Friday, April 22, 2016


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When people read my blog and see I travel out frequently, they thought I am either lucky or independently wealthy. Well, I am not wealthy and... luck? haihhhh....Everything comes to me in a hard way. Many sacrifices along the way to realize my dreams to travel abroad independently. I narrow down my travel list to South East Asia since this is the least expensive countries to visit. The list expanded along the way as time flies.

One of my biggest habit is to spend thriftily and save vigorously. I live modest lives, free from branded clothing, shoes and make up.  Eating out only during weekend. Remember those days I use to cook the night before and bring my breakfast and lunch to office from home. That was those days when I am not really expose on the internet this much and learn how to earn online here and there. Don't make much online but enough to top up my travel funds.

Recently, I found ways to save more travel fund with this website call ShopBack. You will be amaze how much ShopBack can grow your travel funds faster than you thought it could be. Here I share with you 6 ways to Earn Cashback with ShopBack.

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2. Earn cash while shopping for necessities

How many of you never do online shopping? Put your hands up!!!!
You put up your hand? Seriously??? Well...its never too late to do online shopping. Why don't you start with ShopBack?
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Shopback has many famous and well known on board. You don't have to look further to shop.

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My travelling not so much in a year to earn from this...Whoaaa!! in this case I wish to work as a Personal Assistant with frequent traveller Boss. Goshh!! I can earn a lot from booking a flight. (Greedy face!)

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Not only you can save more cash but you also earn more cash back if you book both flight ticket + hotel at one go from the website like AirAsia Go. Whoa!!! This is like killing 2 birds with one stone.You can also find the latest Expedia coupons here for great deals for your next travel.

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6. Earn cash while you do your shopping therapy

I did online shopping a lot. This make me happy. I wish I knew this website from long time ago so all my spending can be earn back. I earn a lot by now. Anyway, never too late for anything though! Heal your mind and start online shopping. 

Some money that you earn from this cash back, make it a habit to top it up to your travel funds.So? Now you know how save money for your next travel? Nothing comes easy. This is the best way to live and do your daily life and earn at the same time. We shop every month though with or without you realize it.

I bet many volunteer to be group travel leader and book for every one and earn at the same time...kekekeke...

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Friday, April 15, 2016


Second day in Saigon, we booked Mekong Delta Day tours from hotel.
Cheaper than booking online or whatsoever.Serious very cheap.
I paid USD10 each person. I saw internet rate charge around USD20 - 25 per person.
When we went to have dinner one night , we overheard the next table is looking for similar tour and asked the waitress...guess what???? They are going to be charged USD25 each. That will be group tour like us too. Not private tour!
My sis were asking me whether we should tell them. To me when we are at other country just mind our own business unless the person ask you personally. Then we will tell them honestly.
Anyway, we don't want to spoil others business dealings. Don't want trouble in foreign country!

We joined the group tour so we are the first in the bus and now round up around town to pick up more tourist like us.

To reach Mekong Delta , it will take around 2 hours journey.
So in between bus stop at this beautiful rest are.
I have delicious Vietnam coffee, then mingle around with Vietnam ducks,hamster and then took selfie with one black ninja aka my sis who tagged along together with me in this trip.Then one girl approach us and said she is Malaysian from Johor came with her jovial bubbly dad and shy boy brother. They took picture with both of us. Yup! for one second thought I am celebrity at Saigon  rest area. WTH!
All the way during the trip the Uncle from JB just love to tease and joke around with me. Yeay yeah...I am so adorable who can miss me just like that. WTH! ...mau muntah dengar kan??? can't blame you...while I am typing this entry, I vomited many times ledi le.WTH!

I love that marble statue....beautiful right?Elehhhh...see my sis try to smile cover her time better say 'kimchi' like me when take photo!

Then next stop at this budhist old temple.
Seriously the weather is freaking hot!

Even my black ninja have to half cover up her face...WTH!

