Friday, January 29, 2016


If you have been reading my blog for quite sometimes , more or less you know that I love to do the nature trail walking tour when I go for travel.

I did the same when I was in Chiangmai early this year.


A walk through the nature trail on top of the highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Inthanon really something than I will never forget forever.
Since this is the highest mountain in Thailand with 2,565m, the coolest during Winter time can drop at 0 Degrees. It was winter and drop at 2 Degrees when I visited this place. Super cold! 

Thank God! I remember to pack some shawls with me to cover up my neck and keep me warm through out the nature trail.


On top of Doi Inthanon summit there is also Royal Thai Air Force weather radar station and the Thai National Observatory.

If you see the bottom left photo where many coins being actually a official stamp on the highest peak of Thailand.

The name Doi Inthanon was given in honour of the Thai King Inthanwichayanon who is one of the last King of Chiang Mai.

He was really into the forests in the north and try hard to preserve them. When he passed away he ordered his remains be interred at this place with intention he will remain protect the forest.

He then joined by his daughter Princess  Chao Dara Rasmi who pass away and ordered her ashes to be deposited next to her father King Inthanwichayanon. Both spirit protect the northern Thailand forest. 

You see the photo of that dress hanging on the tree?
Thats for the Princess.

Such a lovely father and daughter team. Even after they pass away still concern about the remains.


I started my walking trails and really happy got to breathe the freshest air ever. Oh! wish could overnight here.

shrine in jungle

Inside the jungle there is another shrine for one of  Royal Air Force Captain who is also a King related. His helicopter went down and killed him in this forest. He is part of the team who contributes towards this national park of Don Inthanon.

Do you see the helicopter propeller remain in that photo?


I was told that Doi Inthanon is also part of Himalayan Alps stretch. No wonder it was so cold. I love the flora and fauna here. They even have many unique species of birds and other animals in this thick and untouched jungle. Seriously smells like a virgin forest to me. 

Don't miss out Doi Inthanon forest park if you happens to visit Chiangmai. Oh! did I mentioned to you the journey is so adventurous too with all those sharp curve and up hills drive?

If you who tends to have nausea for this kind of journey , please prepare some medicine ya...

I am fine through out the journey. Proud of that ...hahaha

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Have you ever read or heard about Long Neck people?
Long neck come from Kayan people of Myanmar. They comes from Shan State of Myanmar and fled to Thailand.

dried river

Government of Thailand have been very generous to allow them to live in the Thailand land. There are few settlement of Long Neck tribe or Kayan in Thailand. Most of them live in the compounded settlement with helps of NGO and other volunteer. Most of them grow their own vegetables and find their own food. They are not allowed to live the compounded area,

I visited two Long Neck villages. One is pretty much commercialized which is on the way back from Chiangrai trip.

humanoid carvings with face

I was greeted with this horny carving. They have long neck and long dick too? kekekeke
This place is pretty much commercialized.


Everywhere is all about selling and most long neck woman was dress up and make up to greet the tourist. I don't really like this kind of pretentious kind of set up though!

Even some Long Neck tribe kids will be begging for money from the tourist. hmmmmmmm...

The other long neck tribe in lisu is pretty much untouched and less touristy. Here we can learn their day to day living condition.

boats by a river

This place is locate near mae hong son and to visit this long neck tribe village , one need to take the long boat for at least 30 minutes ride.

river and hills

I love the natural view along the way to this tribe village.

village by a river

The people here are not allow to go out from this place. The only transportation is the boat.

agricultural products

This is how they live. Grow their own food and be creative in surviving too. huhuhuhuh...out of many beautiful things.... I bought dried chilies from here. WTH! Like I cook at home. Damn!

night market

They did some craft and all this will be sold at the night market by the middle man who will come to collect from time to time.

dog and church

I was told many converted to Christianity here. Which I think good since many will have stronger faith to live in this earth.

dried leaves and donation box

This place is much better from the over commercialized village.

people in a river

woman from the long-necked tribe

One of long neck woman and  I was told she wears this since her tender age of 6 years old. Seriously, heavy. It weight around 27 kg. huhuhuhuh...
I asked her whether did she has any neck or back pain problem. She said NO...worrrrr. 

We OL should try to wear this too. kakakaka maybe after that no more neck or back pain.

History on why they wear that ring on their neck.
This tribe mainly live in jungle. Their woman need to go bathing by the river. Many of these woman got killed being attack by the tiger on the way to the river or while bathing. They found out that the tiger will attack the neck first when approach the victim. So the tribe leader urge to put this metal to most girls in this tribe....and they live happily with their long neck and the tiger have to find another victim. 

There you go ....long neck tribe was created. Nowadays , many kayan girl choose not to wear such metal on their neck since they need to adapt with society. They maybe going back to Myanmar they need to look the same like others to blend in with the community. 

I could say many of them miss their home country very much.

