Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I don't know about you...but I'm not much of a New Year's eve partier. I try my best possible to stay away from unruly crowd and ...why would I want to get caught in traffic at New Year Eve? I either spend time at home alone at my own peaceful space or if I went traveling somewhere, I will just be in the hotel room. Gosh!!!! such a good girl! Well ...I just hate to be among all those unorganized crowds. Too many drunkards on the road too.

Staying at your own space in New Year Eve does not make you a loser. Gosh!!!! give me a break. Following the crowd or trend does not make you cool either...duh!

Anyway, its our own personal preference. Just chose what best and happier for you.

Since I am a loner myself...Damn! sounds so pathetic huh? Here are some ideas who decide to spend the New Year Eve - all by yourself!

1. Tell yourself it's just like any regular night you have.

Well, in reality it is like every other night. It just the next day you wake up the world and yourself in a different year. The numbers on the calendar change but everything else is exactly the same. Don't put to much pressure on yourself to act like this is so super special evening if you are not really feeling it! Don't force yourself.

2. Movie Marathon

I love this so much! Seriously, plenty of New Year's Eve specials on that night itself. Why need to leave my house. Get ready some juices or soda and bags of tidbits....gosh here you go by enjoy the shows!  I spent most of my New Year's Eve with drama or variety shows marathon since I spend time working on the day time. When the clock struck 12 midnight the fireworks sounds like almost everywhere. I just have quick peep from my sliding doors for fireworks show and then continue my movie marathon. The next day wake up fresh with the new numbers in the calendar.

3. Online Shopping

Lots of sites will have New Year's Eve discount specials! Why not stay at home and plan for vacation or enjoy the great bargain online?

4. List your New Year Plan

I know ..I know... but some of you still does not achieve your previous year plan. Well, I love to spend time to reflect and make list of all things that worked out well as well as things that still...pending.

5. Call your friends and make some homely plan

If you know some friends who happen to be celebrating the countdown alone...why not plan a get together with them. Many activities you can plan at home such at cooking a nice special dinner, well a pot luck gathering is good too. Then play some games and have a chit chat on your comfort sofa.

My favourite is always no. 1 and no. 2.

My plan for New Year

This New Year's Eve, I wanna do something different.
I will be spending my time at airport waiting for my boarding to some exotic place. I am going to start my new year 2016 at other serene beautiful place on top of the hill. Yes! another getaway plan.

What is your plan to usher the New Year 2016 ? 

Share with me.
Tell me...tell me...tell me laaaaaa....

Happy New Year 2016 to all my friends and readers out there! Thank you for visiting my blog and all these years....hugs and kisses from me...Cindyrina!


Monday, December 21, 2015

SANTARINA says : Christmas is in the Air and Magical with Sungei Wang and PARKROYAL

I have been absent minded to update my blog recently. So busy with work plus lazy to the max to join any event or even do a simple product recently. I rejected almost all of the invites including the Air Supply tour event review. WTH!

Recently , I was invited as part of Media group to review a CSR program organised by Sungei Wang Plaza for Single Mom Charity Bazaar which is also a collaboration with Rotary Club of Pudu. 

Sungei Wang Plaza sign

I was drawn to bring my big ass out for the sake of my support to single moms and appreciate their selflessness efforts towards their family. Being single myself....without children to my troll, but I still have old parent to support , I understand the difficulties to survive being the sole bread winner in the family. I am glad Sungei Wang Plaza is very kind to create this noble awareness for single parenthood.

charity bazaar

The Single Mom Charity Bazaar is held for 2 consecutive days starting 19th December to 20th December 2015. I wish they organised the media group event earlier for the social media shout out to draw more visitors to the bazaar. By the time this post published the event is over. WTH! I feel bad and regret for the single mom. 

Anyway, I wish they sell plenty with all those delicious goodies, handmade craft and accessories for all profit goes to Single Mothers Association.


Ngeehehehehe...I finally get to taste the once online sensation 'Kek Lumut'. I remember last year was whining to third and last sis to bake this for me. Regret to inform...none of these 2 sisters entertained my request. So bad! Just because both of you can bake and I handicapped in this area.....isk isk isk..still feeling bitter!

huh! Sista!!!! look...I found this and taste this. Both of you can go find your own 'Kek Lumut' elsewhere. 
Color look like 'The Incredible Green' and scary huh? Taste? I like it...moist, not too sweet, with a dash of nestums, horlicks, pandan and milky taste. I like it because its delicious and more important to me to taste what I want while I live in this world...I made it! 

Christmas performances

Its not all about Single Mom Charity Bazaar, most of shoppers and tourists were surprised by the Christmas Flash Mob which took place in several locations within Sungei Wang Plaza. Great performance by this flash mobbers which consist of 25 young aspiring professional and student dancers. They perform energetic dance among the crowd. Everything happened so sudden which draw a great excitement and cheers from the crowds.


