Friday, February 26, 2016


Most of us drive to work , college and even during weekend for our leisure time. Nowadays, traffic is getting bad and people are getting crazier! I guess because of food they ate and also stress in life.

I always believe every traffic jam start with an 'idiot' act'! Here are some of list that I can think off base on my experience driving on the road.

1. When the driver are busy texting at a red light and they don't notice the light turn green. 

"Gosh! You just make me miss the green light!"

2. When the other driver just stare at you when you are both stopped at an intersection. 


3. Fast car show offs out of sudden. 

"DAMN! wish you hit that barrier!"

4. When they all change lane on the sudden without any signal.

"Hey! am I invisible?"

5. A sudden 'U- Turn'.

"Huh! forgot something?"

6. They drive 10 mph under the speed limit.

" Hit it up, MAN!"

7. That same driver who drive under 10 mph speed limit drive over the yellow light and leave you stuck at the red light.

" Gosh! how convenient? "

8. When you are driving over the speed limit and somebody STILL BUSY TAILGATING you and flash you a high beam with signal to the right.

" Go la ..go la..see whether you can go or not??? You 'KOPI O' licence fella!!!"

9. When someone brakes hard at the very last minutes.

" You shocked me!!!! Hey! I don't wanna kiss you!!! "

10. When the driver in front of you act super generous and let everyone cut in front of them.

" Isk ..isk..isk ...why you so stingy to me? "

11. When the drivers merge into the turn lane cutting off everyone who's already in line like long hours. I bet you face this everyday.

" How convenient!!! Thick face!"

12. When you let the other driver through and THEY JUST PULL their POKER and ARROGANT FACE!

" Ungrateful fella! "

13. When the other driver go too slow in the fast lane of the highway.

" So relax hor...UNCLE? AUNTIE? 

14. When the other driver forgot to turn the headlights at night.

" Ommaaaa!!!!!! where are you come from why suddenly appear?  You were right behind me all this while?"

15. When they are busy chatting to the people in the car rather than focus on the road.

" Hope nothing bad happen? God Bless! Amin!!!!!"

16. Endless Motorcycles in between of the lane. You can't even change lane . You will get honk by those motorist if you even dare to signal out to give way.

" Haihhhh! I paid more road tax but yet you are the King! "

17. The other driver blasting their bass out loud and it hit your heart.

" I think I just got a heart attack! "

18. Crazy driver testing new car by 'zig zagging ' .

" Owwwhh!!! common!!!! "

19. The driver too focus talking on the phone while driving and just drive as if the road is his.

" Dude!!!! park a side la.....Don't you see this long line behind you?"

20. The no passer. This driver is driving very slow but when you trying to over take , they speed up so you don't have chance to over take.

" You...small heart fella!!!! I wish you meet your match soon! Good Luck! "

Here goes at least these are the list of most annoying people while I driving everyday. What is your story? Mind Sharing? I give you chance to let out your frustration and rant your driving experience here on my site.

Let it go! Let it go!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I was recently recalling back the memories of 20 years ago, when first came to work in KL. Those days just a fresh young starter. No car to drive to work. No such thing as building up career because I don't have privilege to even think about that! I only work and earns to survive and help my family financially.

My greatest challenges in KL those days was commuting to work and other places. Not sure whether any of you remember that MADNESS PINK COLOR MINI BUS? I don't see that anymore.

I was one of those 'lucky' one who risked life and limb sit...errrkkk..mostly stand pack like overloaded sardines in the can. It sounds absurd. That notorious pale pink mini bus brought me to places.

Same goes with shabby, run down and smelly Metro Bus. Did I mentioned the anger management issue and high competitive driver too?

I have few bitter sweet experience with those two transportation.


I have chance risking my life standing by the edge of the staircase while the maniac driver not sure whether those driver was sober while driving over the road concrete slab to avoid the staggering, infuriating and miserable crawl along KL roads. Serious! I feel like a 'Stunt Girl' risking my life to go to work. No BB or CC Cream. We only have liquid foundation. By the time I reached office my dark skin became darker ever with all dusk sticking on my face. Am I ready to work. By the time I reach work place, even my dress look like a crumple paper. Haihhhhhh...this is the time most people like me wish to be born in rich or at least well to do family. isk isk isk..