Then reach the mekong delta, we took the big boat to one of the island for lunch.

On the way found a mermaid...WTH!

Then when the boat reached the Island we have to walk through other small orchard and along the way we found a graveyard....creepy!!!1
There you go our lunch!
We declare our self as vegetarian...then when that tour guide parade this Elephant ear fish set for USD10/-, my sis and I broke our so called vegetarian rules and end up this 'Elephant ear fish' set landed on our table.
What are we waiting for???/
Dig in time!!!!!

Oh ya! that Elephant ear fish need to eat it wrap.
Vietnam rice paper then add in various veggies, rice vercemilli,fish meat then roll it and dip it in hot sauce...nom nom nom nom...yummy!!!

After eat need go 'WC' aka the toilet.
Long journey weiiiiiii...don't know when I can find the next WC?
So better go when you have chance to go....

After eat back to boat and go to the next island.

We went to coconut toffee me this is normal but to westerner this is something new.

You can buy snake wine too....WTH! pity that snake in the bottle weeeeeiiii!!!
This is gooooooodddddd!!!!!! for man ..ehem ehem....kekekekeke

Sexy Vietnam dog...looking at me...Hello! SEXY!!!!
Then they give us honey tea...if you want to buy honey, toffee and sourvenier also buy nothing...ishhhhh...nothing outstanding for me to buy...wanna buy that snake wine...thinking about it already make me feel horror!
They also have this python photo session...WTH!
I don't even wanna look at that poor python...That JB uncle again ...told my sis to hold me then he wanna wrap the python around my neck...awwwwwww!!! WTH!
I ran as far as possible from the crowd to avoid the forcing python photo session...ya ya ..called me coward! But I am against animal which this includes reptile cruelty.WTH!

Then we off to take small boat to enjoy the small river.

kekekeke...I turn into Vietnam Lady!!!!I blend with the local huh?

Then walking to another local fruit farm.
They served us with local fruits...nothing special because we have all those in Malaysia.
One westener bought dragon fruits and he claimed he haven't seen that fruits before...make sense...and I proudly told him there are another type of that fruit...the Red Dragon...better taste...

Oh ya while eating the fruits we were entertained with live local traditional song

Time  to say good bye to Mekong Delta...good experience and sweet memory...Good Byeeeee!!!!

At night again, my sis and I walk to Ben Tanh...still have not decided what to buy for our parent.
We don't want to disappoint them...and yet we both clueless when it come to shopping in this type of area...WTH!
We both sat at Coffee Bean with drinks ...and think and think and think...WTH!!!!
Still no idea...we could buy them clothes...but both too lazy to open mouth to even ask for prices.

Walking back to our hotel...we went through that huge park...see see what I told you in my previous entry???
They make use of their park to the MAX!
Dancing class...disco class..martial arts, dating club...many activities!!!
So exciting to walk at this park looking at local activities!

Back to hotel room...drink my bird's nest...bird's nest la sangat kannnnnn...just a sweet jelly drink to me!

The end of Second day at Saigon, Mekong Delta Exploration ! 

Explore la sangat!

Vietnam Tourism quite well managed and if you that type who love more adventure can also take train to another beautiful place in Vietnam like Sapa and Hue. Me not enough time so just settle with Saigon after my Hanoi trip last year.


3rd day in Saigon, we went on FREE and EASY for the half day morning and later will be joining  half day City group tour for only USD6 each.

Yup! this is important for us to know the surrounding and tomorrow can walk around by our self or take taxi or what so ever to place we like to go.

Don't worry, apart from horrible experience in crossing the dare to die road, Vietnam tourism quite safe for tourist like us. No matter how you still need to be careful when in other country. Since I went there early April the weather in Vietnam, I mean Saigon was freaking hot! compare to Hanoi which is a lot cooler.

See...what did I wrote in my previous entry??? This Viet people seriously full of activities. Not just at and my sister were saying that these people have been dancing till morning...eheh! So active and healthy lifestlye huh!

