Monday, August 10, 2015


When you hear the word Genting....the first thing come to your mind is CASINO? Then Theme Park? Genting is not just about hotel, casino and theme park but you can relate Genting with more fun and also educational and engaging activity. 
Not many people know there are such tour organise by the resort called BEHIND THE SCENES TOUR where you can take a sneak peak into resort daily operations and learn more about the resort! This is not just for kid but seriously it really good and fun activities for whole family too.

Our group was led to First World Hotel laundry. WTH!!!!
This place is hugggggggeeeeeee!!!! If I am not mistaken the capacity is like 75,000 per day. OMG! 
I never been to massive laundry before and I could say I was amaze with the full equip technology and systematic work by skilled workers.

They even have the machine call Transformer to iron out the suit. It only take them less than 3 minutes ti get it done! It more look like Iron Man suit huh?

Behind the Scenes tour package brings you to :


- Check out the behind scene preparation for spectacular stage performance. The professional will explained to you about how the lighting and sound system machine operated.They even do the live demo on how the cool lighting and sound effects are created.


- We are not the four season country , so for many of us who have no chance to visit other country with snow will be delightful to have the experience to feel snow. At Genting Resort the newly refurbished snow world is where we can learn some snowy fun facts! 
Have you been to Snow World at Genting yet?
There are the lover cave inside the snow chamber which we will learn how this place transformed into science playground and they will share to you magic of snow physics.WTH! This is cool!


- It not about just eat good treats! You will have fun experience making your own lunch box or make you won pretty sweet doughnuts! Seriously, I have so munch fun here. 

Do not comment on my bento box which is so lack of creativity...WTH! mine was bloody ugly.hahahahaha....I go for taste than look.


- Horizon 50 showcases Genting inceptions and development in conjunction with its 50th anniversary this year. Retrace the footsteps of one man's dream and be enlightened on how Malaysia's leading family resort came to be. Guess what???
It also includes and exciting introduction to the future world's first Twentienth Century Fox World!!!!

The Behind The Scenes Tour operate between 2:15pm - 5:00pm and the team who will lead you for this tour....they are young , creative and fun to be with.

Price : 

RM28 per pax and if you are Genting Rewards Member just pay RM25 per pax.

More information visit :

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