Friday, March 11, 2016


Early this year, I was at Chiangmai, Thailand for 5N/6D trip.
I will share summarize itinerary in my later post..maybe next week!

After came down from Pai and Mae Hong Son, I spent 3 days exploring Chiangmai City. Since I stayed in Boutique Hotel which smacked in the middle of busy old I just took my time walking and exploring around that area.

I even have favourite breakfast place. I found this awesome place while wondering around for breakfast. Yeahhh!!! I don't buy breakfast at hotel this time. I just wanna live like local. 

But...while most local eat noodles for breakfast, I end up eat bread and western style breakfast here. I just can't resist the fresh from oven bread smells at this place.

When I read this signage...I was like..Whoaaaa!!! Blue Diamond The Breakfast Club. Do I need some sort of membership to dine in here?

I was so wanna sit down and dine when I randomly walk in this corner lot terrace house which converted into a cafe.

bakery and cafe

Look at all those fresh from oven bread, My favourite of all is their warm cinnamon bread. Simply delicious for my breakfast with glass of Avocado Milk to start my day.

Buddhist temple

After energized myself at Blue Diamond Club...goshhhh!!! name sounds like sort of 'gigolo club' or something huh? I then went to visit the old Buddhist Temple called Wat Chiang Man which located in the North East corner of the old walled city.

This is the first Temple in Chiang Main,which built by King Mengrai in year 1296, This Temple housed two rare Buddha Statues. One the Crystal Buddha and the other is the Marble Buddha. At the rear of the main Temple stands an ancient Chedi decorated with Elephants.


Gosh!!! I notice most dogs in Chiangmai wear clothes. Super cute! Guess because of the cold weather of Chiangmai since I went there early Jan.


I then continue my walking tour along the ancient city wall which surround by moat to separate between New and Old City. I found this fruit vendor selling assorted cut fruits. Gosh!!! I just can't resist but to buy some. I end up have a little picnic across the market by the river while watching the fish swimming around. Such a calm and relaxing day for me.


I explore the market again after my short picnic.

Thai massage

Then I went for a must do itinerary if in Thailand. Massage! Massage! and Massage...kekekeke.
See the masseur in action!

Thai food

I walk back to Blue Diamond Club to try their vegetarian Khao Soi a must dish to try while in Chiangmai. Simple delicious meal. 

Then I went for mani and pedi moment at Chic Nail Spa. Sorry no photo. Forgotten to take because its super cheap and awesome pampering moment.

ice-cream store

Since its a hot day, I tried the coconut Ice Cream below my hotel. It was awesome!


My market trip results! hahahaha...back home full of this tea, spices and snacks from Chiangmai.

At night I went out for dinner...but end up got bruises on my knee. Yeahhh!!! I fall down. Road too dark and I felt somebody was pushing when I pass by the big old tree. eeeeeeee....scaryyyy!!!!


I went on with my plan to have massage session again at night with my bruise knee. kekeke

Women's Massage Centre

I prefer the massage place which I went early of the day. If you notice, this woman went for twice massage session in a day. Goshhh!!!! talk about body pampering moment!

More about my Chiangmai Travel Experience. Please visit this link.

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