I think those dancer is like Rich Ajumma or Tai Tai who got nothing to do in the morning and join this dancing class by the park.So good weiiii!!!
See this people exercise really make me feel ashamed of myself for eating too much.
Right after my statement saying I am shame...there you see the Nasi Lemak and coffee for breakfast.WTH!!!! Shame on me!!! The most expensive and sucks nasi lemak ever!!!
What to weakness is nasi lemak! Can't help it!

After breakfast...we both simply bought clothes for our parent and for our self.WTH!
Serious! we both don't want to think already...just buy...don't even do anything hard bargain.Whatever price!!! We just wanna get over this.

Those jovial and happy street fruits seller!

Walk around to see the local daily life in the morning...

Then went into Trang Nguyen the so called no. 1 coffee in vietnam.
Bought ourself sucks coffee ever and this so call hard brownies ever...guess this is biscuit instead.WTH!
 Really not satisfy with the taste...just not my style!

Feel very not satisfy because unable to get good coffee..then on the way back to hotel told my sis , I need to get one delicious Viet coffee.
We randomly stop at one coffee shop and ordered takaway coffee.
We waited for quite sometimes...we suspect this is drip We have to wait until it fully drip???
Huh??? freaking hot wor!!! The waiter then offer us this cold and refreshing jasmine tea.
My thick drip coffee finally came....Whoaaaaa!!!! lovely!!! This is one delicious coffee.
I am so satisfy for today!

Around 1:30pm ,the tour bus came and we off  to tour the city.
First stop is the Reunification Palace.The King got two wives wei....I bet he has more than that!

Walking around blindly following the tour guide...who go bla bla bla bla explain about history...then met the Uncle from JB with his bubbly daughter and shy boy son who joined the same mekong tour with us yesterday!!!!
Happy betul uncle comel tu!

Princess Cindyrina don't condoned Animal killing...bad bad bad human!
After listening to the history and bla bla bla bla by that tourist guide..we off to next destination which just walking distance across the huge park (this is another big park quite far from our hotel)

 Here we visit the Notre Dame Catheral.
We can't go in because it only open at 3pm.

Here come the bride and bridegroom...and they live happily ever after...

Then off to Central Post Office.
They sold souvenier too.
The free postcard finished I can't send one to myself.WTH!

We can't visit City Hall but just pass by....seriously the weather is freaking hot in Saigon!!!!

after the bus drop us at our hotel , we then off for our early dinner.
Both my sis and I skip lunch because of that sucks nasi lemak breakfast.WTH!

The end of 3rd Day in Saigon!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


My friend always asking me how I plan for my trips.
Planning a trip can be a daunting task for some people. Where to begin? How to do it?

Well..its not something burdensome to do. I always treat my travel planning as part of fun activities and enjoying to do. I can learn many things during my planning.

Here are some tips on how or where to start for next travel adventure.

girl relaxing

1. Where to go?

Ask yourself when choosing a destination. You need to consider your personality when you decide. For me I am more cultural, historical and natural sites visit. I don't really favor shopping and city travelling. I prefer country sites. Normally, I avoid the place with visa requirements. Our Malaysian passport is widely accepted. The place that I travel which requires visa is China and Myanmar. Best if you use which routes Air Asia travel and wait for promotion. But since I unable to book my trip one year before so mine normally 1-2 months before trip. Life so unpredictable for me to plan like one year before.

2. When to visit?

If you choose seasonal country, make sure do some research on your most preferable season. As for me I love fall foliage and try to avoid winter, typhoon and heavy rain falls season. don't forget to check out the country public holiday too. The last thing you want is to compete against the local when visiting the attractions. With this you can decide which month to go and plan you leave.


3. How to plan for trip itinerary?

I normally refer to 'Miss Google'. My usual keyword type in 'Miss Google' search is " 10 must visit place in XXXX " You can type your choice destination. You can make use of many websites like Tripadvisor or Lonelyplanet for this. There are many travel blogs out there for you to refer. Sometimes I mix and match travel and tours agency itinerary and find my way to the place I chose.

