Friday, September 18, 2015


Last few weeks received this box of item from L'Oreal Paris. What amaze me that they even search my FB for my old photo to include in this package. Very sincere indeed! That was the photo when I was like in early 30s. Gosh!!!!!

box of L'Oreal products

Lately, Magic Blur cream is HOT item now. 
It make me wonder how this cream different from primers?

Magic Blur cream

What is L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Cream?

Its both cosmetic and skin care. The instant blur technology immediately blurs fine lines and pores while its skin care components nourish the skin though out the day.

When do you apply L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Cream?

* It meant as Step 4 of your Revitalift regimen.
* Step 1 - Revitalift Foam , Step 2 - Revitalift Toner and Step 3-Revitalift Day Cream
(suit me well since the day before I received this package I just bought their whitening series - the deep blue color jar series)

opened jar of magic blur cream

How to use L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur?

* Use small amount on targeted areas. In my case forehead and side nose areas and around lip area.

Notes :

* I use L'Oreal Revitalift before the sunscreen because to me it more like cream instead of cosmetic. If you think it otherwise can try to apply it after the sunscreen. Depends on your personal preference.

Reality testimonial :

* My skin feel like tingling sensation maybe because of Pro Retinol A is part of the ingredients. Please note The Revitalift series has that as ingredient.

* I can't use the Magic Blur cream too much because it will dried me up and it make my skin goes flaky. So I use small amount of this and the effect was just nice for me. 

* I only use it during day time.

tube of magic blur cream

I have drier eyes so since L'Oreal sent me something that can provide moisture on that area, I welcomed them with open hands!

I have been using L'Oreal REvitalift Magic Blur eye for more than 2 weeks now and it helps hydrate and soften the under eyes area before apply concealer.

I am glad to read ,L'Oreal Revitalift was formulated with Anti Aging Pro Retinol A , Vitamin C and Peptide for eye area improve puffiness and fine lines in long run. I am not sure whether this really works for me since I have been using for 2 weeks now and the visual results may not be so visible to show u all.

But the drying up around eye are seems improve but the fine lines still there. Maybe in long run it will helps.


L'Oreal Paris even gave me moisture lipstick which the color suit me well, blusher and the eyeliner which I can't use since its broke to complete my looks.

I think that eyeliner was broken during delivery. But its not a problem to me since I own L'Oreal eye liner myself. 


girl holding magic blur cream

girl holding tube of cream

See my fine line on eye are still visible but other area seems smoother.. I think this will take long run usage to see better result. As I mentioned before Magic is just a name. To me a good product always need to be used for long term to get better effect.

Will I continue to use this Magic Blur?

Of course! my fine line on my forehead is terribly visible without it.

My first question to myself in earlier post whether Blur Cream is a primer or a cream?

Well, its a bridge between skincare and cosmetics. Its effective on both ends since retinol as skin care and a priming effect that blurs out the imperfections. e.g. preserves foundation applied.

You can find more of Magic Blur information at

Interest to get your hands on L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur series?

You can bought it at Watson website and make use of RM10 Voucher which you can obtain it from that website too. Check out the price at Watson online store, for those interested. I am sure they have good savings promo going on for this item.

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