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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Have you ever read or heard about Long Neck people?
Long neck come from Kayan people of Myanmar. They comes from Shan State of Myanmar and fled to Thailand.

dried river

Government of Thailand have been very generous to allow them to live in the Thailand land. There are few settlement of Long Neck tribe or Kayan in Thailand. Most of them live in the compounded settlement with helps of NGO and other volunteer. Most of them grow their own vegetables and find their own food. They are not allowed to live the compounded area,

I visited two Long Neck villages. One is pretty much commercialized which is on the way back from Chiangrai trip.

humanoid carvings with face

I was greeted with this horny carving. They have long neck and long dick too? kekekeke
This place is pretty much commercialized.


Everywhere is all about selling and most long neck woman was dress up and make up to greet the tourist. I don't really like this kind of pretentious kind of set up though!

Even some Long Neck tribe kids will be begging for money from the tourist. hmmmmmmm...

The other long neck tribe in lisu is pretty much untouched and less touristy. Here we can learn their day to day living condition.

boats by a river

This place is locate near mae hong son and to visit this long neck tribe village , one need to take the long boat for at least 30 minutes ride.

river and hills

I love the natural view along the way to this tribe village.

village by a river

The people here are not allow to go out from this place. The only transportation is the boat.

agricultural products

This is how they live. Grow their own food and be creative in surviving too. huhuhuhuh...out of many beautiful things.... I bought dried chilies from here. WTH! Like I cook at home. Damn!

night market

They did some craft and all this will be sold at the night market by the middle man who will come to collect from time to time.

dog and church

I was told many converted to Christianity here. Which I think good since many will have stronger faith to live in this earth.

dried leaves and donation box

This place is much better from the over commercialized village.

people in a river

woman from the long-necked tribe

One of long neck woman and  I was told she wears this since her tender age of 6 years old. Seriously, heavy. It weight around 27 kg. huhuhuhuh...
I asked her whether did she has any neck or back pain problem. She said NO...worrrrr. 

We OL should try to wear this too. kakakaka maybe after that no more neck or back pain.

History on why they wear that ring on their neck.
This tribe mainly live in jungle. Their woman need to go bathing by the river. Many of these woman got killed being attack by the tiger on the way to the river or while bathing. They found out that the tiger will attack the neck first when approach the victim. So the tribe leader urge to put this metal to most girls in this tribe....and they live happily with their long neck and the tiger have to find another victim. 

There you go ....long neck tribe was created. Nowadays , many kayan girl choose not to wear such metal on their neck since they need to adapt with society. They maybe going back to Myanmar they need to look the same like others to blend in with the community. 

I could say many of them miss their home country very much.


  1. this is just so fascinating... it is one of my dream or bucket list too visit these tribe... one fine day... hehehe

  2. nice culture! Long neck women is not easy to see in Malaysia. I will definitely take selfie with her if I go to Chiangmai hehe

  3. like your sharing... u really great experience in explore all nice place all around the world. good to know this place at Myanmar , and story about Kayan ...

  4. I don't understand why they have to lengthen their necks like that. However, I believe that the fact that we travel allows us the opportunity to check out the different cultures.

  5. OMG!!! The long neck lady so awesome...but just wonder how they sleep? izzit wont hurt and feel suffer during bedtime?

  6. The Village look so peaceful and first time I saw long neck lady. All the kid start to put the ring on their neck since they were small.

  7. I agree with you, they shouldnt make the native locals there as an asset for tourism income, that's almost like modern day slavery!

  8. Hahaha what a way to brighten up your trip being greeted by woody d£"$ hahaha. I tmust have been so funny. I have lived in Bangkok for 6 months but i didnt get a chance to head to the north of Thailand, thats sad. I have read that the long neck tribe have those necklaces on lock down, none of them ever has troubles with them because its part of them

  9. okay. I like horny carving LOL. So cute!

  10. Travelling allows one to broaden their mindsets.
    I think this is best displayed through your words and pictures :)

  11. nice culture and long neck lady (that fashion is so rare, hahah)

  12. I wasn't shock about long neck women, because I ever saw women with heavy huge earrings until the ears're getting down and long hahaha, the place is so quiet and chill but I worried about the internet or electricity, is that available? hehehe

  13. This is a great experience although sad that one of the tribes have been commercialized for monetary reasons. The place looks really serene too. There aren't many tribes like this nowadays

  14. I've been to 1 of ChiangMai's long neck tribe village, but that's a small one! Definitely checking this out for the next trip!

  15. Wow! never knew they had a tribe village in chiangmai. ahh i want to gooo

  16. Never know there are LONG NECK TRIBE VILLAGE around Chiang Mai ... thank you for sharing :)

  17. Long Neck Village, I knew this from national geographic. Can upload more photo of long neck lady ?

  18. I have never been to this village before. Fascinating culture. Would love to appreciate and write about their food culture as well when there is the opportunity.

  19. seems like a very nice place to visit! would love to go there one day by myself!

  20. I have been to the touristy one and it put me off too. It's really sad to see.
    This is a lovely culture that has been abused by the tourism body.

    The village visit looks fascinating though! Would love to explore there one day. :D

  21. the village looks so beautiful! :D good to buy village produce from them

  22. never been here regardless visiting chiang mai for a couple of times.

  23. it would be so interesting to visit the village you are so blessed to be there

  24. I cannot imagine having this stuff on my neck now..

  25. next destination added. its look so much fun there .

  26. I only read about Long Neck cultural in ChiangMai online before, wish to see it myself one day too :)

  27. I have not been to Chiangmai so good info for me to keep in mind while travelling.

  28. This is a must visit place for the first timer in Chiang Mai. Its very unique and I like the village laid back environment.

  29. wow at those horny carving.. ke ke ke ke

  30. Always wanted to visit the Long Neck Tribe Village but you got to it first. Hahaha! Nice! xoxo

  31. Love the culture and the scenery there is amazing. It must have been such a nice experience for you dear :)

  32. Wahhh kak Reena already in Chiangmai? Dont forget to share all your experiences there :D


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