Monday, January 25, 2016


3 countries in one day? Possible? Impossible?
Which country?
Thailand , Myanmar and Laos - Golden Triangle ! I even cross over to Laos by boat. DAEBAK!

signboard of Golden Triangle

According to history this Golden Triangle has been well known for the opium growing and nowadays this place are famous as largest tourist trap in northern Thailand.

map of Laos and Thailand

To reach this place you need to take mini van for around 3 1/2 hours drive from Chiangmai City to Mae Sai. The landscape is hilly and divided by Ruak River that flows into Mekong River. These rivers then form a natural boundary like a Triangle shape between 3 countries LAOS - to the east of Mekong, MYANMAR - to the north of the Ruak and THAILAND - to the west of  Mae Khong.

boat ride

I took a boad ride across to a small island Don Sao, which in Laos. You don't need visa to go to this Island but you still need to bring passport.

huge golden Buddha statue

From Thai riverside sits a huge Golden Buddha Statue.


Thats the view from the boat over look the Thai riverside.

collage about Laos

Here we go...Laos by just 10 - 15 minutes boat ride from Mae Sai, Thailand. See the photo top right, the show photo of people caught Narkha, on type of big creatures from Mae Kong river. Scary huh?

Oh! if you think you can cross over to the rest of Laos with through this Island. Try laaaaa...maybe end up in Laos Prison, who knows...kekekekeke then can be famous by writing a book in Laos prison. 


To me not much thing to do on this Don Sao Island. They have vendors selling their items which mainly items made in Myanmar, Laos , Thailand and even China. Didn't buy anything. To me this place more like 'Ang Mo' market. For us Malaysian whose money becoming 'tiny as ants' can just look look see see laaaaaa... 

I don't like it much here... Loas kids here asked for money. They are not even begging. Its like a MUST give. Guess they may grown up become a thug if this continues. They are not mild kids like in Seam Reap and others. They are more aggressive. Scaryyyyy!!!! Thank God ! I don't look foreign to them so they just disturb the 'Ang Mo'. Ngeeeeee..lucky me.


There you go my look look see see from Dan Siao Island, Laos.


The weather is freaking hot. I don't even eat lunch yet. Its almost 3pm. WTH!!!!

crown-structured building

On the way back to Thailand side saw this crown structure and was told its a Casino in Laos but this Casino own by Chinese. kekekeke 

There is another Casino in Thailand which own by Myanmar too which I couldn't snap the photo.

Thailand flag and gate
From Mae Sai, drive another 20 minutes which we reach to this small town with Myanmar influence. We can to the bridge and Myanmar is just in the other side. It just a short bridge. Can you cross over to Myanmar through that bridge? Try lorrr! Then tell me your story.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


white temple in Thailand

I visited many temples from Buddhist to Hindus and this one is uniquely beautiful out of all. The most unconventional Buddhist temple I ever been to. 

Wat Rong Khun or more well known as White Temple is in Chiang Rai, Thailand. This is not a ruined or even historical place. This place built in year 1997 by noted Thai painter who turned architect and still in progress. To me the building it self from far look so majestic and enchanted.

The main building is painted white as its symbolize Buddha's purity. Most astonished that this place is covered in mosaics of mirrors which give amazing sparkling effect under the sun. I bet it look awesome beautiful at night too but it may be scary at night. You know what I mean if you read further.

stone heads hanging from trees

The hanging head. This is what I mean...gosh! this White Temple is full of bizarre and horror creatures face. Just imagine walking at night and stumble onto that head....Ommaaaaa!!!!

white bridge across moat

To reach the temple you have to walk over a bridge over the moat filled with innumerable sculptures of out reaching arms. Another horror reaching out effect here. Look like hell imagination to me.


Apparently , those reaching out hands symbolizing DESIRE.
I saw people throwing money in that moat. huhuhuhuh...

Once inside , amazingly I was greeted but non traditional Buddha life scenarios. I wish I could snap photo but no photo allow in the temple.  The inside mural full of contemporary scenes and icons. More like good and evil fighting kind of scenes. The artist still put in a Buddhist context though. 

Do you believe me if I said they even painted Batman, Superman and even Minion in that temple. Not to mentioned they have a spaceships painted on the wall too. I was like...WTH! 

However, amidst of all those chaos fighting the evils and those destructions they have golden flowers surrounding sits a peaceful white Buddha in front of an even larger Buddha.

white architecture

Wat Rong Khu is still a work in progress and will be more interesting in future.

main hall of white temple

This place also known as a learning and meditation center for people to practice dharma. So surrounding the main white temple is planned for more buildings like preaching hall, museum, pavillion and others. This place is pretty big like around 3 acres if I'm not mistaken!

Buddha statue on the peak of white temple

bell-shaped architecture

Wanna wish upon the Buddha? Pay 30 THB to write your wish on that metal things and then hang it on this bell looking place.

I wanted to pee and decided to walk to the toilet way at the back.

