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Friday, January 29, 2016


If you have been reading my blog for quite sometimes , more or less you know that I love to do the nature trail walking tour when I go for travel.

I did the same when I was in Chiangmai early this year.


A walk through the nature trail on top of the highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Inthanon really something than I will never forget forever.
Since this is the highest mountain in Thailand with 2,565m, the coolest during Winter time can drop at 0 Degrees. It was winter and drop at 2 Degrees when I visited this place. Super cold! 

Thank God! I remember to pack some shawls with me to cover up my neck and keep me warm through out the nature trail.


On top of Doi Inthanon summit there is also Royal Thai Air Force weather radar station and the Thai National Observatory.

If you see the bottom left photo where many coins being actually a official stamp on the highest peak of Thailand.

The name Doi Inthanon was given in honour of the Thai King Inthanwichayanon who is one of the last King of Chiang Mai.

He was really into the forests in the north and try hard to preserve them. When he passed away he ordered his remains be interred at this place with intention he will remain protect the forest.

He then joined by his daughter Princess  Chao Dara Rasmi who pass away and ordered her ashes to be deposited next to her father King Inthanwichayanon. Both spirit protect the northern Thailand forest. 

You see the photo of that dress hanging on the tree?
Thats for the Princess.

Such a lovely father and daughter team. Even after they pass away still concern about the remains.


I started my walking trails and really happy got to breathe the freshest air ever. Oh! wish could overnight here.

shrine in jungle

Inside the jungle there is another shrine for one of  Royal Air Force Captain who is also a King related. His helicopter went down and killed him in this forest. He is part of the team who contributes towards this national park of Don Inthanon.

Do you see the helicopter propeller remain in that photo?


I was told that Doi Inthanon is also part of Himalayan Alps stretch. No wonder it was so cold. I love the flora and fauna here. They even have many unique species of birds and other animals in this thick and untouched jungle. Seriously smells like a virgin forest to me. 

Don't miss out Doi Inthanon forest park if you happens to visit Chiangmai. Oh! did I mentioned to you the journey is so adventurous too with all those sharp curve and up hills drive?

If you who tends to have nausea for this kind of journey , please prepare some medicine ya...

I am fine through out the journey. Proud of that ...hahaha


  1. You are so brave dear! I don't think I can make it, salute!!

  2. Oh wow so cold! No wonder since it's the highest peak

  3. Oh! I have been here too! I can still remember the hilly drive! It was really an adventurous trip during downhill~~~

  4. Thanks for sharing. Will visit the place in my future trip. :)

  5. What a great love story of the King and his princess to preserve the forest. Truely a great team.

  6. After reading your post, im actually planning my next trip to Chiangmai. haha. thanks alot cindy! :P

  7. Didn't know there's such place in Thailand.
    Thailand in my concept is always hot weather, glad to you could enjoy cool weather in Thailand.

  8. wow.... definitely a very interesting 'expedition' and the princess' dress is just sooo gorgeous.

  9. Wow~ i never been to here before~ the view is so amazing~ i want to visit there~

  10. so scary, glad you came out unscathed. those mountain forest always have spirits protecting them.

  11. I didn't know there are so many attractions in Chiangmai. Dare I go alone???

  12. i cant imagine how cold is it up there...but the view looks great!

  13. thanks for writing this piece, now i know where to travel in chiang mai. definitely a must-visit place for a person who likes altitude. (like me!)

  14. I heard that the weather there is quite cold! I'm gonna plan my visit to Chiang Mai soon =D

  15. Interesting~ Thanks for sharing with us! =D

  16. interesting place to visit, thanks for sharing

  17. Syok...thamks for sharing the lovely pics

  18. Thanks for sharing info and will refer back to this when travelling to chiang mai.

  19. When I see your photos, I thought I see a ghost in your photo, but no.. I glad that this is that dress hanging at the tree! :P

  20. is it cold up there? heard it's getting up in thailand now.

  21. The place look so old but is attracted the tourist to visit it. Thanks for sharing this.

  22. Oh after reading several of your Chaingmai post I feel that I should visit there. SO many things to do and see.

  23. so 'back to nature'.. adventurous you! I personally love urban life better :D

  24. Haven't been to ChiangMai before, will bookmark this post for my travel reference :)

  25. Currently still saving money for my next trip, will take Chiangmai as a keep in view for my next travel destination.

  26. I only visit Bangkok when I'm in Thailand. Chiangmai is so tempting!

  27. Beautiful place. Yes, I will pop the pill! ;)


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