Gosh! super embarrassing for this one. Most of the time end up standing on this bus. I end up landing on one old man lap when the bus did the emergency brake. Aihhhhh!!! That old man screamed like one big hyppo just fall to his lap. Ishhhh... like I am going to get down at the next stop. But still long way to go. Got up and pull straight face . Say sorry and pretend nothing happen. choice!


Most of the time I will board the bus at very early morning to go to work to avoid late comers penalty. So I was like forcing myself to wake up as early as 5:00am sometimes even at 4:00am to get on the first bus. Most of the time I end up sleeping while the bus waiting for other passenger to board in before start the day. This is in Metro bus. There was one time when the fares collector came to me ..I blurted out something that made me wanna get down the bus for instant or even wish to turn back time. 

I said...'One Ice Lemon Tea'! You know what reply I gotten from that fares collector at that time?

"Sis! do you need 'Roti Telur' too?" Everybody in the bus laugh like mad at me ! WTH

Haihhhh...this is the time I wish to bury my head down in the ground like an ostrich!


Most of the public transport those day was not even on schedule. Travelling back home after work is like pain to my leg. Its like endless waiting. I woke at very early in the morning and end up reach home like almost midnight just because of that poor ethic of the driver plus the traffic crawl. Madness!!!! Earn for a living those days seriously hard at least for me.


Some people less concern on surrounding and end up board the bus without even wash themselves. Haihhhhhh... you imaging end up standing under smelly armpit fella. Yuckkkksss!!!!  I am not that tall woman myself. It seriously a smells galore with a blend of smoke and sweat. I could describe my expression was like stinks to "high heavens"!

At this time, I wish somebody could invent some spray to neutralizing this bad odor.


DOM or Dirty Old Man and those 'sex manic' was like everywhere and everyday.If you are not careful you will feel the hand squeezing your breast or even a hard erected willy behind your back. Ewwwwww!!! For woman just beware and act rough. I guess my strong character helps with this. 


Remember when 'Hari Raya' coming! I will be queuing even before 'Fasting Month' start just for bus ticket to go back home. There was one time the original bus which suppose to bring back home change to school bus. I bought express bus ticket. End up travel for more than 6 hours to reach home town in Taiping. Seriously the bus I board is just a regular yellow school bus. No air conditioning which left me baking hot in the bus The seat was like taking the horse ride. But to slower one. Not to mentioned the window got stuck and couldn't close during rainy day. Haihhhhh....the most tiring journey ever.

The Metro buses suppose to replace that terrifying mini buses. Unfortunately, no changed to commuters at all. The driver was like grumpy ex grand prix driver who drive like a 'kamikaze' style. Not to mentioned the horrible bus system too. If one took the wrong bus, one will end in Kepong when the original destination to Damansara.

I have fond memories of the nerve-jangling bus rides those days. When I was stuck in traffic jam while driving and saw those people who ride the bus, it remind me on those days.

I paid between RM0.60 to RM1.00 for bus fares. These days the fares much higher than that. Do you think the condition is far better? LRT and MRT? Do you think this transportation are any good with fares they charged? Will MRT solve the traffic problem?

What is your experience? Mind sharing?

Monday, February 22, 2016


At age of 42 years! I am this old already.
I know the reality the beauty won't last forever. I can't fight the old aging process but I always believe can try to slow down the process by eat healthily , maintain healthy lifestyle and taking care of skin. It is important to use 5 STAR product with good ingredients for skin. 

Recently I was up for 7 days challenge to try out KOSÉ SEKKISEI special edition trial kit! This is a collaboration with The Butterfly Project.

The claimed that make me attracted :

* This products use a trio of oriental plant extracts : Coix Seed, Melothria (White Lotus) and Angelica.

Gosh! I am one person who love herbs and spices. The smells of this products suit me well.  It smells like nature and its freshen up my mood and skin as well!