Currently , Sungei Wang Plaza organised series of promotions and redemption. Shoppers can enjoy FREE GIFT wrapping service for any amount spent in Sungei Wang Plaza. For every RM150 spent in a single in single receipt from the mall outlets, shoppers can redeem a FREE RIDE at the Christmas Carousell or Kiddies Train at Sungei Wang Plaza. 
More excitement to shoppers and visitors in Sungei Wang Plaza, in conjunction with the Malaysia Year End Sale , Shoppers with minimum spent of RM250 and above in a max of 2 accumulated receipts are entitled for a Pull and Redeem instant redemption. Redemption are available at Sungei Wang Plaza Customer Service Counter at LG Floor.

For International Tourist who I envy so much because you can shop in Malaysia like a millionaire due to your money are so big here in Malaysia...envy you all, Sungei Wang Plaza present , "Bring a Piece of Malaysia Home with You " , an international Tourist Exclusive Jute Bag Redemption. Shoppers bearing foreign passport just need to show passports at Customer Service counter to get Sungei Wang Plaza's passport. Then collect 3 stamps from 3 different locations within Sungei Wang Plaza (in between ground floor to 3rd Floor) and spend min RM50 in a single receipt at any outlet. Collect all 3 stamps , then collect your Exclusive Jute Bag!

people dressed in Christmas costumes

The flash mob didn't stop at just Sungei Wang Plaza. It spread out to PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur Lobby which surprised most guests at the hotel.


PARKROYAL centrally located in the heart of downtown Kuala Lumpur, towering 21 storey offers perfect combination of comfort and convenience with a host of dining, shopping and entertainment options on the doorstep. The adjacent Bukit Bintang monorail station ensures easy, traffic free access to other parts of the vibrant city.

PARKROYAL strategically located on the bustling Golden Triangle making it perfect base for business , shopping and gastronomy. Kuala Lumpur International Airport is only 45 minutes drive. It has 426 well appointed non smoking guestrooms including 78 rooms and suites on Orchid Club Floors. It includes an arrays of Superior and Deluxe rooms, Suites, the Orchid Club Executive rooms and a Royal Suite.

Christmas ornaments

A Magical Christmas at PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur

This Christmas PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur share their Noel-inspired menu themed at
at a Magical Christmas. An array of dining activities will entice you to have a memorable Christmas and New Year.

On Christmas eve , relish from the Traditional Seafood and Roast Buffet Dinner at Chatz Brasserie. While in Christmas day itself PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur will be all set to showcase a Premium Buffet Lunch and Seafood Carvery Buffet Dinner.

The Buffet will feature 6 types of carvery and roasts which are :
* Roasted Australian Sirloin
* Beef Wellington
* Roasted Turkey
* Grouper Coulibiac
* New Zealand Rack of Lamb
* Prime Rib

Daebak!!!! so mouth watering typing out all these delicious list.

More drooling list....this year Chtz Brasserie also introduces six types of pies :

* Steak and Kidney
* Chicken Mushroom
* Salmon and Spinach
* Cranberry Mousse
* Christmas Pecan
* Lemon Meringue


While waiting for a great new year celebration... one can have a pampering and rejuvenating moment at in house spa.

fitness centre, swimming pool and pool bar

Then follow with poolside barbeque under the stars and a countdown at Klix Lounge. For more of PARKROYAL festive promotions please call 03 2147 0088.

people in Santa hats

I have a great fun last Saturday evening with Sungei Wang Plaza, PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur crews and other media group.

3 girls in Santa hats by a Christmas tree
this photo credit to Elana
Since I choose not to really active in joining glad to meet Emily Tang, Elana Khong, Miera Nadhirah and her lovely daughter again in this event.

Christmas meal

The food was super delicious too especially the spaghetti which is special cook on the spot. The fruit cakes make me remember ...Christmas is coming and Year 2015 is coming to end to give way to Year 2016 soon.

girl with music box

Very lucky that evening with Carousel from Sungei Wang Plaza and also Chingu who came with me to this event was super lucky because Chingu walk away with RM200 net worth of Food and Beverages at PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur. I guess this is the almost GRAND PRIZE for this evening lucky draw. Since Chingu tagged along with my invite...WTH! That prize automatically went to your truly! huahahahahahahahaha.... mine! mine! mine! (wicked laugh all the way that evening) I will enjoy a feast and write about it soon. PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur...wait up next year. I will visit you again to fill my greedy stomach with your good food soon.

