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Cleaner Seas with Sunplay's We Care for the Ocean 2023 Campaign

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3rd day in Saigon, we went on FREE and EASY for the half day morning and later will be joining  half day City group tour for only USD6 each. Yup! this is important for us to know the surrounding and tomorrow can walk around by our self or take taxi or what so ever to place we like to go. Don't worry, apart from horrible experience in crossing the dare to die road, Vietnam tourism quite safe for tourist like us. No matter how you still need to be careful when in other country. Since I went there early April the weather in Vietnam, I mean Saigon was freaking hot! compare to Hanoi which is a lot cooler.   See...what did I wrote in my previous entry??? This Viet people seriously full of activities. Not just at and my sister were saying that these people have been dancing till morning...eheh! So active and healthy lifestlye huh! I think those dancer is like Rich Ajumma or Tai Tai who got nothing to do in the morning and join this dancing class by the park.So go


I woke up early morning , since I made last minute arrangement with Kyaw Swe to bring me to Mount Popa. My flight is in the evening and I feel its such a waste for not utilising the whole day I have to explore further.     morning breakfast Al Fresco Style in front of Ayeryawaddy River....i love the atmosphere.Bird is chirping happily....with hope that fella didn't poo poo in my coffee...hehehe yucks!     I picked this myanmar's food for breakfast... Vegies rice noodles Vegies tempura Rice with nuts Vegies pickles   the view of Ayeryawaddy river   snap this woodpecker from my table   ship sailing through Ayeryawaddy River   bull cart on Ayeryawaddy river bank   after stomach full...I decided to have a short exploration in the garden and snap beautiful flowers for my memory.   next will be my journey to Mount Popa which took around 1 hour and Half from Nyaung U.


Good morning! I am back from my adventure in Bagan,Myanmar. It was a great experience and marvellous adventure to me! Small hiccups by this MAS on my booking during departure time KUL - YGN. It shows my ticket cancelled. Gosh! I was on standby until 9:30am. WTH! Imagine woke up 5:15am getting ready for my  cab to come 6:30am. Since I m on standby so I dont go for breakfast. I m so nervous. I even told the counter by hook or by crook he need to get me in that plane. Put one chair near walkwayn im fine. Ppl waiting  for me so i must fly. Guess what???? I flew with all 3 seats all by myself. Wei !!!! I nervous for what jz now? Until got migraine n gastric? Damn!!!!! MAS is very bad to me. I reached to the Hotel in Yangon around 1pm and saw many people waiting for me to be interviewed. Ouch!!!! I skip the checking in and stayed at the coffee house and start the interview immediately. Most of the candidate....still in comfort zone. They appear nervous,shy with limited English


Last entry for Hanoi trip....yeay finally it come to the end of the story!!! Overall feeling about Hanoi??? havoc in the city if you are like me who prefer quiete place...just plan for daily day trip to visit outskirts area.   early morning eat this seafood mango salad....   mushroom omellete then I went out to find coffee and have one final morning walk before my airport transfer come to pick me from Hotel at 10am   view from one othe coffee place beside this coffee place is the famous water puppet show theater place... Yeah! if you love that korean variety show Running Man.. Watch EP 134 where all members came to Hanoi , this is the place and their race is around old quaters which where i stay in Hanoi.      this!!!   spotted local selling fresh fruits   wonder...why they wear all white and in couple on that scooters convoy   morning market they display chickens lik


OK! Last two post of Hanoi on the way to finish line!!! Goshhhh!!! I took this long huh??? Before I went to Hanoi, I read in tripadvisor and they said a must try food in Hanoi is Cha Ca Thang Long. Some even exaggerated that this is the food you must try if you are at your last day in this world!!! OH WTH!!! Since this is my last night in Hanoi....mmmmm by hook or by crook need to try this amzingly highly recommended food. So I google cha ca thang long then found out this place is just about 10 minutes from my hotel. Hhehehehehe... using the low bat smartphone...WTH!!! phone suddenly refuse to charge when you really need the service. Anyway, excited to walk to find my Cha ca Thang Long dish. It was freaking cold ok!!! The traffic as usual madness!!! Thank God!!! I came to Hanoi before 'Running Man' went there for shooting. If not.....the crowd will be more more havoc. Talking about my journey to Cha ca thang Long place...lost here lost there ...suppos

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