You know our Mother Nature are getting super sick now. So we currently living in very harsh environment, so it is important to find product which can work perfectly to protect our skin in this current condition!

* Commitment to help women attain bright and translucent skin with glowing radiance, just like fresh snow. No wonder they recently introduce Setsuko as their icon! Just right with the claimed.

What is my 7 days skin regime with KOSÉ SEKKISEI’s ? 

1st Step : SKIN CLEANSE with KOSÉ SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash

Experience - love that this product cleanse my skin delicately without disturbing the moisture of my skin. So don't worry about getting the skin dry after cleanse since this white liquid wash is Taurine based cleansing agents which leave skin clean and hydrated. Yeay!!! Beyond my expectation, this cleanse has Rubus Suavissmus Extract which helps to enhance skin dullness and soothes UV damage. 

2nd Step : KOSÉ SEKKISEI Lotion

Experience - Don't worry! I don't skip the most important step in daily skin regime which is toner. This Lotion is used as toner instead. It has a perfect fine textured hydrating lotion balances out skin's moisture levels, prevents dullness, soothes redness and many more. You can use this like normal toner onto your skin.

I use the KOSÉ tip for instant hydration by using the bihadagoyomi mask (there that small tablet photo above on the bottom right) into the cap and pour the KOSÉ SEKKISEI lotion until the mask tablet puffs up! I place on face for 10 minutes to soothe up my tired skin. Serious its hydrated instantly!

3rd Step : KOSÉ SEKKISEI Emulsion

Experience - One of my favorite in this challenge! I love it the fact this quick-absorbing works not just on the surface but in deep skin too. I have a dark spots and also dry skin. This emulsion helps to reduce this problems and dark spot getting much lighter and my skin isn't drier anymore.

I just pumps this emulsion 2 times and apply it all over my face in light circular motion but more concentrate to my problem area.

The ingredients use for this KOSÉ SEKKISEI Emulsion is superb! To name some great oriental herbs in it - Inula Britanica Flower, Chinese Pearl Barley, Paeonia Albiflora Root, Melorihria Heterophylla and Angelica which helps for more translucent complexion!

4th Step : KOSÉ SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask

Experience : I applied this black color peeled off mask twice in 7 days challenge. Love it! It helps to remove the dullness and dead skin cells, brightens and hydrates at the same time! They use Chinese Quince extracts which inhibits sebum production and a blend of oriental plant extracts for whitening benefits. Love that this black mask easily spread out onto skin without that stickiness and dripping all over the place.

I wanted to show my face covered with that mask but recently photo got wipe out and I don't have time to do the shoot again! Yup! so busy with audit in office. haihhhh!!!!

There you experience using this KOSÉ SEKKISEI Special Trial Kit. You can also can get yours at only RM99/- with all mentioned products above in the kit. Its especially for KOSÉ SEKKISEI first time users . So one can just buy this and try to see the suitability for skin before purchasing a full sized products!

What you get in KOSÉ SEKKISEI Special Trial Kit?

KOSÉ SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash (20 ml)
* KOSÉ SEKKISEI Lotion (100ml)
* KOSÉ SEKKISEI Emulsion (70ml)
KOSÉ SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask (10g)
* Bihadagoyomi Mask 3 pcs
* Exclusive Setsuko pouch (Kimono style / City Chic Style)

Retail price for full size KOSÉ SEKKISEI products range at KOSÉ counter :

* KOSÉ SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash (140ml/ RM131.40)
KOSÉ SEKKISEI Lotion (200ml / RM180.20 , 360ml / RM275.60)
KOSÉ SEKKISEI Emulsion (140ml / RM191.80)
KOSÉ SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask (80g / RM94.30)
* KOSÉ SEKKISEI Sun Protect Essence Gel SPF50+/PA++++ (80g / RM98)
KOSÉ SEKKISEI Sun Protect Essence Milk SPF50+/PA++++ (60g / RM105)

I love my new skin. Feel like a new person. I can feel it less dry, less dull now and most import the spot kind of lighter a bit! Thank you KOSÉ SEKKISEI for restoring translucence to my skin!

