seriously , what you really know about shoes? I bet you don't know the real story behind Louboutin red sole trademark. Gosh! Louboutin??? I want one pair of those too!!!!

What do your shoes in your closet say about you???

Let's see 3 FUN FACTS ABOUT SHOES that I bet you never knew!!!! 

#1. It was men and not women, the first people to wear heels.


You read it right baby!!!!!

 In the 10th Century men who rode horses needed their boots to have heels. This is in order for them to say in their stirrups. During that era owning horses was a sign of wealth, so heels became a symbol of aristocracy and high social standing in the community and not gender.

#2. Platform shoes were used by Greek actors to somehow signify class. When Ancient Greeks stages plays , costumes were crucial for audiences who come to identify characters. Tragic actors would wear shoes called 'buskins' or raised platform shoes to shoe their superiority over comic actors who often would wear plain socks.

#3. Sneakers actually got their name because of the rubber sole do not make noise. In the late 1800s, they called the shoes as sneakers because of the rubber sole which allowed them to walk and sneak around without making a sound.

Monday, July 27, 2015


My Grand Lexis Port Dickson Blog Post

Last weekend I was on short vacation to Grand Lexis Port Dickson. Brought parent and younger sis for a retreat. My Dad just after cataract operation the day before. It was a blast vacation for all of us. I am glad they enjoyed it so much !

I booked my Premium Pool Villa room through Agoda at RM620/- and added RM150++ for another 2 persons occupancy. So total paid around RM770++ for 4 adults without breakfast. I was told the buffet breakfast would cost me another RM42 each which I think a bit excessive to spend that much since all of us not a big eater. Finance person would be a Finance forever and calculated in every way. WTH!

The Premium Pool Villa features :
  •     Size of unit - 1,040 square feet
  •     2 king size beds
  •     Can accommodate 04 persons (but the published room rates for 2 person only. The other 2 person to pay extra like I mentioned above)
  •     Glass panel for underneath sea viewing
  •     Private swimming pool
  •     Dry Kitchenette
  •     Separate bath and toilet
  •     Rain shower
  •     Wall mounted hairdryer
  •     Mini fridge
  •     In-room safe box 
  •     Astro - 19 channels (don't even have chance to watch TV. busy swimming!!!! eheh...)
  •     32" LCD flat screen TV
  •     Coffee and tea making facilities
  •     Electric kettle
  •     IDD telephone
  •     Ceiling fan
  •     DVD player
  •     Microwave oven (keep family and me survive for dinner and breakfast since the food there so pricey)
  •     Iron and ironing board
  •     Bathroom weighing scale
  •     Umbrella

The room is totally Baliness concept and make one feels relax and peace of mind. 

 Love that light up marble side table. The kitchenette is sufficient for us to prepare simple food. Oh! the bathroom was so spacious.

Don't dream to stroll by the seaside if you stay here at Grand Lexis. No beach here. Unless you drive out to Tanjung Gemuk Beach which is nearby. You can do paid activities such as Segway, Archeries, Cycling and table ping pong in this resort

Can't view the sunset from this resort too since its block from other units. I manage to see only this but not a big issue. I don't come here for sunset since I watch many beautiful sunset views else where before.

This is an evening view around 6:30pm.

Night time somebody rang the bell to our room and was surprise one hotel staff gave us additional drinking water, towels and toiletries. So thoughtful of them! 

Brahim's box rice was our menu to that night. well prepared huh? Just like in flight meal! muakkssss!!!!
Not to forget with all the fruits and junk food prepared to satisfy our hunger pang after long swim in the pool.

I can opt to drive out for dinner or so on but my 'kiasu' ness to protect good parking spot is above all. kakakakakaka... seriously!!!!
If I went out for dinner for sure I will end up driving out that multi storey parking place which I totally find its beyond my driving skill expertise to drive up all the way. I prefer that open space car park which easily accessible by my parent via buggy ride.

We checked out at 12 noon and head to PD Waterfront for a simple quick lunch before continue our journey to KL. My Dad next check up after the  surgery will be on Tuesday morning before my last sis drive them back for 4 hours journey to our home town at Northern side of Pen. Malaysia.