Lord Ganesh statue

On the way to toilet saw Lord Ganesh statue.

guardian statue

In front of toilet ...Ommmaaaaa!!!! they have this horror looking guardian right in front. WTH! Gosh! I wish there is more human here in the toilet that creepy creatures as guardian. Seriously , my quickest peeing ever!

red skulls on street barriers and street cones

The street barrier and cones is with skull head. huhuhuhuh... this artist is full of creepy imagination. If I am driving and my car stuck near Wat Rong Khun...I will be in mental breakdown state due too scared.

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Monday, January 18, 2016


Continuation to my previous post about Night Market at Pai which situated around 3 1/2 hours drive from Chiangmai City, this is about the famous or Sunday Walking Night Market at Chiangmai city itself.

The Sunday Walking Night Market runs through the centre of the Old City along Rachadamnoen Road which start from The Phae Gate to the Police Station.

Seriously happening here. It start at 5pm to 10pm. My advice to start early like around 6 - 7pm. The crowds is seriously getting crazier around 8pm onwards. You barely move with all those curious tourist. You will be sandwiched in the sea of people.

Again, I don't even bother about any knick knacks or whatsoever. My main focus is just food and food and food again. WTH! Too many inexpensive delicious nibbles to main meals to choose. 

I tried new street food which is pretty much out of curiosity of the taste. WTH! Nothing to lose since its really inexpensive and just my belly getting bigger. DAMN!!!

Kanom Ba-Bin delicacy

I started with Kanom Ba - Bin which I mistakenly with the PotHold 'kuih' ate at Pai Night Market. Damn! wrong...this is just cold coconut 'kuih'. Don't like it at all. I wish its hot. Some more too much for me to finish plus not delicious. haihhhh!!! I wanna save my stomach for other delicious things. This is just the beginnning some more.

Gac fruit

Next saw this vendor sells ' fruit juice from heaven ' with this weird looking fruits on display. I saw this fruit when visited Hanoi few years ago. mmmm....never thought this is from heaven. kekekeke... I was told it call Jackfruit which I don't believe thats the real name because I know how Jackfruit look like. Cheh! After chicken and duck talk with the vendor, found this fruit call Gac Fruit. 

Gac is a Southeast Asian fruit which can be found from Southern China to Northeastern Australia, including Thailand, Laos , Myanmar , Cambodia and Vietnam.

Chinese call it Mubieguo and in other place call it red melon, baby jackfruit, spiny bitter gourd and many more depend of region. 

I personally love the orange color of this fruit. Since its orange in color this fruit is rich in beta carotene (pro vitamin A).

I was told among Benefits of Gac fruit :

* Lower blood pressure
* Lower cholestrol
* reduces sugar in blood
* against diabetes
* against prostate cancer
* treats 1 phase cancer.

Gosh! no wonder it call fruits from haven.

The vendor told me this fruit has no taste by itself so the juice she is selling mixed with passion fruits. Taste of the juice? More to passion fruits! I don't know what is the real taste of this Gac fruit by itself.

seafood on a grill

After all those appertiser, time for main course. Ngeeeeee...I found this vendor selling grilled seafood plater. Bought it to eat while standing. This is night market la...where got space to sit one! Delicious main course and super cheap price to get well seasoned squids, clams, mussels, prawns.

collage of food

They also sell that snails which I don't try. It look like 'siput babi'. Damn!

Miang Kham, Thailand

I finished my main course grilled seafood plater deliciously. Next to clean that seafood smells linger in my mouth. Then found this mid age man selling this 'miang kham' aka Leaf Wrapped Bites.

I was told Miang Kham direct translation is 'eating many things in one bites' and a must try food if you are in northern Thailand.

It's Cha Plu leaf (similar to betel and in Malay community we call it 'Daun Kaduk')  wraps peanuts, ginger , chillies, shallots, green mango and onions.

The 'ang mo' who is queuing ahead of me describe it taste sweet, spicy and very addictive and that fella ordered for 5 sticks. Oh! it must be really delicious then.

 To me it more like a snacks. It taste is something you will get hooked on it and very addictive. True enough. I bought one stick which consist 3 wraps and the next thing I know I was lining up for another 2 sticks. suck up with this 'Miang Kham'! I want more and more...


fried mussels

My dessert for the night is fluffy cashew nuts butter waffles and finished my supper with this fried mussels. Burppppp!!!! My walking street buffet end here. Thats what I can eat for that night. I wish I can stuff more. Damn!!!!

I feel ashamed of myself if I talk about losing weight now. haih!

Pad thai

End of the streets while walking towards the hotel saw people sells 'pat thai'. 

pad thai condiments

Many 'ang mo' eat this dish. They added sugar, , crushed peanuts, coarse chilli in it.

spice and herbs tea in bamboo containers

If you in Chiangmai, its a must to try this spice and herbs tea in bamboo container. I chose hot lemon grass tea and its my favorite through out my stay in Chiangmai.

Three Kings Monument

On the way back to hotel saw this Three Kings Monument nearby this Night market. I have read about it. Nice place to visit at night too. hahahaha since I saw many people dating here. kekekeke... many love scene going on and full of love.

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