KOSÉ SEKKISEI  came to me with love like this a few weeks ago. I love it back ! Personally kind of in love with KOSÉ SEKKISEI Emulsion and Lotion. It suits my skin well. Thank you for introduce me with this awesome products!

At first wanna do my review with props sent along with this lovely box. haihhhh...I got very impatient with all balloon scattered all over and hard to manage floating heat like this. It flew up stick on the ceiling and almost cause accident with ceiling fan too. WTH! I end up tie this balloon on my treadmill. kekekekeke....My treadmill full of love now!

Oh! almost forgot to mentioned you can get one of the kind Sekkisei Sakura editions of their favourite products, Sekkisei Lotion Sakura Design (500ml / RM331.70) and also Sekkisei Kit Sakura design at RM150 which you can get - Lotion (140ml) , Emulsion (70ml) and Lotion Mask (1pc)

For more information  about KOSÉ SEKKISEI and its new special edition trial kit, you can follow KOSÉ Malaysia on :

Facebook : kose.malaysia
Official Website :

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


female celebrities wearing jumpsuits

I am sure most of you have seen jumpsuit before? 

Despite the pictorial above , I could describe jumpsuit as a top attached to pants or shorts and a cinched waist.

Jumpsuits made their debut in the fashion world back in the 1960s and since then have become the favourites among fashionista worldwide. 

In addition to picking what colour and kind of jumpsuit that is suitable for the occasion, you should know how to style and accessories your outfit to dress and look your best.

Jumpsuit made a huge comeback last season back in 2014 and even up until now we still can see women walking down the streets wearing them in a gorgeous attitude. Although it is still worn by the ladies, the fashion industry has adopted and modified the look to be one of the must-haves for this season.

If you want to choose one to complete your closet you must have these three key factors in your mind –

* body type, 
* occasion and 
* season. 

How to find for the right jumpsuit?

1. Right Length 

Jumpsuits normally comes in various length and sizes. If you have that height to proud can easily get away with sweeping, floor length piece. If you are the petite type just like me, do settle it with the above knee length. 

Not just bottom length, you need to pay attention to the sleeves length too. If you have a perfect tone up arms, you work hard and you deserve to enjoy that halter top, sleeveles or even tube top jumpsuits. For butterfly flabby arms like me, long sleeved jumpsuits look elegant, classy and more important hide away all those access dangling fat! hehehehe

2. Solid Color or Color Blocked

Well color blocked jumpsuits can be acceptable if done it moderately. However , most solid color  lengths the body.

3. Right Fit and Size

It's important to get right fit when it comes to jumpsuit. You don't one to look like a potato sacks which cause you look super ugly.

If you in doubt , get the loose and draped while clinching the waist.

Having the best jumpsuits look doesn’t only involves in getting one that fits you well, but you must know how to pair it with the right matching accessories to give the same jumpsuit a variety of looks!

* Belts can alter your appearance and hide some body parts while enhancing others. 

* Jewellery is another great choice of accessory to be paired with a jumpsuit. It can drastically change your look where you can go from casual to work ready with the perfect necklace and earrings. Jackets should be in your list too and never forget to have the right shoes to accentuate your legs and add a few inches.

Now you can find a wide selection of women jumpsuits of various styles on many online shopping websites in Malaysia. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get one to add to your closet!

Monday, February 15, 2016


woman posing with skincare product

Last Christmas, I was at The Face Shop looking for gel to heal my ugly hyper-pigmentation spot. I end up bought myself this awesome The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ 

Yup! you read it right, this is not sponsor review. I bought it from my hard earned money and review it for benefit of my readers. So this is totally independent review and please read it without doubt. Ahaks! :)

As advertised it seems this thing is for hot weather which is like our country , Malaysia. Two key features are HIGH COVERAGE and BRIGHTENING. Well ...this is the features that drawn me to buy this that day. WTH!

The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion comes in two shades :

* V201 - Apricot Beige which is in lighter shade
* V203 - Natural Beige is for the darker shade.