Christmas celebration

There was games like pop quiz and limbo rocks for all media and bloggers to have fun. I was busy enjoying food...head down and pretend busy all the time while praying hard too. So just wakakakakaka off stage with others. Frankly , speaking...was glad they don't really force me on stage that evening. So called 'introvert' thoughts!

polaroid photo of girl with gift

Last but not least winning pose for that evening captured with Polaroid camera. I can't believe I can be this Kawaiiiiii!!!! at this age. WTH! ngehehehehe... don't throw up please!!!!!

traditional decoration

Lovely traditional deco capture at PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur.

Thank you Sungei Wang Plaza and PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur for your treats. I have a pleasant evening.

To Sungei Wang Plaza! did I mentioned to you...I am a big sucker to shop at your place for very long time and still shopping there until now.

More about Sungei Wang Plaza, visit ,
Official Website at :

More about PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur visit ,
Official Website at :
Email :

To download this article for offline reading or travel directions to the attractions highlighted in this article click here.

Monday, December 7, 2015


Last Saturday night, came back from Malacca road trip late night. I took staircase up instead of lift since I wanna lose weight. WTH!
Oh! by the way my unit is on 1st floor...hihihihihi.

Opened the staircase door and ....
Meowwww!!!! Meoww!!!!

In the middle of the stairs...a sad looking cat and her four kittens making eye contact with me. WTH!
Don't look at me...please!!! Don't look at me ...please!!!
But we did!!!
All of them look thin, sick and hungry.

I don't like cat. Can't stand the smell too. huhuhuhu..Otteoke! Otteoke!

I went into my unit..put down my bag and my shopping haul from Malacca.
But my mind keep thinking of that cat and kitten.

Can I go through this night without thinking about them? huhuhuh...
Knowing myself well...I can't!

I know I am going to have a sleepless night, if I don't help them.

They are not human. They are stranded at apartment area where people are very individualistic. Nobody going to throw left over for them.

Not like that mother cat can go out to work earn wages and buy food for the kittens.

If cat mother hungry..she can't produce milk. Then kittens got no milk to drink. huhuhuh...Otteoke!!!
I digging through my cabinet , my fridge...nothing suitable for the cat and kitten. Not even milk to spare. WTH!

Whats wrong with my food stock?

Then I notice box of digestive biscuits. Oh! maybe this can get the cat through this night. 
I broke the biscuits into pieces and put in newspaper and pour pipe water into a small plastic container.

Build up my courage, went to the cat place.

Again...both of us made eye contact. huhuhuh...I hesitate to put down the food I brought..because I was so afraid. 

Cat went...MEOWWWW!!!!

Me...close my eyes...put down the things and ran up to the staircase....and BAM!!! the door closed behind me.

Panting!!!! behind the door. But again!!!!! I unable to stop thinking...did the cat eat it? and not let go thinking again..Damn!!! I need to check.

Slowly open the door and walk down the staircase for a bit, then peep down.

Oh! the cat must be hungry. She eat well.

I feel happy! I think I can sleep tonight!

I repent...last time when I was in trouble...I always said this to myself...

"I rather be a cat or chicken than a human! At least cat and chicken have nothing to worry!"

I quit thinking wanna be chicken since ...after think hard...I may end up in hot frying oil or become delicious chicken curry or rendang in the pot. WTH! a CAT?
I was wrong! House cat ...maybe but if stray cat...worst! Can't even beg for food. Meow! Meow! Meow! who understand what you want? Everything depend on the human mercy! I repent!!! I feel bless to be born as a human! I will live well....Thankful.

Promise myself to buy suitable cat food for her tomorrow morning. first cat food buy!!!! Never in my life buy cat food and never imagine I will buy one. I just treat this as one of my new year resolution ...Be nice to Stray Cat! Part of non community service!

It become my routine to feed them and run away. I don't even want to see the cat! huhuhuhuh still scared! Maybe one day I can build up my courage to be near them.

Friday, December 4, 2015


Korean celebrity
i am dreaming to have this hot gorgeous body.WTH!

Year 2015 is coming to end in another 4 weeks.
I am sure many will start their 'so called ' new year resolution...hehehe including yours truly.

How many of you achieve your Year 2015 resolution?
Not achieve yet?

If you ask 10 women on their New Year Resolution, out of that number at least 99% will include LOSE WEIGHT in the list. ngehehehe...yours truly is one of that woman.

Gosh! our land here is totally bless with good food. WTH!
The level of temptation to enjoy good food .....haihhhh! Do I need to explain further?

I remember early year 2015, I lose 3kg using the 500 calories per day diet. I can tell you...the experience is like becoming Half corpse!
After almost a month surviving with 500 calories...I manage to lose 3kg. HORRAYYYYYY!!! I am HAPPY.

Damn it! the happiness doesn't stay for long. WHY ? WHY?