The happiest customer ever at Grand Lexis Port Dickson. I wish could experience to stay at their sis Resort Lexis Hibiscus soon but need save up more to bring my parent and sis with me. It will be nice to stay with full seaview room this time. I am sure my parent and sis will be delightful too.

More touching when parent both in 70+ years old said they can die now due to happiness. huhuhuhuhhu....please stay healthy and well until I bring both of you to experience more good things.I will work harder and save more for both of you.

Totally love this Short Vacation at Grand Lexis , Port Dickson. We live once only. It is great to have this kind of luxury life experience once in a while.

I would rate my experience at Grand Lexis , Port Dickson 8/10 for check in / out, bell boy to friendly buggy man too. The minus 2 is because of freaking expensive food which cost RM30/- just for a plate of Fried Koay Teow???? huhuhuhuh.... I would pay for 50% off price taking into consideration this is resort but not RM30 for just fried Koay Teow..

How to go to Grand Lexis , Port Dickson?

Well... WAZE with some navigation understanding skill. Me got the WAZE but very poor navigation understanding skills..Thank God! my last sis is DAMN good at direction. She directed me while I just drive following her instruction without even want to think further. (face palm isk isk isk)

The journey from KL around 1.5 hours and you will not miss if you find Glory Beach Resort.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


The first KL City Grand Prix will be held from 7th to 9th August 2015. I noticed the concrete barricade on left and right at Jalan Sultan Ismail where my office located. WTH!!! They even put high up metal fencing. The road are getting narrower than ever which means the traffic is 'bloody terrible ever since early July 2015. 

For all avid Grand Prix this is one event which you are waiting for. Me the not so avid Grand Prix hated it so much because this KL City Grand Prix give me lots of hassle.

The entrance to my office is narrower with that 'stupid concrete barricade. Guess what on the 7th Aug 2015 which is on Friday for am I suppose to go to work???? 

Heard that they are closing the road even on the 6th August 2015, Thursday evening. 

Apparently, they suggested to leave car at home and take the public transport. WTH!!!! As if our public transport is 'super convenient' for all of us.... DUHHHH!!!!

Where I came from???? I don't even have access to public transport. Which means I need to apply for leave? Gosh!!!! I am saving hard for my trip!!!! WTH!!!!!

Colleague is very excited about the whole event since he get to see all those super fast Lamborghini cars and on and on and on. To me the whole event ??? Just add my sin even more since I have been cursing non stop due to that concrete barricade and the nervousness of that 6th and 7th August 2015.

Whatever it is if you are planning to come to KL for meeting or what so ever....FORGET IT!!!! You can either re schedule or just change the meeting venue.

Location to avoid on 6th Aug (Evening), 7th - 9th August 2015 : 

* Suria KLCC
* Jalan P Ramlee
* Jalan Ampang
* Jalan Sultan Ismail
* Jalan Pinang

This Grand Prix will see drivers zoom off through a 3.2 km temporary circuit (that is why they did that concrete barricade and high up metal fencing) with 11 turns. The track has 16 corners , 10 left and 6 rights which hopefully 'touch wood' this won't be any disaster during that day.

Apparently , we can expect to see those 'dare devil' battle out the streets of Kuala Lumpur at estimated speeds around 200kph.  The winner will be crowned champion of the city. What with that CROWN???? I just don't understand!!!!


" Keeping KL moving
Although traffic and access plans have been focused on minimizing disruption as the highest priority, it is inevitable that during the later stages of preparation and during the event, KL will be a very busy place. With more than 100,000 people expected at the race, and all the other things going on around our city, we will be actively encouraging people to leave their cars at home or park and ride and use our public transport system. With two LRT stations (KLCC and Dang Wangi) and two monorail stations (Bukit Nanas and Raja Chulan) located on the doorstep of the event, there is a great opportunity for people to avoid traffic jams and arrive efficiently to the properties on the circuit. "

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I first heard about The Counter from my ex Boss who is avid investor. Apparently, one of his business friend was trying to convince him to invest in this chain.

Knowing I am a blogger by passion he asked me whether I have tried this place. Goshhhh!!! at that time this place was pretty newbie in Malaysia. I was eyeing this place ever since heard about it but only have chance to visit them last weekend.

