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Be my Valentines...if you DARE! hehehehe...who will if the first sentence already sounds like a threat? huh? No doubt! the fact that we are human with feelings to be love and love somebody. When I was in Pai early this year, coming to this place was not even in my itinerary, though heard about this place before and I thought this is just another ordinary coffee house. The driver I hired  insist me to drop by after filing up my belly with big breakfast.  So glad..I came here. I am a coffee lover myself but I didn't fall in love with coffee here. Oh! don't put off by the coffee or whatsoever. No matter what ...make sure to visit this famous place call coffee in love if you in Pai. I fall in love with the beautiful view. The valley behind this place totally breathtaking. Such an awesome place to retire and live up the remaining golden years. Well..thats what I was thinking when I witness this awesome view. Everything like the fairy tale books I read during my c


If you have been reading my blog for quite sometimes , more or less you know that I love to do the nature trail walking tour when I go for travel. I did the same when I was in Chiangmai early this year. A walk through the nature trail on top of the highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Inthanon really something than I will never forget forever. Since this is the highest mountain in Thailand with 2,565m, the coolest during Winter time can drop at 0 Degrees. It was winter and drop at 2 Degrees when I visited this place. Super cold!  Thank God! I remember to pack some shawls with me to cover up my neck and keep me warm through out the nature trail. On top of Doi Inthanon summit there is also Royal Thai Air Force weather radar station and the Thai National Observatory. If you see the bottom left photo where many coins being actually a official stamp on the highest peak of Thailand. The name Doi Inthanon was given in honour of the Thai King Inthan


My leg still tired and body still aching from Kamikochi jungle marathon the day before. I woke with positive mood expecting new adventure to my Alpine Routes plan. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is know as the "Roof of Japan". The route passes through the dynamic scenery of Mt Tateyama in the Japan Alps. It is traversed using variety vehicles with an elevation change of 2,400 meters from Toyama Prefecture of Nagano Prefecture. Remember, Japan is four seasons country. So view change according to season. I was here on 29th September 2015. My target for the day : * Matsumoto to Tateyama (9 hours Alpines routes) - Check out from Matsumoto * Tateyama - Toyama ( 1 hours) - I need to reach at Toyama before 6pm to collect my backpack. * Toyama - Kanazawa (35 minutes) - overnight at Kanazawa Alpines Routes (A 90km routes that connect Shinano-Omachi with Toyama divided into 9 sections with different type of transport and walking. See picture below. It look so

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