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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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3rd day in Saigon, we went on FREE and EASY for the half day morning and later will be joining  half day City group tour for only USD6 each.

Yup! this is important for us to know the surrounding and tomorrow can walk around by our self or take taxi or what so ever to place we like to go.

Don't worry, apart from horrible experience in crossing the dare to die road, Vietnam tourism quite safe for tourist like us. No matter how you still need to be careful when in other country. Since I went there early April the weather in Vietnam, I mean Saigon was freaking hot! compare to Hanoi which is a lot cooler.

See...what did I wrote in my previous entry??? This Viet people seriously full of activities. Not just at and my sister were saying that these people have been dancing till morning...eheh! So active and healthy lifestlye huh!

I think those dancer is like Rich Ajumma or Tai Tai who got nothing to do in the morning and join this dancing class by the park.So good weiiii!!!
See this people exercise really make me feel ashamed of myself for eating too much.
Right after my statement saying I am shame...there you see the Nasi Lemak and coffee for breakfast.WTH!!!! Shame on me!!! The most expensive and sucks nasi lemak ever!!!
What to weakness is nasi lemak! Can't help it!

After breakfast...we both simply bought clothes for our parent and for our self.WTH!
Serious! we both don't want to think already...just buy...don't even do anything hard bargain.Whatever price!!! We just wanna get over this.

Those jovial and happy street fruits seller!

Walk around to see the local daily life in the morning...

Then went into Trang Nguyen the so called no. 1 coffee in vietnam.
Bought ourself sucks coffee ever and this so call hard brownies ever...guess this is biscuit instead.WTH!
 Really not satisfy with the taste...just not my style!

Feel very not satisfy because unable to get good coffee..then on the way back to hotel told my sis , I need to get one delicious Viet coffee.
We randomly stop at one coffee shop and ordered takaway coffee.
We waited for quite sometimes...we suspect this is drip We have to wait until it fully drip???
Huh??? freaking hot wor!!! The waiter then offer us this cold and refreshing jasmine tea.
My thick drip coffee finally came....Whoaaaaa!!!! lovely!!! This is one delicious coffee.
I am so satisfy for today!

Around 1:30pm ,the tour bus came and we off  to tour the city.
First stop is the Reunification Palace.The King got two wives wei....I bet he has more than that!

Walking around blindly following the tour guide...who go bla bla bla bla explain about history...then met the Uncle from JB with his bubbly daughter and shy boy son who joined the same mekong tour with us yesterday!!!!
Happy betul uncle comel tu!

Princess Cindyrina don't condoned Animal killing...bad bad bad human!
After listening to the history and bla bla bla bla by that tourist guide..we off to next destination which just walking distance across the huge park (this is another big park quite far from our hotel)

 Here we visit the Notre Dame Catheral.
We can't go in because it only open at 3pm.

Here come the bride and bridegroom...and they live happily ever after...

Then off to Central Post Office.
They sold souvenier too.
The free postcard finished I can't send one to myself.WTH!

We can't visit City Hall but just pass by....seriously the weather is freaking hot in Saigon!!!!

after the bus drop us at our hotel , we then off for our early dinner.
Both my sis and I skip lunch because of that sucks nasi lemak breakfast.WTH!

The end of 3rd Day in Saigon!


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