Custom build burger is very fresh culture to Chingu and me. Being indecisive type of person make it worst. 

There are 6 steps to custom build delicious burger :

Step # 1 - Choose the patties which is the protein : Chicken or Beef or Turkey or Lamb. I choose 225gm lamb.

Step # 2 - Choose the cheese : Gosh! they have so many cheese and the most familiar to me and Chingu is Cheddar , Mozarella and Blue Cheese. The rest was like too science words to us. WTH!

Step # 3 - Choose a Sauce : huhuhuhuh headache and the most familiar to us was BBQ, Chili, Tomato and Mustard. That one also because we always frequented to Subway!

Step # 4 - Choose a Topping : Ommaaaaa!!!! too many even my eyes twisted. Chingu already surrender at this point and this indecisive and fickle minded woman got no choice to brave herself with her own picked.

Step # 5 - Choose a Bun : Variety of bread to choose. They even have sourdough. I choose pretzel for a different. You can even choose your burger to be in the bowl rather than the normal conventional one.

Step # 6 Choose a Side : You can add fried or union rings and in this case I choose a half half fried a mixture of sweet potato fries and Parmesan cheese potato fries 

After more than 30 minutes uuuummmmm...... arrrrrrrrrr....ehhhhhhhh...oh not to forget the series of not itchy scratching head part and frowning forehead  session until all wrinkles pop up! I finally handed over my choice to the waiter. The waiting time for the burger to be served not more than 15 minutes.

The result??????
Taaaaadaaaaaaaa!!!! My own proud creation, Cindyrina's Lamb Burger at The Counter. Look tempting or not????

If I walk in this place again...I will not choose pretzel. I would choose other bread. This burger too dry for me. isk isk isk ...

But my opinion need to take into consideration that I just after ate plate of chee cheong fun at Low Yat Plaza earlier. hehehehe...

Both me and Chingu shared half each since the Burger was big portion for us. I think if I am hungry I may rate this burger differently.

Rate : 3.9/5

Ambiance : More like a fine dine then a normal fast food chain

At least I already experience and ate the burger which they claimed to die for. Can die now???


Who want to be an idiot to die because of burger????

This is the half half potatoes fries the yellow color is Parmesan cheese potato fries and orange is sweet potato fries. So love the Parmesan one. Awesome!!!!

The sweet potato was too sweet for me.

One glance of our meal at The Counter, Pavillion KL. Yeah!!! I even added the sunny top egg from the waitress suggestion. At the end , I don't even see the significant of that fried egg with my burger. eheh? 

I am so Asian taste bud. So this meal is totally new world to me.

Total bill for all you saw in photo include one hot charmomile tea is RM68++.

If you have CIMB card then pay with it which will give you 15% discounts. My payable was RM58++ after the CIMB card discounts.

The Counter Burger , Lot 7.01, Level 7, The Dining Loft (next to Starz Kitchen) ,Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.

This chain is very big and super famous in USA. I think they have one outlet at Nu Sentral too.

You can check The Counter to experience building own burger. Its so much fun if you walk in there with group of friends.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Raya 2015 is on Friday....Gosh...I don't feel the celebration mood at all.
The feeling is so not like ' yester years '.

No excitement. I don't even prepare anything for myself. For example the new clothing and on and on. I just picked up my old clothes and mix and match with hope nobody notice. WTH!

I bought some cookies and snacks last week. But the snacks was happily in my stomach now. WTH!
Yup! I really finished it all. kekekekeke...The glutton side of me. Just can't wait. Luckily , I manage to hold up my temptation on the cookies. Ah! That one also because the cookies not so nice. WTH! I bet if it to my liking...I will be scratching my head to buy new one by now.

Love the traffic back home yesterday...I think many has hit the highway back to respective hometown by now. Me? Aishhhh!!! Why so rush? My house got no wheel. The preparation at my home town not so difficult. It just the old parent will make it difficult with all those tradition.

If you leave the preparation to me?

Very easy....


I am from northern side of west Malaysia so our 'ketupat' made from cook glutinous rice then wrap it with 'palas leaf' and its in triangle version.

Mum -  Insist to wrap that 'ketupat' every year. 

