Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Seriously my office is too quite and super boring! How should I describe my office 'boringness'???? mmmmm..just like spending time in library for 12 hours a day. Can choke with boring syndrome duh! Just imagine! no sound and all! Guess farting is big NO here ! WTH!!!! You can't expect me to hum away the lullaby to myself like lunatic lady in office. I wanna buy radio and speaker but afraid to be label as 'old fashion'. Gosh! who bring radio and speaker to office nowadays! 


I received this surprise after came back from Chiangmai holiday early last week. This new gadgets enough to make my office mate 'super envy' me. WTH!

Pandora Neo

Tadahhhhhh...presenting my new Pandora Neo babies from Sonic Gear!!!!! I always know Sonic Gear with portable speaker and headphone and this new gadgets???? Cool!!!

Left : PANDORA NEO 500
Right : PANDORA NEO 200

I will introduce you to new year 2016 trend and a must have cool gadget!

Pandora Neo 500 with remote

Pandora Neo 500 come with super powerful features :

* Portable Stereo Speaker system
* Bluetooth CSR 4.0
* Remote control
* Built-in microphone with call answering function
* 5-music playback mode : Bluetooth | Aux in | FM Radio | TF-Card / USB Play music back
* Built-in FM Radio Function
* LED Digital Display
* User friendly functional button design
* 6 Equalizer Acoustic Modes
* Built in 1800mAH Rechargeable lithium -ion battery
* Continuous Music playback up to 6 hours
* Continuous talk time up to 5 hours
* Lux leatherette finish

Pandora Neo 500 retail price : MYR199

Girl posing with Pandora Neo 500

Not just me...falling in love with Pandora Neo 500 powerful features..even my colleague too. We love the vibrant brings by this small box. Serious! this things so small and light. I can even lift it with one finger with no trouble.

Pandora Neo 200 with coloured handles

Next... introduce to you Pandora Neo 200 which is smaller and vibrant which pack with cool features :
* Portable stereo speaker system
* Bluetooth CSR 4.0
* Built-in microphone  with call answering function
* 3 music playback functions : Bluetooth | Aux-in | TF Card
* Built-in FM Radio
* LED digital display
* User friendly functional buttons design
* 6 equalizer acoustic modes
* Built-in 1800 mAH rechargeable lithium ion battery
* Continuous music play back for up to 6 hours
* Continuous talk time for up to 5 hours

Pandora Neo 200 Retail price MYR149

Mine came white color with very hip changeable handles - hot pink , lime green and orange.

Girl posing with Pandora Neo 200

Pandora Neo 200 is super light and small too. I love this so much.

Girl posing with Pandora Neo products

Tadahhhhh!!!! super light with only one finger for both units.

Don't mind my 'open mouth' pose ...I was super excited during the photo shoot and when I uploaded it only realise my 'jaw drop' pose super obvious awkward! * head down...because I'm ashamed of this pose but still 'thick face' enough and  don't want to re shoot again. hehehehehe...

After  playing around with my new gadgets for a while now...the different between Pandora Neo 500 and Pandora Neo 200 are :

Pandora Neo 200                    Pandora Neo 500
* Smaller                                 * Bigger 
* Changeable handles             * Non changeable handle and come with lux leatherette finish    
* 3 music playbacks                * 5 music playbacks
* no USB play music              * with USB play music

Did I mentioned that I brought home and brought back again to office by fitting Pandora Neo 500 and Pandora Neo 200 into my handbag? Very portable gadgets!

I bet , this new gadget will be my companion for my up coming solo travel soon.

I left Pandora Neo 500 at my office to enjoy with my colleague and that 'cemetery like' office is not the same anymore. Remember when I reached home yesterday evening, message came through my phone,...

Colleague : Yeahhh!!!! I can party with sonicgear
Me : Be my guest....enjoy!!!!
Colleague : Party time!!!!
Me : Whoaaaa!!! you night shift party and me morning shift (since he always back late and I come super early morning)
Colleague : hahahahaha

Pandora Neo 200 is currently be my sleeping companion since I place it right beside my bed for my sentimental moment every night. WTH! so feeling...and I am loving it!

I recommend this for those who are looking for gift especially male friend. You know its always easy to buy gift for girls but for man will be scratching non itchy head all the time.Pandora Neo is a great gift for male friend who love cool stuff so much.

You can do online purchase of Sonic Gear cool gadget including Pandora Neo.
Guess what?
This cool stuff also available from hits online store Lazada  too!
Did I mentioned this item also available at Plaza Low Yat shop like Sri Computer, Viewnet, All IT and nation storewide Popular Bookstore?

Don't forget to check out  and like their official facebook :


  1. It's very convenience! Would like have one when going for trip or when studying...

  2. Wow! I need this to have more fun time.. Let's blast together.. haha~

  3. What a cute device that will never get boring. You are right, guys would love it too.

  4. Oh! This is so convenient!
    The small size makes it portable.

  5. wow it's portable...and it's more convenient

  6. Wow! this is so cool! Feel like want to get one for myself!

  7. Wow this looks so cute! Compact enough for the ladies to use :)

  8. I love the compact size of it. Great to bring around !

  9. wow this looks so nice and useful post surely ladies would love to use it

  10. Wow it's really convenience. Can answer call somemore..

  11. Oh wow great gift!! So travel friendly too!

  12. This look cute and I can grab one for travelling . Then my whole travelling will full of music.

  13. I love the strap which gives a cute and portable to bring it to any where I want =D Color strap was so cute too!

  14. That's cute. The size and available colors. Didn't know it has so many functions.

  15. I just bought a bunch of speakers as well. Really love bluetooth speakers. So easy and portable.

  16. awesome one! love their small and light one for the travel convenience :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  17. so lovely stuff!!! Can bring it during vacation!!

  18. gosh! I think this is really a very good gadget. Love to have portable music with me as well...although I normally only use my smartphone to listen to music. Do let us know how reliable it is. I used to have something like this at the similar price range and normally, it's quite bad quality, as in it can only last for say a few months before it's spoiled. Do update a post on this. ;)

  19. what a pretty little gadget... it is so cute and colourful.... I like!!!

  20. I got the Pandora Neo 500 in lime green and I love the feature and sound quality.

  21. This seems to be a useful one specially when travelling with kids to keep them occupied too. Definitely going to give a try to it.

  22. the speaker is super cute. i'm sure you can also blast music from your office computer no?

  23. This gadget look so cool, stylish and affordable too. I somehoe interested with the Pandora Neo 500. Who knows that I can change my room to a party room at night time to relese my stress. :P

  24. a very old and reliable brand. never hear from them for sometime

  25. The gadget is so cute, my sister will love it, she's a music person :)

  26. looks like cool gadget, and yes, definitely an ideal gift for male counterparts! haha!

  27. Aiyorrr...this is so cute!! Such a cool gadget to own. ^.^

  28. I've heard of Sonic Gear, but have yet to try their products tho. The speakers look kinda cute! xoxo

  29. haha so cute la these bluetooth speakers .. i don't mind having these too.. :)

    have a sonic gear earphone previously, boleh tahan la.


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