Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Every single year, I always have this headache to find good gifts for my friends. 

If you have been reading my blog...I am very bad in wrapping present too...well thats not big problem anymore. I can just go DAISO for nice boxes and dump everything in. hihihihihihi...problem solved!

It is super easy to find beautiful and good gift for a female friends. Biggest problem is for male friends. 

If you give them wrong gift it may send a wrong signal. WTH! and one may end up got tease for life. Double WTH!

Recently, I got to know this new site call They deliver fresh baked cookies jar as gifts to your friends.

Aiks? To your friends only? You also wanna to taste the cookies?

Aiyaaaa!!!! if you want to eat yourself just order and deliver it to you address la. If you 'thick skin' ask you friend order from to deliver to your address la..hahahaha another problem solved!

So far their specialty is Dark Angel cookies and Sunrise Butter Cookies.

If my terrible eye bags and wrinkles distract you...please try imagine the taste of this cookies that I want to describe. hehehehehe..I have been neglecting my beauty care recently. Too busy with my dreamland project! WTH!

Left : Sunrise Butter Cookies 
It really a good combination of great ingredients. It has good buttery flavor, tenderness make it melt in you mouth with the crispiness of sunflower seed and burst of chocolate chips when you bites.

Right : Dark Angel Cookies
It name as Dark Angel because it look so naughty with fat for diet conscious people but get the goodness out of this cookies. It chocolaty in taste with reduce sugar in it. So you can indulge your favourite cookies without guilt. Did I mentioned it full of crunchy nuts too?

Gosh! do you think I exaggerating....NAY!!!!! I prefer this cookies from Noerel's than famous brand you can get at shopping complex. At least I know this is really baked from passionate home baker.

Currently, they are having Christmas and Year End  delivery promo for LOVELY JARS , RM28.90/- only.  You or your friends will receive :

* Sunrise Butter Cookies Jar - 200gm
* Dark Angel Cookies Jar - 200gm
* New Year greetings message - you can customize you own message not more than 15 words. If you don't they will send random new year message.

Order close on 13th December 2015

This year...I will grab this LOVELY JARS PROMO FROM NOEREL.COM.

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