Me - Trust me! this is not an easy task at all. Wrapping the 'ketupat' is pretty much a difficult task than 'unwrapping' it. I once Insist on just steam the glutinous rice and cut it to triangle shape. But of course the idea got thrown away immediately by Mum. WTH! 


This dishes is a must to eat with 'Ketupat' during Raya.

Mum - insist to cook it herself when she is totally older woman and lack of energy to do all this stuff.

Me : Cooking the 'rendang' is not a difficult task for me. Guess I was born to cook this. I don't really learn it from anybody specifically. I just observed my mum since small. The rest are base on my rendang cook with feelings.
Guess what? That 'feeling rendang' will always get the positive praises from people who ate it. Goshhh!!!! so proud of myself.


The stranger children who came to visit us since back then...oh seriously..none of them was known to us. Who are they? Where they came from? WTH!!! We don't know them. They just want to collect some 'duit raya'. Dad will spare like RM1 or 2 for them. 

The relatives 

Oh! I don't really like it. Reason the more come means more plates and cup to wash.  My sisters and I, we are so not so like to do that kind of house chores. We prefer simplicity. But Mum? Old people being old people...they don't have the energy but yet want to give their very best like 'yester years'.

I once brought back the box drinks and junk food with hope Mum don't have trouble to serve drinks in cup and food in plate. haishhhhhh!!!! got nagged until I felt my ears also bleeding internally.

Seriously , why the hassle?

I thought Raya is all about celebration. Why during celebration...we woman need to stuck in the kitchen. Cooking endless food for endless visitors. The best when mum give the signal to all visitors...

" Oh! just put down the plates or the cups in the sink. " 

" Ah! leave it there...leave there...we will wash it later "

Me : WTH! please don't listen to my mum....please wash it after you done.

For those who experience wash many plates and cups endlessly during can feel me???

Cooking endless meal...there was one time Dad decide to invites the whole bunch of relatives to house at once. Damn! Even my armpit feel the heat frying the whole big wok of meehoon. By the time those bunch came to eat...I pass out at the upstairs. 
Reason? Seriously, I came from a small family. You made me cook a feast portion???? Gosh! that was a big task for me. Why I wanna cook it? Mum is an old lady. The body is aching. If I don't stepped in...who will? I am the eldest since my first sis got married and have her own family.I got no choice and can't even play lazy mood when back home town.

My fried meehoon nice or not? kekekekeke...endless praise...I don't even know what I added in there. All base on feelings and simply throw frying.

This year Raya? Seriously, don't want to expect much. I prepare some Korean food ingredients since I am craving and mum's kitchen is pretty much easier to satisfy my 'crave pang' . I was thinking to cook 'tteukbokki' , buckwheat pancakes and 'haemol jeon'.  For my family only. 

I may get whole lots of nagging from my mum for being Korean instead of Malay during Raya....but hey...she just nag. Nag won't kill me. I will treat it like lullaby... kekekekeke ...She will it too anyway...

I really wish Raya preparation would be more easier. To me Raya celebration is for all to meet and greet after long time never see each other. Why wanna cook so much of food and and this and that???

Visiting others is the most I hate too. Well...since I am so anti social ...I guess every year I only goes to one house. Yeah! can't escape that one since that house is my mum's only sis left. No choice.I bought 'Mark and Spencer Box Cookies' so Mum can bring it to her sister. I am not sure whether Mum wanna buy my idea of simplicity this year. If she is not...then no choice got to arrange the assorted cooking layer by layer to bring to her sister. So 'mafan' ar.... If I drive so careless and the cookies jar toppled...then all the arrangement will look ugly because all cookies got mix up...which I hate that. Not so presentable to give to people ...right? My box cookies is so easy and look nice too.

Heading North tomorrow morning before dawn.. Gosh! poor my last sis doing all the preparation by herself since the sisters afraid to brave the raya crowd back early. Hopefully reach hometown before 8:00am tomorrow morning.

'Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holiday'

Friday, July 10, 2015


At first I thought wanna publish rant on experience ported out telephone networks. I can't help it to publish this one entry first because I cannot let go since yesterday. I even dream about it! WTH! 

Before read further...this post require you to be more imaginative to set the mood right.

I was immerse when watching my favourite KDrama the other day. 
The drama scene took place at park.