Since I am at that darker shade skin tone ..WTH! so I bought V203.

Oh! forgot to tell you that another claim is The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion can keep your skin moisturizing for 25 hours.

So lets test this 25 hours...and see whether it last without any touch up for at least 12 hours. don't expect me not go to sleep just to test it 25 hours right? or me go to sleep without remove this from my face right? 

haihhhh!!!! as much as I wanna do an honest review for you...I won't jeopardize my beautiful skin for your sake. DUH!!!! hehehehehe

coffee bean and tea leaf

I was invited to attend some event by Sg Wang Plaza and Park Royal , Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon and evening. So , I decided to go out early in the morning. I went for breakfast around 8am at The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf. Then off to watch movie. If I am not mistaken that time I watch Star Wars.

After the awesome movie date, I went straight to the event at Sg Wang Plaza. After enjoying the awesome flash mob dance and shopping around at flea market, I off to next event which was a party sponsored by ParkRoyal Kuala Lumpur. 

woman in Santa hat

I don't do any touch up at all for this afternoon event and my skin still well covered.Not oily at all. Awesome right? I really love this since this is perfect to wear during long hours flight. Say is a late night flight and reach the next country at early hours skin remain moisturize this way. 

WHOAAAAA!!!! I don't even need a liquid BB or CC Cream with me.

I was walking to the next annex building and it was raining. Gosh! this thing work wonder...its water proof too. My skin still well covered too. WTH!


It was around 7:30pm after my last event...walauweeiiiii...look at my skin without any touch up since early morning. Still awesome and pretty!  Awwwww!!!! Happy weiii!!! No need to do that troublesome girly touch up...just to look good. By the time I reached home is around 9:30pm and my skin still perfect , not even oily or dry. DAEBAK!

My verdict to The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion - I love it and totally recommended for those who find its troublesome to do that girly touch up. Oh! did I mentioned it has UV filters for sunscreen protection too and most important it does not have that ugly flakes on your skin.

Friday, February 12, 2016


Be my Valentines...if you DARE! hehehehe...who will if the first sentence already sounds like a threat? huh?

No doubt! the fact that we are human with feelings to be love and love somebody.

When I was in Pai early this year, coming to this place was not even in my itinerary, though heard about this place before and I thought this is just another ordinary coffee house.

The driver I hired  insist me to drop by after filing up my belly with big breakfast.  So glad..I came here.

I am a coffee lover myself but I didn't fall in love with coffee here. Oh! don't put off by the coffee or whatsoever. No matter what ...make sure to visit this famous place call coffee in love if you in Pai.

I fall in love with the beautiful view. The valley behind this place totally breathtaking. Such an awesome place to retire and live up the remaining golden years. Well..thats what I was thinking when I witness this awesome view. Everything like the fairy tale books I read during my childhood time.

Oh! dear..I think I fall in love with this place. I imagine myself with my bun silver hair feeding milk cow, harvest lettuce, raspberry and strawberry from my own garden.

Then bake bread for my sandwiches meal.mmmmmm....this sounds good huh?

I would plant the colorful cosmos flowers , orchids and roses around my lil cottage by the valley.Oh! such a sweet dream , I have here...mmmm...sounds like a beautiful plan coming up!

Back in Malaysia, I quickly look up to purchase piece of valley land near Pai. Ngeeeeee...can buy the land but the problem is....gosh!!!! I need to train myself to camp on my own land. 
Now I started to imagine myself with sleeping bag and pot of ramen. Otteoke! 

Hehehehe...not enough money to build the house ..duh!!!! Oh gosh! I am such a dreamer!

I told one of my friend on my dream to settle down my golden years time in Pai. He was ...WHAT??? How to visit you with all those sharp curves all the way up to this place? Not to mentioned the airfares alone are too costly? 

Friend : I thought you told me you are going to settle down in Jeju Island then becoming that female diver and sell oyster.

Me was like...errrkkkkk?

