Monday, December 7, 2015


Last Saturday night, came back from Malacca road trip late night. I took staircase up instead of lift since I wanna lose weight. WTH!
Oh! by the way my unit is on 1st floor...hihihihihi.

Opened the staircase door and ....
Meowwww!!!! Meoww!!!!

In the middle of the stairs...a sad looking cat and her four kittens making eye contact with me. WTH!
Don't look at me...please!!! Don't look at me ...please!!!
But we did!!!
All of them look thin, sick and hungry.

I don't like cat. Can't stand the smell too. huhuhuhu..Otteoke! Otteoke!

I went into my unit..put down my bag and my shopping haul from Malacca.
But my mind keep thinking of that cat and kitten.

Can I go through this night without thinking about them? huhuhuh...
Knowing myself well...I can't!

I know I am going to have a sleepless night, if I don't help them.

They are not human. They are stranded at apartment area where people are very individualistic. Nobody going to throw left over for them.

Not like that mother cat can go out to work earn wages and buy food for the kittens.

If cat mother hungry..she can't produce milk. Then kittens got no milk to drink. huhuhuh...Otteoke!!!
I digging through my cabinet , my fridge...nothing suitable for the cat and kitten. Not even milk to spare. WTH!

Whats wrong with my food stock?

Then I notice box of digestive biscuits. Oh! maybe this can get the cat through this night. 
I broke the biscuits into pieces and put in newspaper and pour pipe water into a small plastic container.

Build up my courage, went to the cat place.

Again...both of us made eye contact. huhuhuh...I hesitate to put down the food I brought..because I was so afraid. 

Cat went...MEOWWWW!!!!

Me...close my eyes...put down the things and ran up to the staircase....and BAM!!! the door closed behind me.

Panting!!!! behind the door. But again!!!!! I unable to stop thinking...did the cat eat it? and not let go thinking again..Damn!!! I need to check.

Slowly open the door and walk down the staircase for a bit, then peep down.

Oh! the cat must be hungry. She eat well.

I feel happy! I think I can sleep tonight!

I repent...last time when I was in trouble...I always said this to myself...

"I rather be a cat or chicken than a human! At least cat and chicken have nothing to worry!"

I quit thinking wanna be chicken since ...after think hard...I may end up in hot frying oil or become delicious chicken curry or rendang in the pot. WTH! a CAT?
I was wrong! House cat ...maybe but if stray cat...worst! Can't even beg for food. Meow! Meow! Meow! who understand what you want? Everything depend on the human mercy! I repent!!! I feel bless to be born as a human! I will live well....Thankful.

Promise myself to buy suitable cat food for her tomorrow morning. first cat food buy!!!! Never in my life buy cat food and never imagine I will buy one. I just treat this as one of my new year resolution ...Be nice to Stray Cat! Part of non community service!

It become my routine to feed them and run away. I don't even want to see the cat! huhuhuhuh still scared! Maybe one day I can build up my courage to be near them.


  1. So sweet of you to take care of them dear.. but they will now recognize you for food!

  2. Haha you are so kind! The cat will definitely love you more and more each day

  3. My mom used to be really afraid of animals until we got our dog. And few years later we picked up 3 abandoned kittens who were almost dying, now one of them is our cat (other two died) and my mom loves him so much! I am sure you will garner the courage to approach them so don't worry about it. Kudos to you for buying food for them even though you're afraid!

  4. You are such a kind and lovely girl. By the way, I am scare of cat as well.

  5. My mum told me before "cats come to people who will feed them because they know which one is a good samaritan". You are one brave and kind heart!

  6. I'm scared of those cats... don't know why...
    You are so kind to take care of them~

  7. cindy can you take cats yang ada kat rumah I ni, i tak nak jaga but still feeding them.

  8. I used to have cats but not anymore. But next door cats always come over. So I have many foot prints from the cats.

  9. pets are good in catch rats :D
    I have a pet dog before, also know how to catch rat :D

  10. That's so compassionate of you, my heart feels so warm reading you story! Even though you are afraid of the animal you still had so much humanity for the little thing. I feel the same way whenever I see dogs on the street, and they are treated worse, killed and beaten to death due to Malaysians being taught to fear dogs from young. In other countries, dogs are friendly and not fearful of humans, but here the dogs have been taught to fear humans, which makes them more dangerous. So they get neglected, abused and mistreated, even when they are just begging for food.

  11. Poor kitties. I hope they will get their forever home soon.

  12. Haha! You are so cute and sweet! Actually i scare cat too. >< we should build our courage together. :P

  13. haha. your starting of the post really got me into suspense. I thought what happened. but its nice of you to help out the cat :)

  14. Awww...You're so kind! So nice of you feeding them. =)

  15. Be really rajin to fee the stray cat ya! I love cats too and often see stray cats below my apartment too!

  16. I knew that kind of feeling. My apartment area has a lot of cats too. Sometimes I will take the cat food for them.

  17. Cat is a lovely animal to love with. They seems to understand once you treat them well.

  18. got a bit confused reading this, its not your usual writing style haha..

    nice effort to buy the cat food.

  19. You did a good thing there! I have the same feeling as yours too whenever I saw stray cats and they're asking for food from me. It hurt me if I have nothing to give also. Well, may your good deeds get paid later on. :)

  20. I totally understand how that feels! T_T Sometimes will try to buy tuna for them. Thank you for being such a kind soul! I still believe in spaying/neutering to stop any unwanted litter, and of course, prevent more strays.

  21. I have two house cats and suddenly now I have four because two other cats decided to come make themselves at home in my porch area.. This is because my hubby who did not like cats suddenly turned into a cat lover... Hahaha and feeds them...

  22. I heard a lot of people feeding this cat food for their cat! But some cat also quite picky on their food :P

  23. Aww you have a nice heart to decide to feed the cats even if youre not a fan of cats. Im sure you will be blessed in different ways :)

  24. I not a cat type but I still dare to touch and play with cat. i only scare if they scratch me with their paws.

  25. Wow so nice of you to buy catfood for strays most people just give scraps

  26. This is so funny, I don't want to be a chicken, cat and ... I just want to be myself :D

  27. so nice of u to takecare of them. i never have cats before. hehe.

  28. My sister has a cat too, and she sometimes faces the similar problem like yours ;)

  29. So kind. They will love you more and more.

  30. i like play with cat but i scare they will scratch me, becoz kena one time before..

  31. Awww...that's so sweet of you!! ^.^


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