It was about poor woman brave herself to break off with his Chaebol (Rich) boyfriend because the Chaebol Boyfriend's mother threaten the Boyfriend may lose the inheritance if their relationship continue. The mother know her son loves money best.

The Chaebol Boyfriend have the same thought to break off with the poor woman not because of just he is losing his inheritance but he also worried the poor woman will get into more trouble because of his evil mother.

Poor Woman : (Tears falling down to her cheek) " Let's break up "

Chaebol Boyfriend : (Trying to hold up to his tears maintain the machoness ) "Yes"

Poor Woman : Crying hard at this time

Same goes to this poor woman who are watching them. Tears are starting to come but not yet rolling down. Thank God! nobody around to talk to me at this moment or I go uwaaaaaaaaaa

Chaebol Boyfriend : (Unwilling tone, teary eyes and sad looking)  "Let's break up. Let's part here "

Poor Woman : (Crying hard) " You go first "

This poor woman who are watching people crying hard...sob sob sad!!!!! I am going to have eye therapy later. I am so immerse into this drama. I can feel the pain of unwillingly stay apart from the love one.

Chaebol Boyfriend : " You go first "

Poor Woman : " You go first "

Poor Woman who are watching...ishhhhh this people...when is this going to end.

Suddenly rain falling down. Both Poor Woman and Chaebol Boyfriend soaking wet.

Poor Woman : "Its raining. we can't break up when its rain"

Chaebol Boyfriend : "Yeahhhhh! lets not do that today" (He pull the poor woman into his arm and both ran to his car)

This poor woman??? haissshhhhh!!!!! Darn it!!!! I feel like flipping the table because wasted my tears and romantic emotion too.

The couple made out inside the car.

Me????? WTH!!!! What is wrong with this drama writer????
They just teased my emotion. Is this romantic drama or comedy ????

Is there any rule say we can't break up during rainy day????

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


My choice of skin care change when I reached 40 ears old.
I really concern about reducing wrinkles and losing out collagen and so on. Its been too years using the anti aging skin care. I end up with dull skin and look pale without BB cream. WTH!
The pigmentation???? Oh! tell me about it. I am considering laser treatment but really thinking hard since this treatment may end me with over dry skin.

I was introduce to Neesya skin care early this year , really happy with the quality and result from its product.

At least, less wrinkles and healthy skin at this age....kekeke... this can't last forever but we can slow down the process right? mmmmmmmmm.....

How is my beauty regime with Neesya starts????

5 Steps Day Time Regime with Neesya

1st Step : Wash face with facial cleanser
2nd Step : Don't forget to apply toner

3rd Step : Apply Neesya Brightening Eye Contour Gel
- Gently pat eye gel around the eye area then blending gently inward to the outward corner. I use this in the morning only. Reason , since I will be under the hot sun and bright light at day time.

Product Claimed :
* Anti - dark circles
* Anti - puffiness
* Anti - Fatique
* With Regu-Age PF

Texture and experience : Gel based. Non greasy and easily absorb to skin. You may feel a lil bit tingling sensation at first but thats due to efficacy of the formulation.

4th Step : Layer your skin with Neesya LumiAdvance Age Defence Moisturiser
- Smooth even layer on cleansed and toned skin. This product give instant hydration moisturiser with multi anti aging functions. It helps to restore youthful glow, smoothens wrinkles , firms skin , soothes and protect against environmental stress too.

Product Claimed :
* Multi dimensional anti ageing
* 72 hours hydration brightening gel cream
* Enriched with Silanol and brown algae complex

Texture and experience : This gel based product are formulated with finest active ingredients. I like it since its non greasy and easy absorption onto my skin. I love the feeling through the day at work with this item.

5th Step : Defense skin from harmful rays with Neesya UV Shield SPF30 PA+++
Smooth an even layer on cleased , toned and moisturised skin. This product function as defender for your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Since this is water based , it really suit for outdoor activities on land or even water sports.

Product Claimed :
* Triple function - Defense , Repair , Relief

Texture and experience : I love the cooling effect it gives comfortable and soothing feelings onto skin. It have that whitening effect too. What more you want???

I apply BB or CC cream after this 5th Step. There you go...I am ready to go to work!

Night regime???