Me : Did I? know what? Recently, I went to Lexis and I just found out that I unable to float and way beyond diving. So will be difficult for me to find oyster in that situation not floating and also dive condition...right?

He was like.....aihhhh!

Friend : you this also can ar? from the sea and now up to mountain.  why so fickle one?


So..starting this year I am saving up to buy property in Pai , Thailand for my retirement preparation. My friend was like...Oit! Cindy... Oit! what is next from you??? Such a dreamer!!!

huhuhuhu... oh my friend just wait until I buy one and let us see who is that dreamer? I really wanna stay here.

Owhhh...was thinking to learn some baking too. I need to earn for my living. Maybe a small homestay with sweet lil cafe.

Believe it or not???? The photo above..if you see the bottom right..that was taken in this place toilet? No wonder the person ahead of me took super long time in this place. She must be busy selfie inside here.

Cuppa coffee here...even though not so delicious but the view make everything superlicious.

Talking about weekend full of love...Happy Lovey Dovey Weekend my dear friends!

I am in love with this place. My focus now to retire here at beautiful place called Pai. Who time I will be updating my blog from this beautiful place call Pai?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


If you happen to visit Pai or Mae Hong Son while you in Chiangmai, its a good idea to include Tham Lod in your itinerary. Reason being , Tham Lod is located in between of Pai and Mae Hong Son and since you already went through that deadly , sickly curves journey already...why not visit this interesting place.

Tham is Thai Language for Cave. Lod Cave or Tham Lod is a huge cave where you can see many interesting fragile ecosystem encased in solid stone. Apart from you be able to meet with big fat carp and bat and its stinky pooh...the most interesting of all is to witness the 500 years old log coffins. 

Land of Pee Mann

No 'PEE'ing man here! You can see many bats pooh though! yikes!

You won't be able to explore the cave without any lantern tour guide and taking the bamboo rafting. There are many of them and most of them will not harass you to choose them. They use numbers and everybody will take their turn. Mine was a young girl who facing the low season for farming due to winter. Yes . She is a farmer and doing this is just a part time. I walk very fast but she was super fast to me. WTH! 

rafts on river

The water is just like ankle deep but it is encourage to take bamboo rafting. Like I said before you will meet the big fat carp and cat fish at this place. How to walk with them dominating the whole area? Don't forget to buy some fish food near ticket counter. Many selling cheap like 30 - 40 sen big bag. 

fishes in river

I was told this fish live with the supplement pellet feeds from tourist and their main diet is baby swifts that fall from the cavern ceiling. These fish was busy racing against the current following the bamboo raft. 

Dare not put out my hand out. Who know I will lose my precious finger because that fishes thought my finger is their food pellets?

Yup! the whole journey , I was super froze afraid to be the food of these big fish! hehehehehe super dramatic thinking again.

rafting into cave
Now you understand the important to have lantern guide with you? See how dark it is? Yeah! you may say you smartphone has a torchlight or whatsoever...but when you reach there you hand busy supporting yourself and also busy taking photo. Which hand you will hold that torchlight of yours?.

The cave consists of 3 rooms - Column Cave , Doll Cave and Coffins Cave.

All these cave full of lives stalactites and stalagmites, formed over thousand of years of slowly dripping water. So try not to touch this lives form!

Column cave - you can see many big tall pillars form and in another Cave call Doll cave, one can use imagination to imagine the image and structure form from natural.

inside a cave

I can see space ship, mushroom, man pennies, female bosom, werewolf face and many more.

texture in a cave

The even have huge snake head and even crocodile in here.

paintings and sculptures on cave walls

There the female bosom and animal image from the  cave wall.

dark cave

The last room , Coffin cave you have to take the bamboo raft to another side of cave.

people rafting to the other side of cave

Jeng ...jeng.. the stinky bat pooh smells fill my nose. uhuk uhuk...hardly breathe here . I just wanna quickly finish this one!

