Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I gotten this Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel from The Face Shop last  Christmas. The Face Shop was having a Christmas party and I happen to be there browsing around. Not sure how much is this gorgeous thing cost because I got it as goodies bag. I think its not expensive.If you are lucky you may get to buy one free one for this item.

This tub is super big for the price. Since name also Damyang Bamboo...even the tub look like bamboo. Nice one!

I am quite a fan of Aloe Vera Gel because of its soothing effect. I usually brought it along with me when traveling especially to hot and humid country. I can apply the gel on my face and body to soothes it out. One thing I hate is the gel will be sticky...yucks!!!

Tadahhhhh!!! this The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo surprisingly less sticky and easily absorb into the skin.  It contains 99% Damyang Bamboo extract with no perfume contained.

tadahhh!!!   my stereotype pose ...kekekeke

My experiment result :

* Applied on my face before sleep - I wake up the next morning with no oily face. My face feel smoother.
* Applied it onto my scratching bruises - it dry up and soothes the bruises. I could tell this item will be perfect for sun burn too.
* Applied like a body lotion - my skin feel refreshing and moisture.
* I mixed The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo Gel with BB Cream and the result was perfect. 

Overall, I love The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo because it helps to make my skin look healthier and its affordable too.

Oppsss!!! One thing I don't like about The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo Gel...

I wish the packaging comes in tube. One need to use spatula or clean finger to get this gel out from container. You don't want bacteria breeding in this tub right? Plus this tub is way too big for my limited luggage space. How to bring this for travel? haihhhh!!!!

Have you try The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo Gel before?

Tell me you experience....

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