Well I took five freaking steps in front of the mirror dolling up my skin....I use the same steps for my night regime too.

1st Step : Apply Neesya Skin Essentials Eye & Lip Make Up Remover
- Really love this one since its helps to remove all residue of BB Cream and also dirts on skin. Water proof mascara and long lasting lipstick....easy breasy cleanse off with this Neesya Make Up remover.

2nd Step : Clean face with facial cleanser

3rd Step : Toned up your skin with toner

4th Step : Apply Neesya LumiScience Hydrating Serum
- Gently massage this aloe vera based serum onto skin until fully absorb.

Product Claimed :
* Deep intense moisture
* Cellular Hydration
* Enhance skin illumination
* With Aquacell

Texture and experience : Since this product contains hyaluronic acid , I love ti because it helps to improves my skin elasticity and smoothen fine lines too.

5th Step : Apply Neesya famous over night mask
- Check out my last review here.

I give thumbs up for those who wants to try out Neesya to have good result . I am still using it and love the change it brings to my skin.

Firmer, Brighter, Youthful and Radiant.

Neesya Skin Care :

Official website :
Official facebook :
Official Instagram : @Neesya.Skincare

You can check out Neesya Product Ad here .

Product price :

1. Hydrating Serum RM125
2. Brightening Eye Contour Gel RM119
3. Age Defence Moisturiser RM125
4. UV Shield PA+++ SPF30 RM79

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Eyes are one of most important and sensitive part in human body. Eyes are vision and windows to all of us. I know many of us here love eye liner very much to enhance the look of your eyes. There are many eyes liner product in the market and many brands has various type of products to enhance the beauty of your eyes. So it is important to select eyes product carefully. When you choose your eyes liner, it is important to check the quality not just the functions!

Etude House is one of those brands which IMA trust so far. Ecewahhhhh!!!! 
Glad that they introduce this Tear Eye Liner which make the application much easier.
I was a big fan of teary eyes look since late last year. I bought mine when visited South Korea last year and love it so much. Previous teary eyes was in crayon version. So its finished last two weeks. much of that teary eyes look.

Unless you try this Etude House Tear Eye Liner personally, you will not realise whats change it can brings to your look.

* Enhance smoky eye make up
* Creates a crystal teardrop effect
* My favourite of makes your eyes prettier than before.

Etude House Tear Eye Liner available in few shades for you to choose :

* White
* Gold
* Silver
* Bronze

Etude House Tear Eye Liner features :

* South Korean Cosmetices
* Contains crystal pearl, opal pearl and sparkling pearl
* Its safe to apply directly on eye liner

Important note : Make sure you don't apply it on injuries , eczema or any other skin disorders. If you happens to apply it direct to your eyes, you should apply water immediately. Don't take the chance! Close the cap properly so it does not dried up quickly.

This is not the end. There are plenty of other features in the product that will make you fall in love with this eye liner. In fact, you will not feel like using any other product once you use this. Some of the other features of this liner include:
  • Korean cosmetic,
  • Contains crystal pearl, opal pearl and sparkling pearl,
  • Sunlight,
  • Pure tear drop,
  • It can be directly applied on eye liner.
However, make sure that you do not use on injuries, eczema or any other skin disorders. Close the cap after use so that it does not dries up. If it comes in contact with the eyes, you should apply water immediately.

IMA love the pointed tips for easy application. IMA bought and applied BRONZE! It look natural right?
You can create whatever look you want with this brilliant product.

Why use Teary Eye Liner?
No matter big or small eyes, many of us always want it to look bigger and brighter. This Teardrop from Etude House is perfect to enhance your eyes beauty.

* Suit any occasion
* Match to any outfit
* Ideal for sensitive eyes
* Last but not least this is my favourite makes eyes stand out with the glittering effect like a beaming eyes. KAWAII!!!!

Do you want to know where to buy Etude House Tear Eye Liner?

Get your Blink Blink Etude House Tear Drop Eye Liner from below link. Just click the image and place your order and get yours directly from South Korea with a very reasonable price. The seller is generous to throw some cosmetic samples along in the box delivered to you.

[RM23.50] [Etude House]♣Tear Drop Eye Liner 8g / bling bling Eye makeup/ Tear [Point makeup]