I gain back another 6kg after 4 month! WTH!

I exercise, went on diet...and bla bla bla...whatever other woman try to lose weight will do...I did it!

Still??? I became the BROWNIE HYPPO OVERNIGHT!
I unable to fit in to most of my pants. WTH! Do I need to spend money to change the whole wardrobe. Costly!!!

I blame to my aging...gosh!!!! I am 40s what do I expect??? hehehehe try to console myself with that aging reason. PATHETIC ME!

My biggest realisation of my fatness ugly look was when I went for a Aesthetic Clinic review recently. The Marketing personnel request me to shoot full body photo with the Doctor....the result from that photo...SHOCKED ME!

Is that ME? That BIG HYPPO is me?

So I went into full resolute to myself! I need to transform that BROWNIE HYPPO look fast! I need to undone my mistake for not taking care of my body well.

Like other woman do....I browse for Slim Drink and so on. Myself not a big fan of slimming pills and also any drinks which will cause me cramp to my stomach and force me overnight inside the toilet.

After long search, finally found Activa Slimme, product from famous brand Kinohmitsu.
slimming drink
[RM168][Kinohimitsu]♥ [Buy 1 Free 1] ♥ activa Slimme [30 days supply] GET READY FOR A BIKINI BODY THIS HOLIDAY - FLATTER TUMMY- ABS FITSPO!

I was very skeptical to try product since I didn't get many convincing online review for this. Well...what is online review anyway? The reviewer can be bought with free items giveaway or other form of payment. How genuine is the review....mmmmmm...WTH! I decided to try this myself.

Bought Activa Slimme ,click that image to know where I gotten my Activa Slimme. hehehe..I got good offer too. BUY ONE FREE ONE promotion and plus the coupon and other form of promo, I end up paid in total of RM138 and get 2 boxes.

I bought another batch early this week , still buy one free one promotion and this time after coupon and other promo, I end up paid RM115 for 2 boxes. Good buy.

Gosh!!!! in total bought 4 boxes. DAEBAK!!!!

I find this is suitable for me. No stomach cramp or overnight in the toilet experience. Its just make went to the toilet frequently to pee...really flush out until I can't even wait to open by house door after back from work. That 2 hours in the bladder feel like gonna explode. WTH!  Of course I drank plenty of water throughout the day.

Did I starve myself ?

My day is pretty much routine diet. Can you call this diet? Don't think I diet that much!


At 7:00am
* 1 sachet of Activa Slimme (taste wonderful refreshing drink)
At 7:30am
* Breakfast
 - My favourite Lontong with specific ratio. Only 3 lil rice cube add to it with lots of spicy sambal to it. (so called no rice and spicy diet...ish ish Malaysian taste bud is too strong.**face palm**)
(I don't condoned you all to eat lontong for breakfast. Its fattening! The correct way is to eat either cereal, toast or yogurt, then you can lose weight faster. I don't really cheat myself to lose weight this time. I just being honest to myself)
* One cup of black coffee without sugar


At 12noon
* One bowl of fried turmeric chicken with long beans and carrot.
Sometimes if I get bored with that I will take boiled broccoli with one fish and watermelon
NO RICE! This works for me.
* I tried to take salad with soba noodles added...isk isk isk ...I went into gastric mode through out the evening and night.


At 4:00pm
* 1 sachet of Activa Slimme
At 4:30pm
* Sandwich toast with Cheese or Butter with dash of cinnamon sugar

At 7pm
* 30 - 60 minutes cardio

* No eating after 8pm
* Drink plenty of warm water through out the day. I drank at least 2.5 liter but advisable to drink 3 liter.
* Strictly no rice.

No negative effect after drink this Activa Slimme Drink. I feel more energetic and happier. WTH!
I lost weight...thats happiness. No bad mood or grumpy feeling at all.


I was 10kg more than usual weight when I went for my my Sis Convo on 17th November 2015. Oh no!!!!And by 3 December 2015, my weight at 5kg lighter. WTH!!!! I forgot to mentioned I drank Activa Slimme Drink during those period.

Thats why I bought another 2 boxes. I am confident to achieve that  10kg reduction by end of this year. I just need to remain strong with all those good food temptation. I will just take this Activa Slimme on once a week basis for maintenance. huhuhuhu...maintaining this is the most difficult task.  We shall see how long this will last.

My New Year 2016 resolution is to start my New Year with 10kg lighter and maintain it through out the year and stay healthy.

What is your New Year Resolution? I reveal my secret on how I lose 5kg weight within 3 weeks. I now can fit back to my usual pants and feel lighter and healthier too. Thank God!

Lose Weight? Try Activa Slimme. It works for me though! I hope this post will helps those who struggle to lose weight like me.