4. How decide whether to go by travel agency or free and easy on your own?

My style of travelling is to travel on my own free and easy. I only follow travel if the place that I am visiting has difficulties in transportation. I avoid use travel agency or join tour because it always very restricted. I hate the fact they will end up lead you to more shopping trip rather than visit the attractions site. For countries with good transportation system like South Korea, Japan and China, I will look for attractions nearby. Make sure to get the local map with all the attractions list for your to explore. If there is attraction that I want to visit badly but unable to reach on my own, I will look follow day trip by travel agent. 

For place like Vietnam, Siem Reap , Thailand, Indonesia, I will hire car plus driver to visit my choice of places. I just walk around and took public bus when I was in Macau.


5. Book flight and Accommodation

I normally wait for promotion for flight ticket but I am not that person who go for free seat or whatsoever. I don't plan my trip like 1 year before because life is so unpredictable for me to plan way ahead. I normally do like 2 - 3 months before my trip. For accommodation, you have so many choices through Agoda, Booking, Ctrip and Airnb to choose. I normally choose accommodation based on reviews and location need to be walking distance to transportation and some other amenities like eateries and convenient store too.

girl posing with tickets

6. How much cash to bring for your trip?

Well , you have paid for your air ticket, accommodation. If you are following day tours or what so ever please make sure you have paid them or bring cash to pay the remaining balance of your booked tour. For places with good transportation and if you are planning to take subway make sure do some research, normally they have some tourist pass that you can buy ahead before your trip. I normally budgeted RM100 - RM200 a day for food. Well, normally I have so much excess amount from this so I can buy something I like with it too. This depends on which country you visit. Some shopping cash just in case I fall in love for something I can't buy back home. Note that I am travelling alone. If you are planning for many people with you please allocate more cash. Don't forget to bring credit card (make sure call your credit card company that you are travelling) and some USD. Do not rely with just credit card for emergency because some countries is not advisable to use this method of payments.I always cautious when it come for credit card payment at foreign country. I will avoid it as much as possible. So bring some extra cash!

To me when it comes to trip planning...its all about RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH! We are bless with the digital world nowadays. Information available with one click. There is no reason for don't know how to do or don't know where to start. For initial starter , just start with googling the country name and read about it.

Hope 6 EASY STEPS , I listed helps you planning for next trip! Good luck!

Ready for a trip? See what to do in Sekinchan today!

Monday, April 11, 2016


What to do in Sekinchan

I joined a road trip from KL to Kuala Selangor last Saturday and end up at Sekinchan. Sekinchan is a small town located about 100km from Kuala Lumpur and its considered as Sabak Bernam district of Selangor. It is one of the major rice producer in Malaysia and also fishing village with fresh seafood supply.


The place its about 1 1/2 hours drive from KL. So be prepared for long journey. Just use waze if don't know the road. It is very convenient if you have smartphone and data plan with you.


For those who wish to stay overnight can always book a homestay or whatsoever. There are many beautiful and nice place to stay here at Sekinchan. If you are from KL , you can always do a day trip. Well you can cover it within a day like between 4-5 hours.


* Eat fresh seafood (you can do this for dinner. I went for lunch because I don't like crowd. Lunch time less crowd)
* Visit Pantai Redang (optional if you want to visit Pantai Remis too)
* Paddy Gallery
* Shopping dried seafood & fresh local fruits
* Watch Fireflies at Kampung Kuantan in the evening
* Drive back to KL


First stop to have awesome lunch with fabulous view at River View Seafood Restaurant near Pasir Penambang. Many fishing village here. I visited one of the famous here.

The seafood here is fresh .