I feel eerie once my one feet step on the shore of this cave.
Erkkkk....otteoke! Spirit don't follow me. Go away! I just visit you and bless your soul. Pray my heart. Chaebal!!!!

inside a cave

Here I need to be careful, there are many steep ladder to climb. I  need to prepare to use my knee strength to climb up and down since my hand cannot bear to even touch the hand rail full of bat pooh! ewwwwww!!!! 

I can't blame the bat for pooh'ing everywhere though! This their house I am vising. They can pooh anywhere they want to. Advisable to bring some wet tissue!

Inside the cave it is deadly quiet but the flow of water sounds of the outside world sealed off behind thick walls of limestone.

Just who the log coffin people is still remain mystery. Local Shan people believe that they were tall spirits wandered the caves and used the tombs as their resting places. To local these cave are known as 'Tham Pee Man' in Thailand and translate as 'Large Spirit Caves'. OMO!

log coffins

Most coffins are massive trunks of teak, split in half and hollowed out, so that each had a base and lid. Many coffins bearing carved head posts in over 50 different styles. Thank God! no bones fragments or whatsoever in there! I was told most has been moved to the museum. Thank God!

I guess... I will faint to see the bones fragments in there. phewwww!!!!

Many believe the log coffin people belonged to the upper society and were buried along with precious possessions for use in an elaborate afterlife. mmmmmmmm....this reminds me to 'Firaun' and those King and Queen who unable to 'let go'!

Can't help to imagine this cave was once lit by fiery torches and echoing with ancestral rites voices. Here goes my wild imagination again.

rafts on river

Its a great experience to visit such place. End of my journey visit to pre historic caves.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Do you know Mentholathum?

Mentholathum is the company manufacture and marketer for non prescription drugs and health care products. Some of brands can be associated with Mentholathum is Lipice, Oxy, Hada Labo, Selsun, Sunplay, Rohto C Cube , Deep Heating Rubs and most recent they launch Botanics.

bottles of skincare products, sheet masks

Recently, Mentholathum developed a brand new facial care series called Botanics. This series is inspired by the goodness of nature from the earth. The ingredients of Botanics Series are from the highest and the finest quality natural herbal essences.

The Botanics consist of four range of products - tube face wash , foaming face wash, pump face wash and mask sheets. So far these are the range available for consumers. 

series of foaming wash

* Foaming wash series is the light foamy facial cleanser.

There are 2 Foaming Wash Face Wash  at 160 ml available for you to choose :

Whitening (suitable for all skin types)

-  Contains Narcissus extracts which naturally revive dull skin to enhance skins fairness, aloe vera extracts to hydrate and refine skin texture which also helps to make skin tone even with a natural translucent glow.

Oil and Blemish Control (suitable for oily / combination skin)

- Contains tea tree and Ylang Ylang extracts to control and effectively prevent blemishes and blackheads.

* Pump Wash series 150g is convenient and easy to control the amount. all you need is just 2 pumps from this bottle for your pretty face care.

There are 2 pump face wash for your selections :

Moisturising and Brightening (suitable for all skin types)

- Contains Rosehips oil which well know and naturally rich in Vitamin C to help brighten skin tone and improve skin luminosity leaving skin looking healthy with enhanced natural radiance.

Deep Clean

- Contains Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang extracts to control and effectively prevent blemishes and blackheads.

tubes of face wash

* Face Wash tube 100g series is suitable for travel and on the go ladies out there. Perfect natural scent to wakes up your cells.

It comes in 4 choices :

Hydra Whitening (suitable for all skin types)

- Contains Arbutin , an extract from Natural Bearberry plant which helps to brighten and improve skin's radiance and Agave to retain moisture.

Deep Cleansing

-Contains tea tree and Ylang Ylang extracts to control and effectively prevent blemishes and blackheads.


- Deeply hydrates skin with Jasmin and Calendula plant extracts that leaves skin feeling cleaned , hydrated , soft and refreshed.

Pore Refining

- Formulated with Rosemary and Witch Hazel extract to help purify pores and re balance oil for a refined ,clear and smooth skin.

