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Raya 2015 is on Friday....Gosh...I don't feel the celebration mood at all. The feeling is so not like ' yester years '. No excitement. I don't even prepare anything for myself. For example the new clothing and on and on. I just picked up my old clothes and mix and match with hope nobody notice. WTH! I bought some cookies and snacks last week. But the snacks was happily in my stomach now. WTH! Yup! I really finished it all. kekekekeke...The glutton side of me. Just can't wait. Luckily , I manage to hold up my temptation on the cookies. Ah! That one also because the cookies not so nice. WTH! I bet if it to my liking...I will be scratching my head to buy new one by now. Love the traffic back home yesterday...I think many has hit the highway back to respective hometown by now. Me? Aishhhh!!! Why so rush? My house got no wheel. The preparation at my home town not so difficult. It just the old parent will make it difficult with all those tradition. If

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