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Vegreen Vegan Skincare Review

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Our life on this earth is just a temporary place and everything in our life is full of uncertainty. The most certainty we can confirm is we all going to leave this earth one day. It just we don't know when is our time.

I always told my may be old, that doesn't mean your times up will come first. I may go much earlier than you. Whatever I do here on earth I wanna do and live without regrets. 

Since my parent brings me up with lots of hardship, which I can't believe that we made it this far.I wants as much as possible for them to leave this place happily with no pain or regrets in mind.

It is worth it feeling to see a happy face of your old parent when you bring them to experience something that they never even dream about it before.

I brought them to Grand Lexis, Port Dickson last year. 
This year I brought them to experience living in luxury at Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson

I can't afford for more than a night but still I can see thankful and happy faces of my family.

Thank you God!

The room at Grand Lexis is much spacious from here Lexis Hibiscus. This place is pretty much new and the room that I booked is Premium Pool Villa.

I add more money to get full sea view and more privacy to let my family enjoy the space. Not just the pool...they even have steam room too. NICE!!!!

Gosh! If I don't upgrade , we may have neighbour peeping while we swimming in the pool. The lay out of this place is totally lack of privacy. So need to be clear when you book at this place. Just a reminder to manage your expectation. You can see more photos below so you know what I mean.

I brought my Sonic Gear Pandora Neo500 to enjoy the sea view and sometimes the plane taking off too. The view from this place is kind of awesome. Very peaceful!

My old Dad and Mom repeating told me, They feel happy for this chance to experience such moment. If you were would you feel? It was a mixed feelings for me. Happy and sad at the same time. 

My heart says : 

" How much time left for both of us to meet on this earth, Dad? 
Maybe this is the last time for us to spend time this way? 
If I go first, can you let me go? 
If you leave first...can I not weep and just let you go peacefully ? 
Thank you for your hardship to let me live the way I am now."

We did the family evening walk slowly around the resort while waiting for the sun setting and enjoy the view together.

Mom on her wheel chair and Dad walk by her side slowly and patiently while my Last Sis faithfully pushing the Mom's wheel chair. My Third Sis and me follow slowly from behind.

Thinking about this all five of us never have such time together since our last trip to Bukit Tinggi, Padang.

The view of sun setting was awesome at this resort. We can't view it from our room...because we can see.....

jeng ...jeng.. sunrise from our room view. DAEBAK!!!!

Oh! that one not mermaid..She is my Third Sis.

My Dad was so excited with this sunrise view. He even waited for it since early morning. Gosh! That old man must be waiting for it anxiously since last night. Oh yeay! forgot to mention that at night the stars on the sky was fabulous too. My Dad almost sleep by the pool for open sky view. Dad is in his mid 70s years old. So worried he will fall sick due to over excited. WTH!!!!

Top left photo: Mom, Dad , Last Sis and my Third Sis with a background of Sunrise.

Isn't this fabulous view? Enjoy this while we can...

I will keep this great memory with me Lexis Hibiscus. Such an awesome place with family. I will come here again hopefully with all 5 of us. Please Stay well and be healthy!


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