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Have you ever read or heard about Long Neck people?
Long neck come from Kayan people of Myanmar. They comes from Shan State of Myanmar and fled to Thailand.

dried river

Government of Thailand have been very generous to allow them to live in the Thailand land. There are few settlement of Long Neck tribe or Kayan in Thailand. Most of them live in the compounded settlement with helps of NGO and other volunteer. Most of them grow their own vegetables and find their own food. They are not allowed to live the compounded area,

I visited two Long Neck villages. One is pretty much commercialized which is on the way back from Chiangrai trip.

humanoid carvings with face

I was greeted with this horny carving. They have long neck and long dick too? kekekeke
This place is pretty much commercialized.


Everywhere is all about selling and most long neck woman was dress up and make up to greet the tourist. I don't really like this kind of pretentious kind of set up though!

Even some Long Neck tribe kids will be begging for money from the tourist. hmmmmmmm...

The other long neck tribe in lisu is pretty much untouched and less touristy. Here we can learn their day to day living condition.

boats by a river

This place is locate near mae hong son and to visit this long neck tribe village , one need to take the long boat for at least 30 minutes ride.

river and hills

I love the natural view along the way to this tribe village.

village by a river

The people here are not allow to go out from this place. The only transportation is the boat.

agricultural products

This is how they live. Grow their own food and be creative in surviving too. huhuhuhuh...out of many beautiful things.... I bought dried chilies from here. WTH! Like I cook at home. Damn!

night market

They did some craft and all this will be sold at the night market by the middle man who will come to collect from time to time.

dog and church

I was told many converted to Christianity here. Which I think good since many will have stronger faith to live in this earth.

dried leaves and donation box

This place is much better from the over commercialized village.

people in a river

woman from the long-necked tribe

One of long neck woman and  I was told she wears this since her tender age of 6 years old. Seriously, heavy. It weight around 27 kg. huhuhuhuh...
I asked her whether did she has any neck or back pain problem. She said NO...worrrrr. 

We OL should try to wear this too. kakakaka maybe after that no more neck or back pain.

History on why they wear that ring on their neck.
This tribe mainly live in jungle. Their woman need to go bathing by the river. Many of these woman got killed being attack by the tiger on the way to the river or while bathing. They found out that the tiger will attack the neck first when approach the victim. So the tribe leader urge to put this metal to most girls in this tribe....and they live happily with their long neck and the tiger have to find another victim. 

There you go ....long neck tribe was created. Nowadays , many kayan girl choose not to wear such metal on their neck since they need to adapt with society. They maybe going back to Myanmar they need to look the same like others to blend in with the community. 

I could say many of them miss their home country very much.

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