My favourite among all is the facial mask sheet full of goodness herbal extracts and essence which comes with affordable price.

facial sheets masks

* Mentholathum Botanics Facial Mask comes in 5 types to spoil your selection :

- Rosehip oil - brightening
- Lavendar - Soothing
- Aloe Vera - Hydrating
- Pomegranate - Anti Oxidant
- Rosemary - Pore Refining

flowers in a pot

I was at Mentholathum Botanics booth which prettily set up at One Utama last weekend to experience and explore these awesome facial care series.

dried flowers in a glass container with spoon

Love the flowers and herbs tea served during this event. I chose green lemon and apple flower in my tea bag and the result was simply fantastic suit to my taste bud.

aisle full of skincare products

The NEW Mentholatum Botanics series currently available for your grab only at Guardian Pharmacy. Just look out for this kind of shelf and get yours. Price? Seriously , affordable for all.

* Face Wash 100g Retail Price RM14.90
* Pump Wash 150ml Retail Price RM21.90
* Foam Wash 160ml Retail Price RM25.90
* Mask Sheet ,22ml/pouch Retail Price RM6.90

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Monday, February 1, 2016


Our life on this earth is just a temporary place and everything in our life is full of uncertainty. The most certainty we can confirm is we all going to leave this earth one day. It just we don't know when is our time.

I always told my may be old, that doesn't mean your times up will come first. I may go much earlier than you. Whatever I do here on earth I wanna do and live without regrets. 

Since my parent brings me up with lots of hardship, which I can't believe that we made it this far.I wants as much as possible for them to leave this place happily with no pain or regrets in mind.

It is worth it feeling to see a happy face of your old parent when you bring them to experience something that they never even dream about it before.

I brought them to Grand Lexis, Port Dickson last year. 
This year I brought them to experience living in luxury at Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson

I can't afford for more than a night but still I can see thankful and happy faces of my family.

Thank you God!

The room at Grand Lexis is much spacious from here Lexis Hibiscus. This place is pretty much new and the room that I booked is Premium Pool Villa.

I add more money to get full sea view and more privacy to let my family enjoy the space. Not just the pool...they even have steam room too. NICE!!!!

Gosh! If I don't upgrade , we may have neighbour peeping while we swimming in the pool. The lay out of this place is totally lack of privacy. So need to be clear when you book at this place. Just a reminder to manage your expectation. You can see more photos below so you know what I mean.

I brought my Sonic Gear Pandora Neo500 to enjoy the sea view and sometimes the plane taking off too. The view from this place is kind of awesome. Very peaceful!

My old Dad and Mom repeating told me, They feel happy for this chance to experience such moment. If you were would you feel? It was a mixed feelings for me. Happy and sad at the same time. 

My heart says : 

" How much time left for both of us to meet on this earth, Dad? 
Maybe this is the last time for us to spend time this way? 
If I go first, can you let me go? 
If you leave first...can I not weep and just let you go peacefully ? 
Thank you for your hardship to let me live the way I am now."

We did the family evening walk slowly around the resort while waiting for the sun setting and enjoy the view together.

Mom on her wheel chair and Dad walk by her side slowly and patiently while my Last Sis faithfully pushing the Mom's wheel chair. My Third Sis and me follow slowly from behind.

Thinking about this all five of us never have such time together since our last trip to Bukit Tinggi, Padang.

The view of sun setting was awesome at this resort. We can't view it from our room...because we can see.....

jeng ...jeng.. sunrise from our room view. DAEBAK!!!!

Oh! that one not mermaid..She is my Third Sis.

My Dad was so excited with this sunrise view. He even waited for it since early morning. Gosh! That old man must be waiting for it anxiously since last night. Oh yeay! forgot to mention that at night the stars on the sky was fabulous too. My Dad almost sleep by the pool for open sky view. Dad is in his mid 70s years old. So worried he will fall sick due to over excited. WTH!!!!

Top left photo: Mom, Dad , Last Sis and my Third Sis with a background of Sunrise.

Isn't this fabulous view? Enjoy this while we can...

I will keep this great memory with me Lexis Hibiscus. Such an awesome place with family. I will come here again hopefully with all 5 of us. Please Stay well and be healthy!