* Salted Egg Yolk Crab 1/2 kg RM35
* Fresh Milk Crab 1/2 kg RM35
* Chinese Bread RM4
* Lala Meehoon RM14
* Thai Style Squid RM15
* Morning Glory RM7

So with this can do some budget yourself. They don't write any price on the menu. You can ask the waiter when you order food.So you don't need to jump into the river or cry a river when time to pay the bill. kekekekeke

I end my meal with some fresh coconut drink. Yeayyyy!!! its a hot hot day ahead.

I was lucky to get  a seat with fabulous view.


Ohhhh!!! don't forget to shop some dried seafood and snacks from the row of shops opposite the restaurant. 

If you come here for dinner instead of lunch then you can also book at trip to watch fireflies from here. Since I went there during lunch time so no fireflies for that day. Anyway, I went to watch fireflies at Kampung Kuantan few years back. So no big deal to miss it this time.

Next itinerary to Pantai Redang which is around 1 hours drive from Pasir Penambang. Enjoy the journey there. If you still have room in your stomach you can go to eat Mee Udang Banjir on the way there or on the way back. There are so many other place for good food along the way here. Definitely won't go hungry to visit this place.


The weather super hot but the view is quite awesome to me. I was greeted with some big tree with lots of lover lanterns.This is sort of wishing tree for lover. Its quite amazing to see some lantern can be thrown all the way on top that big tree. I wish who ever throw that so high up end up marry to each other and live love life happily forever and ever!

Again you won't go hungry here. So many vendors selling delicious delicacies here. You can even taste fresh oyster here under that scorching hot sun! WTH!
Lucky I brought umbrella with me. Super hot and hot but still in the mood to explore around.

Not many at the beach because of the grilling weather. Many seek shades at nearby shelter.

I went walk to my right following the red earth routes. With hope I can climb up the tall tower not far from there to watch great view. But.... haihhhh!! they closed the entrance .Duhhhhh!!! I walk super far for this. So disappointed!

I still enjoy the view along the way to that place. On right is the swamp and my left is the breathtaking seaview. You can find many noni trees and some winter melon too. But small winter melon guess too hot so that fella can't grow like normal size winter melon. I saw dried ladies fingers too.

Nice view and worth of the sweat too. hehehehe...I will come again to enjoy the view in nicer weather.

Next is a must visit place...Paddy Gallery with less than 10 minutes drive from Pantai Redang. Just use waze and they register under PLS Marketing.


Who visit Sekinchan without visiting the beautiful paddy fields??? Haihhhh!!!! 
For those who wants to get the green view like this photo, you can come from mid March till early May or Mid Sep till early Nov. If you wish to see the golden view, come during mid May till June or mid Nov till Dec. 

Avoid to come during early March and early Sept, Jan - Feb since this transplanting season. Resting time during July to August. If you come during these month , you will be getting a disappointing view.


Pay RM5 at ticket office and they give you a packet of 250gm rice in return plus a tour inside the paddy factory and museum. Good deal!

Now I know the brown rice is from the same paddy seed with the white one! Oh! shame on me. All this while thought brown rice come from different fields. haihhhh!!!

This is the view inside the rice factory. Cool right? So systematic and clean too.

This is the machine to pack the rice sacks.

Inside the paddy museum. Many cool things inside refresh back my stay at grandparent's house at Sg Petani, Kedah.

From the paddy museum you can go to the souvenir shop. I bought some rice for my parent and sis. Then went for rice and grains dessert at nearby cafe inside the factory itself.

Love this refreshing red beans and grass jelly. So nice during this hot weather.

Many people won't leave sekinchan paddy fields without that jumping pose with the background of paddy field. Haihhhh!!!with my super jumbo size right now, how can I do that jump pose. I will end up dig a hole on the ground when I land down. ahahahahaha...So I settle with the one side toothache pose! kakakaka...Gosh!!! the weather super hot ok! This is the best!

So old and not fit now. After long walk eat drive eat and so on...time to head down KL before late night.

Try to look for this big round crackers. This call 'Opak Ubi'. First time tried this and it taste good.