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Raya 2015 is on Friday....Gosh...I don't feel the celebration mood at all.
The feeling is so not like ' yester years '.

No excitement. I don't even prepare anything for myself. For example the new clothing and on and on. I just picked up my old clothes and mix and match with hope nobody notice. WTH!

I bought some cookies and snacks last week. But the snacks was happily in my stomach now. WTH!
Yup! I really finished it all. kekekekeke...The glutton side of me. Just can't wait. Luckily , I manage to hold up my temptation on the cookies. Ah! That one also because the cookies not so nice. WTH! I bet if it to my liking...I will be scratching my head to buy new one by now.

Love the traffic back home yesterday...I think many has hit the highway back to respective hometown by now. Me? Aishhhh!!! Why so rush? My house got no wheel. The preparation at my home town not so difficult. It just the old parent will make it difficult with all those tradition.

If you leave the preparation to me?

Very easy....


I am from northern side of west Malaysia so our 'ketupat' made from cook glutinous rice then wrap it with 'palas leaf' and its in triangle version.

Mum -  Insist to wrap that 'ketupat' every year. 

Me - Trust me! this is not an easy task at all. Wrapping the 'ketupat' is pretty much a difficult task than 'unwrapping' it. I once Insist on just steam the glutinous rice and cut it to triangle shape. But of course the idea got thrown away immediately by Mum. WTH! 


This dishes is a must to eat with 'Ketupat' during Raya.

Mum - insist to cook it herself when she is totally older woman and lack of energy to do all this stuff.

Me : Cooking the 'rendang' is not a difficult task for me. Guess I was born to cook this. I don't really learn it from anybody specifically. I just observed my mum since small. The rest are base on my rendang cook with feelings.
Guess what? That 'feeling rendang' will always get the positive praises from people who ate it. Goshhh!!!! so proud of myself.


The stranger children who came to visit us since back then...oh seriously..none of them was known to us. Who are they? Where they came from? WTH!!! We don't know them. They just want to collect some 'duit raya'. Dad will spare like RM1 or 2 for them. 

The relatives 

Oh! I don't really like it. Reason the more come means more plates and cup to wash.  My sisters and I, we are so not so like to do that kind of house chores. We prefer simplicity. But Mum? Old people being old people...they don't have the energy but yet want to give their very best like 'yester years'.

I once brought back the box drinks and junk food with hope Mum don't have trouble to serve drinks in cup and food in plate. haishhhhhh!!!! got nagged until I felt my ears also bleeding internally.

Seriously , why the hassle?

I thought Raya is all about celebration. Why during celebration...we woman need to stuck in the kitchen. Cooking endless food for endless visitors. The best when mum give the signal to all visitors...

" Oh! just put down the plates or the cups in the sink. " 

" Ah! leave it there...leave there...we will wash it later "

Me : WTH! please don't listen to my mum....please wash it after you done.

For those who experience wash many plates and cups endlessly during can feel me???

Cooking endless meal...there was one time Dad decide to invites the whole bunch of relatives to house at once. Damn! Even my armpit feel the heat frying the whole big wok of meehoon. By the time those bunch came to eat...I pass out at the upstairs. 
Reason? Seriously, I came from a small family. You made me cook a feast portion???? Gosh! that was a big task for me. Why I wanna cook it? Mum is an old lady. The body is aching. If I don't stepped in...who will? I am the eldest since my first sis got married and have her own family.I got no choice and can't even play lazy mood when back home town.

My fried meehoon nice or not? kekekekeke...endless praise...I don't even know what I added in there. All base on feelings and simply throw frying.

This year Raya? Seriously, don't want to expect much. I prepare some Korean food ingredients since I am craving and mum's kitchen is pretty much easier to satisfy my 'crave pang' . I was thinking to cook 'tteukbokki' , buckwheat pancakes and 'haemol jeon'.  For my family only. 

I may get whole lots of nagging from my mum for being Korean instead of Malay during Raya....but hey...she just nag. Nag won't kill me. I will treat it like lullaby... kekekekeke ...She will it too anyway...

I really wish Raya preparation would be more easier. To me Raya celebration is for all to meet and greet after long time never see each other. Why wanna cook so much of food and and this and that???

Visiting others is the most I hate too. Well...since I am so anti social ...I guess every year I only goes to one house. Yeah! can't escape that one since that house is my mum's only sis left. No choice.I bought 'Mark and Spencer Box Cookies' so Mum can bring it to her sister. I am not sure whether Mum wanna buy my idea of simplicity this year. If she is not...then no choice got to arrange the assorted cooking layer by layer to bring to her sister. So 'mafan' ar.... If I drive so careless and the cookies jar toppled...then all the arrangement will look ugly because all cookies got mix up...which I hate that. Not so presentable to give to people ...right? My box cookies is so easy and look nice too.

Heading North tomorrow morning before dawn.. Gosh! poor my last sis doing all the preparation by herself since the sisters afraid to brave the raya crowd back early. Hopefully reach hometown before 8:00am tomorrow morning.

'Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holiday'


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